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ASUS ROG DELTA USB-C Gaming Headset $187.86 Delivered @ Amazon AU


Saw the other rog headset deal and thought to check on this one, happens to be at a historical low as according to camelcamelcamel. I mean yeah its like 3 times the price of the other one but its also a premium gaming headset, with built in DAC, cross platform compatibility, detachable microphone, swappable ear cushions (one extra set is included for free) and most importantly-the RGB!1!!!111!

Would have bit the bullet had I not just bought an Artic 5 for 169 at JB…should have waited for this one. Im happy with mine though, but this seems much more premium and have the better audio quality for sure. Unfortunately I cant comment on anything for this unlike my laptop deal writeups as Im not an audiophile but a search on google showed all 4-5star very favourable reviews :)

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  • whats the diff to the cheaper version Delta Core? https://www.amazon.com.au/dp/B07S5QJWQ5?th=1

    • +1

      The delta core doesn’t get rgb, and uses a 3.5mm connector instead of usb c on the delta. It also loses the built in ‘quad DAC’.

  • cant use for xbox consoles though since this is wired for usb only? sorta lame cant stick it in the controller unless im missing something??

    • Yeah no unfortunately due to it having controllable RGB among other things, it takes a usb connection and does not offer 3.5mm connectivity. The ROG delta core, mentioned above by another ozbargainer, uses 3.5mm.

  • If only it came as a wireless headset, I'd be all over it.

  • Price now $210.66

    • Marked as expired. Cheers!

      • Part of me is regretting not pulling the trigger, but other part is happy looking at my current bank balance. November has been a cruel cruel month for my bank account.

        • ;p dont worry, it will only get cheaper from here. While it does spike pretty high once in a while the camel graph is on a gradual downward trend. You may even find a better headset by then as well haha

          • @Brrrrt: I already have two, not sure why I need a 3rd lol.
            (Perhaps this is the Ozbargain way)

            • @Youbidmetoit: Eh yeah mate I reckon I know why your wallet is empty now

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