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25% off Inglewood Gift Cards @ Inglewood Coffee Roasters


24 Hours Only

25% off online gift cards

Use code DAY10 at checkout.

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Inglewood Coffee Roasters
Inglewood Coffee Roasters

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    Store name in title please

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      Yes ! I felt like its a click-bait with their current listing title thinking it is for the other known brands gift cards.

  • I love their Sunset Blvd blend. Just purchased 1 kg on Black Friday Sale.
    Since I only drink one coffee a day, 500g of beans will last me for a month. Just want to ask is it better to vacuum seal the beans and store it in the freezer or would it be better to store in a Airscape canister and leave it in a cupboard?

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      If you trust James Hoffman, keep what you might use within 2 weeks in a cannister in the cupboard and freeze the rest in vacuum seal. Other downside to having older beans is you might have to redial and grind a bit finer

      • Any issues defrosting the beans?

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    Question for the OP, are you guys based in Inglewood? If so, hope you and your families are ok with the floods

  • yo, vincent vega. our man in amsterdam. jules winfield, our man in inglewood.

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    can the gift card be used for future 50% off?

    • Same question, can you use these giftcards to pay when applying a future 50% off discount code?

      • It'd be very odd if they disallowed that. But would be nice to have confirmation.

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    Just FYI that you can put the order right now…

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