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Western Digital My Passport GO Portable SSD, 500GB, USB 3.0 $69 Delivered @ Amazon AU


First time poster, go easy. Not as cheap as previous deals but not bad all the same.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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        My Passport

        Passports haven't been very useful for a few years now.

  • Me: Weren't these cheaper a few weeks back?

    Me looking back at past deals

    Me: (profanity), that was 9 months ago! Dafaq did that year go.

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    Caveat Emptor:

    These are slower then hard drives, on the previous deal was getting 40mb / sec over usb 3, took it back

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      For what workload? If you're getting 40mb/sec for sequential rw then that's rubbish. If you're getting 40mb/s for 4k writes at QD1 that's pretty amazing!

  • Wait for Boxing Day or End of Year sales. If you hang on that long😀

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    I had to return mine as it was almost slow as my WD external hard drives. At this point, I won't buy any WD portable SSD unless it is WD Black series. Then again, even WD Black P50 is known for having a few issues. It is not OP's fault, though.

  • I got a few of these for $49 a while back at Officeworks. Good for a redundant file backup. Otherwise they're just a slow SATA M.2 SSD with an average USB to SATA controller.

    • At $49 they are useful for a few things. Like boot/ISO storage drive for ESXi as they have more life than USB sticks. And the USB cable can be re-soldered but it shouldn’t come to that if the drive is always plugged in, especially internally, and held in place (not by the USB cable!). $69 is too much for these I think.

      • It actually not even a solder job in fact, it's a standard USB-C connector as illustrated here

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          I didnt see that post and havent cracked open one of the cases myself. But that picture looks good.

          • @g1: The controller seems to be the bottleneck too, so you could repurpose the M.2 Drive in a compatible machine and expect better performance.

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    Slow AF, integrated cable. Avoid

  • First time poster, go easy.

    Against the rules REEEEEEEEE

  • Mine failed in 6mths! Not worth the hassle even if it is cheap. Data loss is worth more than that.

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