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Hey I'm Vegan Sunscreen SPF50 for Sensitive Skin Zinc Sunscreen $2.03 + Delivery ($0 with Prime/ $39 Spend) @ Astivita Amazon AU


About this item
Vegan Mineral Sunscreen with SPF50 and 40 minutes water resistance. AUST L 379731
Zinc Oxide and Coconut Oil Sunscreen: Made using a 25% Non-Nano Zinc oxide formula.
100% VEGAN and CRUELTY FREE - The Safest Sunscreen to protect the whole family from Burning Sun and Harsh Chemicals.
Hypoallergenic: great for sensitive skin with nourishing coconut oil and healing zinc oxide.
Our Eco-friendly, Reef Safe, Biodegradable formula helps you protect our reefs.

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  • Why not. Got a couple

    • +33

      I serve it on my roast lamb and the vegans can't tell the difference.

      • +5

        Stops the lamb from burning?

      • Congrats on eliciting an actual physical gag from me with that one

    • btw. I got this cos it's cheap sunscreen, not cos it's vegan

      • Thanks for letting us know

        • +2

          Getting negged by normal peeps for buying a vegan product.
          Getting negged by vegans for buying it as a cheap sunscreen. Can't win. lol

  • +77

    So tired of finding bits of pork in my sunscreen.

    • +11

      What do you call a pig that does karate?

      • +17

        Pork chop

      • +1

        Porky Pig Sensei

      • +4

        Sensei Oinko

      • Inosuke Hashibira.

      • +3

        The only one I know is called Jeff.
        Maybe it's the same one?

        • 😂

    • +18

      "If you're in the market for vegan sunscreen, you should definitely look out for the following ingredients: chitin (which comes from the exoskeletons in crustaceans, bugs and spiders); collagen (a protein that's found in animal tissue); elastin (an animal protein found in the arteries, intestines, lungs, and skin); lanolin (animal fat that comes from sheep's wool); and stearin or stearic acid (which comes from cow, pig, or sheep fat)."

      Close enough right?

      • +13

        You should definitely look for it. We're not saying it is in your usual sunscreen, but our marketing department reckons that's irrelevant and scaring you should make you buy our stuff without most of you even checking your usual one.

      • +4

        A lot of zinc sunscreens also use beeswax, which is considered non-vegan.

        • +1

          This is a serious question: Is there some sort of council that determines which products are vegan and which ones aren't?

          • +3

            @Martijn: Our entire production facility is Vegecert certified vegan https://vegecert.com/

          • @Martijn: Vegan Society (est in the UK, 1960s) has a very clear definition of what the term vegan means

          • +1

            @Martijn: I think the general rule is anything and everything that couldn't exist without animals..
            1. being consumed directly - i.e. meat, poultry, fish, bone, and by-products such as gelatin, fat, hormones, cochineal (insect) etc.
            2. secreting / lactating or producing internally - i.e. milk, shellac (insect), caviar, albumin (such as bovine serum albumin / BSA)
            3. producing indirectly or dying as a result of production - i.e. wool, fur, ivory, honey, beeswax, silk, some figs (which only form as fruit once a pollinating wasp has died inside)

            Most 'all natural" colours and flavours nowadays are just derived from insects, animal products or fish. Really depressing how much it has infiltrated our daily food structure while masquerading as natural healthy alternatives. If most people knew what exactly was in their Cherry Ripe they'd puke.

            • +6

              @Orpheon: Just to add to this list, all commercially farmed fruits, vegetables, grains and nuts are not considered vegan. Fruits and vegetables are sprayed with insecticide which kills billions of insects (this includes organically grown also, which use pyrethrins and other organically certified pesticides).
              Commercial grains can only be farmed by poisoning mice and other animals that feed on grain. The Australian wheat industry alone poisons billions of mice every year. Animals are also killed by combine harvesters that harvest the grains.
              Nuts such as almonds etc cannot be pollinated without trucking in bees which suffer massive deaths.
              Basically unless you grow your food yourself without any pesticides it's probably not vegan.
              But even then you should be careful you don't dig the soil too much or you might kill the worms. They have a right to live too you know.

              • @parrmatt:

                Nuts such as almonds etc cannot be pollinated without trucking in bees which suffer massive deaths

                Natural populations of bees suffer massive deaths anyway, so it's not like we're altering their lifecycle (other than encouraging their existence in the first place). The deaths look worse as hives are closed up when shipping bees, meaning when they're reopened potentially thousands of dead bees need removed from the hives. Those dead bees would have either died away from the hive naturally or have been removed by the other worker bees rather than having them pile up in the hive.

                • @banana365: Those deaths are related to CCD which isn't an issue in Australia.

