Kogan Prepaid Mobile 30 Days 20GB $2.90 (New Customers) @ Kogan

  • Free SIM card included
  • 20GB of data
  • UNLIMITED standard national calls
  • UNLIMITED standard texts and MMS
  • All for use within Australia
  • Incredible value prepaid plan – no hidden fees!

Offer is available on Kogan Mobile $2.90 Starter Pack purchased before 11:59pm AEDT 30/10/2022 unless sold out prior. Vouchers expire at 11:59pm AEDT on 30/11/2022.

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      • +1

        When i ported to them nothing happened for 2 days and their website says to wait for like a week or something?
        I thought something must be up, called them, went on hold for what seemed like forever.
        They then said, oh you haven't replied to the sms we sent you allowing us to port you over.
        Turned out no SMS was ever sent…

        The resent the SMS immediately and the port was completed like 10 minutes later. I would've been waiting for ages for a port that would never of happened otherwise.

        Just be wary if it does take longer than say a day get onto their customer service.

        *ALSO delete account billing details from within the app - they'll direct debit the full value of your second month from your account at the slightest chance. Dodgy bastards

        • Similar thing happened to me. The staff at Vodafone purposely delayed it by 1 day so I had to pay them another $35 monthly fee since I was in a new cycle. I ended up doing a chargeback but I get the feeling it's a common thing that happens cos a lot of these call centre guys are on commission and get bonuses

        • Thank you for this

    • +1

      I didn't have any problems porting out to Belong, took a bit longer though but I put in the request at 11pm and got it around 4am.

      Just the standard; type DOB, receive OTP on phone, accept the request to port and then wait.

    • +4

      I've had no issues porting out from Kogan or the other popular providers. Have done this multiple times and no issues.

    • +1

      As a different perspective, I've never have had any problems porting out with Kogan.

    • +2

      Never had a problem.

  • +3

    OMG have they discontinued their $4.90/month for 40g data? I can't find it anywhere on their website now.
    Now they have introduced the $2.90 for 20g data and I will have to activate more frequent and pay $1 more than previous deal.

    • +2

      Seems so. It's the same link as the $4.9 one.

      • +2

        shits… I have been using their $4.90 deal for more than 2 years now. More work and more to pay too……

        • +1

          pickup amaysim with cashback works out $3 with more data. Or get 100% cashback with woolworths mobile, usual the first day when it comes on special. Then the cashback always drops when they catch on.

    • I bought a $4.90 Starter Pack while it was still live last night and it had the 2022 expiry dates listed like this new one does, but when I received the voucher it had a 31/12/2021 expiry date. Am currently tussling with Kogan Customer Care over it, they are sticking by the 31/12/2021 date so far so BUYER BEWARE:


    • Well doesn’t matter there’s loop holes anyway, I just went for the $4.95 plan now comes with 46GB whatever they want to call it, then activated it they only need some random $1 authorised card which I used zippay disposable card, then after $30 they cant deduct anything and I will just toss out the card and repeat.

      They may have called it 12 month but still same thing just remove the credit card details if you want like normally, if not use the disposal online digital cards for activation purposes. So theoretically we are sort of getting a better deal $4.95 for 46GB. They cant charge you if you have no card then the sin card just deactivates like the previous cards after 30days.

      • I would imagine that would only work once though, and if you signed up again you would risk them cancelling your service for continued breach of contract.

      • Apart from what wavesgreen said, you'll probably also get a neg/strike on your credit record.

    • +5

      It's actually a 12-month plan. There is early exit fee.

      • Wow
        $4,9 a month?

        That's ridiculous

        I barely use 20gb and I'm paying $45 with Vodafone
        It may be time to switch to Kogan.

        • +3

          $4.9 for the first month only.

    • +6

      Please read carefully. $4.95 for first month. After that is $25 per month

      • Just as I wrote it, I read this under.

        Too good to be true lol

      • -1

        Then, can I terminate by the end of first month ? Please advise. Thanks

  • Max of 2 cards per order

    • Just bought 4 an hour ago and just received 4 x vouchers

      • What expiry date do your vouchers say?

    • The 40GB was one card per order. You just place multiple orders anyway.

    • +3

      Kogan are one of the best MVNOs I have used.

      • +2

        I agree never had a issue

  • +2

    Wow, I just activated a $4.90 Sim yesterday. It does look like the $2.90 is replacing it. When I click on my order link it goes to the $2.90 page.

    Just snuck in before the switch.

    • Bought a $4.90 sim late last night as it had the 2022 dates listed. Barstards sent me a voucher with a 31/12/2021 expiry.

  • Nice

  • Is anyone here a long-term user of the Kogan sim card? How does using Kogan compare to other prepaid deals from other companies?

    • Given I need international calls, I would prefer WW or amaysim

    • +3

      I have been activating a new $4.90, 40gb sim each month for a wifi hotspot and in 2-3 minutes the service is ready to use. Great value IMO and no major issues with connection

      • +2

        Been doing the same thing for well over a year now for a spare hotspot it's just to easy

  • -1

    They try to charge me delivery five dollars

    • +3

      Choose to the free shipping option as they automatically select express option on checkout

  • My Boost expiry is coming up… Can I use this Kogan deal to port out and then port back to Boost as a 'new' customer?

