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Custom Black T-Shirt US$9 Delivered (~A$12.79) @ Sticker Mule


Just got this email

We made major improvements to our t-shirts and want your help to test them out!
Get a custom t-shirt for $9 with free shipping (usually $19)!
This product is constantly improving so please give us feedback!
Cofounder, Sticker Mule

P.S. Forward this to a friend who wears clothing.

Looks the same as the previous deal
Its $13 if you pay in AUD.

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$13.70 for both referee and referrer.

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    Thanks, bought one. I previously bought some custom stickers from Sticker Mule and their quality was very good. Hope thats the case with T- shirt too.

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    Waiting for another $2 sticker deal here :)

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    S and 2XL OOS

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    I bought their custom Tshirt last time posted here because of the quality of their sticker prior. Tshirt quality was meh and thin. I doubt it will survive 2nd wear. Print was also disappointing. I guess for $9.90 you got what you paid. As the matter of fact… since the post started with "We made major improvements to our t-shirts and want your help to test them out" I WILL purchase again. Thanks OP

    • Yeah, mine was printed so close to the neckline looks weird

    • +1

      Agree that the print quality of the older version of white on black wasn't very solid either. It looked like it had already been through the wash a bunch of times - hopefully it has improved.

      It also took like 2.5 months to arrive, standard shipping from the US is jacked at the moment. This isn't a problem exclusive to StickerMule though, I had the same type of time frame ordering from Printful in the US.

      Cheap af for a custom printed shirt tho. Their stickers are great, especially the holographic ones.

    • still pretty crap (I chose a white on black print though)

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    $11.30AUD if you switch currency

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    Thx OP and ordered one. I wish they had a print preview of some sort after you uploaded your artwork so we can kind have an idea of what it may look like. It brings me directly to the checkout page after I click "upload artwork"….

    • I know with stickers and such if you've got a design they'll send you a mock up and ask if it's what you wanted. You get the opportunity to change anything before they print.

      • Yep they will send you a "proof" in about 4 hours ish, and after viewing that you can put it into production.

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    This is in the wrong currency.

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    Ordered one.

    I noticed that if you add the promo shirt, add a second shirt (different colour to promo) and then remove the first promo shirt; it keeps the voucher applied and shows $9 at checkout? I would have tried this with a different (preferred) colour but for anyone else considering it.

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      Doesn't work once you put the order through. Will come up as full price.

      • Yeh found the same thing when tried it for another xmas present. Just a buggy checkout system/screen.

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    Has anyone got any cool designs? Last time I did this design (I can link the PNG if anyone wants it)

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    No more smalls

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    Last order with this mob took nearly 4 months to arrive.

  • Anyone know if they do copyright checks? I'm after a band shirt (just a simple logo), but I can't justify paying $60 to get a 'real' one shipped from the UK.

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      I printed a frame from a movie without issue FWIW …

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      No they don't

  • I'm sure we're all ordering sensible designs right?

  • Just ordered myself a shirt with a George Russell 63 logo. much cheaper than actual F1 merch. Thanks OP

  • Oops should have used a referral link!!!

    Does it make the shirt free?

    • Gives the referer credit I believe

      • It says $13.70 for both referee and referrer.

        Edit. though it looks like $13.70 was taken off the $25.00 price. Maybe doesn't stack. Oh well.

        • Yeah for this deal there's already a discount so you don't get the credit.

        • Last time this deal was around, the referral credit only applied on a minimum $$ order. Can't remember the specifics, maybe $50 min?

  • Bought a tee with my design on it for the first time a couple of months ago through stickermule and its finish was quite similar to that of another large competitor of the tshirt making world bought at the same time. It would be quite interesting to see the difference now.
    Only con for me was that it was about a 3 week delivery time from US to Oz.

  • Thanks OP.

    Ordered a T-shirt with a picture of my face. (j/k)
    Halloween just finished…

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      i want to get one with a picture of che guevara on it but also he's wearing a tshirt with my face on it

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      Approved my design (proof) this morning, after asking them to move it down an inch / 25mm.

      ETA by 27th Dec 2021.

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        Same ETA here, last sticker deal however took a while after ETA to arrive

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    Alright got my design.


  • got mine from the last deal, pretty good quality print. t-shirt is on the thin side but fine.

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    Do they say what method they are using to print to the garment? At this price I would assume it is either heat transfer or direct to garment printing, which are both substantially inferior to screen printing.

    • There's no chance a one off shirts being screen printed for $13.

  • How can you tell what your design will look like on the shirt? Is there any way to see?

    • They will send you a proof to approve the design. Should come after a few hours

      • It's been 15 hours since I ordered and no proof yet. I need to email them again for an update.

        • "We're experiencing an email outage and there may be a delay in our response time, but our team is working very hard to get back to you as quickly as possible." - (From their contact page), give it a shot replying to the original order email and see how you go. Hopefully your proof isnt too far away :)

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            @perhaps: Yeah I emailed them once and they told me they were experiencing a large influx of orders. I sent them another email for an update.

  • Got One, see how it goes, If it looks good might even get a few more for work

  • Any good ideas for designs?

  • Just saw this in my emails today and ordered :')
    So keen, fingers crossed on quality

  • is this still available?

  • has anyone actually received their shirt yet? Mine is still in transet and way past estimated delivery date

    • I wouldn't count on it, USPS is fricked right now, aus post is fricked right now, food double fricks them both. Stickermules delivered in the past, but the shipping usually isn't fast.

    • Mine was due on December 27th but only left America a couple of days ago, so maybe another week

  • anybody received their shirts? Mines still stuck at International carrier Australia since Dec 28th

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      Not yet.

      Will post a reply once arrived.

  • 18/12/2021 Order information received (United States)
    23/12/2021 Package arrived at international carrier (United States)
    29/12/2021 Package processed by international carrier (United States)
    06/01/2022 Package departed international carrier facility (United States)
    10/01/2022 Package arrived at international carrier (Australia)

    Slowly getting here…

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