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[PS4, PS5] Godfall Digital Deluxe $42.47 (Was $84.95) @ PlayStation Store


In the launch of the horrible Godfall Challenger Edition which is only Endgame and is currently for free if you have PS Plus until the end of December, you can actually purchase the full game including the expansion for $42.47. Its cheaper than everywhere else as JB-HIFI only as the standard edition of Godfall for $49.

Thinking about also pulling the trigger on this as the Challenger Edition is only Worth $17.95 and the Expansion is also on Sale for $14.97 (Was @ $29.95)

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    Alternatives if you just want standard:


    $36 new @EB standard edition
    $28 preowned @EB

  • Is the full game worth that amount?

    • Your getting the full game + expansion and as blublu highlighted you can get the standard edition of Godfall with no expansion for $36 or preowned for $28 @ EB Games.

      Expansion is also on Sale for $14.97 (Was @ $29.95)

    • No, it’s definitely not

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    Is it cheaper to just get the upgrade add-on to the deluxe edition for $24.53? https://store.playstation.com/en-au/product/EP0290-PPSA05661...
    Is there any content this is missing out on?

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    Isn't this more of a God-awful game 6/10 on IGN, 61% on metacritic, etc etc…. Don't wanna live by ratings but when this many outlets rate this mid-tier it says something about a product..

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      Especially IGN with their track record of rating shit games highly

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    i heard this game is bad…

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      I heard this game is good…

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    Buying this rubbish game is exactly what they are trying to manipulate you to do. Amazed that its working.

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    Not going to support their tactics of giving us a 'demo' instead of the full game, to entice us to give them more money for the full version.

  • It's free in November games for PS plus…

    Not a big fan of the game, you have to grind same missions again and again to progress further. But good graphics and smooth AF @4k on PS5.

    • Not the base game … just some new 'lite' edition.

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