  • have used lebara/ amaysim/ boost and kogan
    and atleast for me in suburban melbourne horrid internet with kogan
    please check your coverage if you need internet

  • Yeehaa this is great. I usually activate one of these for $4.90 a month because my HFC NBN is very unrealiable. This is enough for those small 10 minute downtimes.

  • thks OP got one for my 4g camera

    • +3

      Don't forget to turn off auto recharge.

  • Don't be fooled. While it may initially appear "cheap" it's actually poor value.

    Previous Kogan prepaid sim was 40GB for $4.90.
    Replaced by $2.90 for 20GB.
    So now its $2.90*2 = $5.80 for an equivalent of 40GB.

    Would've been fine if both 20GB and 40GB plans were offered instead of replacing one with poorer value.
    Cost per data isn't inline with previous offering and should be adjusted for it to be considered a "deal".

    As Kogan uses the Vodafone network you get better value from the Vodafone Prepaid Plus packs.
    40GB (15GB+25GB bonus) at uncapped speeds then once data runs out infinite data at 1.5Mbps for $5.

    Vodafone $30 Prepaid Plus Starter Pack for $5 Delivered. Hopefully more of these deals occur.

    • +8

      For someone who only needs 20GB, this deal is good. There are different pricepoints for different usecases. So paying $4.90 for someone who only needs 20GB is poor value from their perspective.

      • +1

        Exactly. I'm hardly using 20GB a month, it is a price reduction to me.

    • -1

      I just bought that vodafone deal last month as I essentially got it for free thanks to shopback. It was just going to be a one month substitute in place of a $4.90 Kogan sim but seeing that they've just pulled this $2.90 sh!t (and they are farcking me over on my last $4.90 sim purchase) I'll probably just stick to vodafone if the data works out month-to-month how you say it does. I don't need high-speed data, it's just for general surfing on my tablet.

      Vodafone gets my business and Kogan can go to hell.

      • Kogan pays voda

  • Anyone knows if the two for one deals for the 356 day pre-paid plans will be coming back?

    I think it ended up costing around $15 per month for 20gb (250gb for the year). Really good value if you have someone to split the value.

  • Very good value for money however get ready to redial several times every time when you're on the road due to drop outs during calls. (Melb)

  • +2

    I activated one of these Sims few weeks ago, and shows Medium with 30GB for 30 days. I may have mistaken

    another cheap Kogan Sim Code/Voucher with this one, so YMMV.

    • +2

      Yeah I activated one a few days ago and I got 30GB as well

      • +1

        Great news as I scoured through many Kogan Mobile deals past and current and can not

        find any info or confirmation on that. Have a few more up my sleeve, so there is my reason for

        wanting to know, and to let other OzBargainers know as well of course lol.

        • +1

          I bought a $4.90 sim the night before the deal changed and when I activated it I got 60GB, which I'm pretty happy about as it was originally 40GB.

          • @wavesgreen: Winning :-)

            • +1

              @ozhunter68: I haven't used Kogan for a while, but I remember in 2018-2019 they would increase the data allowance from time to time. And people activating old SIMs also got the increased data.

  • +2

    Activated last night & just got an sms this morning saying another 10GB has been added. So 30 days with 30GB winning!

    • +1

      Nice. I'll be activating mine in the next couple of days so I'll see if I get the same.

    • Activated last night, now 24hrs later and still only 20GB. Sad.

    • +2

      I spoke too soon! Got the bonus 10GB this morning. So 30GB all up. Chuffed.

      • +2

        got the bonus 10GB after 2 days?

        • +1

          Activated late on the night of 19/1 (20GB), bonus 10GB added sometime in the morning of 21/1 (total 30GB).

          • @wavesgreen: Hopefully that bonus 10gb is still available

            • +1

              @Spending2Much: Might be over. Activated Sat 29th and got 20GB not 30GB and its now Wed 2nd and still no change

              • @finbar: Neither have I yet

              • +1

                @finbar: I just activated another sim so I'll let you know over the next few days if I get the bonus data or not.

              • @finbar: Just got the extra 10GB bonus today, for 30GB total.

                • @wavesgreen: Mine is still 20GB

                  Activated 29/1

                  • @finbar: Hmm weird. Excuse if it's a stupid question but you're activating as a new customer (new number) or porting?

            • +1

              @Spending2Much: Activated another sim morning of 3/2 (20GB), bonus 10GB added this afternoon 4/2 (total 30GB).

  • Just used this deal with an eSIM and despite porting from Vodafone, port only took like 30 seconds. Thanks OP!

    • esim, awesome!

      • Can prepaid sim use as esim?

  • Says I got 42gb total

  • Activated one yesterday. Got 30GB straight away. Then got another 10GB added today. So 40GB in total.

  • Can anyone confirm - there is no exit fee on this, right? It is month-to-month commitment period meaning cancel any time with no fee? So the minimum cost is $2.90 to buy the starter pack and then you can cancel after 30 days?
    I have been scouring the terms and am pretty sure, but am a bit confused.

    • +1

      You cancel auto recharge one second after activating and you still get the thirty days

      • great. thank you

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