                  • -2

                    @banana365: 80% of almonds are grown in California and Australia imports a huge amount of almonds. Most almond milk is made imported almonds for example. If you consume commercially grown almonds you are playing a role in the death of bees.

                    Besides that, to say it's not an Australian issue is highly offensive. Do you think that Australian bees have more right to live than American bees? It doesn't matter what country they are from, all animals have an equal right to life.

                    • +2

                      @parrmatt: Yeah, OK. Bye.

                      • @banana365: Goodbye! I'm glad you have accepted that you were wrong and have abandoned your argument. Thanks for talking to me. Not many people have talked to me since I realised that nothing is vegan and stopped eating.

                    • @parrmatt:

                      all animals have an equal right to life.

                      No, by your logic all animals have an equal right to death.

              • +2

                @parrmatt: Veganism is not about being perfect, the definition of veganism makes that very clear if anyone is interested in learning about it, rather than arguing without understanding what it means. It's about doing the best one can to avoid the exploitation inherent in using other animals as commodities. It's quite obvious that in a non-vegan world there is harm caused in every day living, but using that harm as a way to argue against veganism demonstrates a poor understanding of what you're trying to argue. 'As far as possible and practicable' is part of the definition.

              • @parrmatt: There is a big difference between pesticide use to preserve the quality of food and directly breeding animals for consumption.

                The line needs to be drawn at what is being consumed I reckon.

            • +1

              @Orpheon: Beeswax comes under 2 & 3. I didn't realise until I started keeping bees that the wax is produced in small flakes between the segments of the bees abdomen. The nearest analogy would be that it's like the bees are sweating wax. So next time you have honeycomb, think of it as bee vomit encased in bee sweat. (can't think why Capilano don't use that marketing angle).

            • +1


              I think the general rule is anything and everything that couldn't exist without animals..

              So… how does a plant, being eaten by an animal (bird or otherwise), and the animal pooping out the seed, growing a new plant, fit into this?

              The new plant wouldn't have existed without the animal. Note that it is a well known way that plants use to multiply. Not all seeds are so light they can be moved by wind.

      • Stop posting logical responses to smartass comments on vegans

      • +1

        Companies will recycle and use whatever they can that is cheap. Apart from chitin, all other components are scraps of meat industry.

  • +1

    Fyi. When you buy multiple, the 20% discount only applies to one

    • +2

      Yeah, I wanted 4 so had to do "duplicate orders". 50c for a few clicks is okay I guess, but the coupon does say 20% off 1 item.

      • +1

        just 1 more and it's essentially buy 5 for the price of 4.

      • +2

        In true OzB style, I canceled my single order and placed multiple orders to get full discounts.

        • +4

          HA! ;(

          • +1

            @Astivita: It costs them quite a bit for you to "Clip" that coupon - with the amazon fees they would be net a few cents on this deal i reckon

  • +2

    I’ll eat your front lawn!

  • +6

    I’m upvoting because of the aggressive name.

    • Aggressive? Maybe unapologetic. Clever marketing though, and more importantly it helps protect the marine environment.

    • +16

      How do you know someone a sunscreen bottle is vegan? They'll tell you.

  • +1

    didn't realise sunscreen wasn't vegan

  • +12

    God even sunscreens are telling you they're vegan now..

    • +3

      How do you know your sunscreen is vegan? Don't worry, it will tell you. BOOM TISH

      • +14

        If a vegan does Crossfit, how do they know which one to talk about first?

        • Quantum physics

          • +3

            @MrSaveDave: a vegan that does crossfit and has bitcoin. need a few more qubits for that one.

      • +1

        Its a meme but i have met more people who say this than i have with vegans telling me they are vegan.

    • +10

      Pretty worrying how many products have ingredients derived from animals that you don't even realise

      • +9

        I look at it differently. Happy we're using more parts of the animal than just the meat. It would be a waste otherwise.

        • +9

          Yeah we should start using human parts as well. No point wasting body.

          • +7

            @ChampofAus: Agreed. I am an organ donor. I have asked for my body to be donated to the body farm when i depart this place.

            • @Martijn: So you would be happy to use products that have dead human parts?

              • +3

                @skidexa: Yep. As mentioned, i am an organ donor. Should i need an organ, happy to receive one.

            • -1


              I have asked for my body

              There's the kicker - you gave consent, and only when you die naturally.

              A trillion animals per year don't give consent but I'm pretty sure they wouldn't mind being used in whatever way after they too die naturally.

              • @afoveht:

                There's the kicker

                It's called a food chain. Are you also going to shame the lion into becoming vegan?

                • @Martijn: Are you going to shame lions for licking their own balls openly for their partner and kids to see? Are you going to shame lions for fighting their sons to death when they become too big for the pride?

                  You are a human, they are a lion. We have different abilities and standards. Do you use lions as a paragon of behaviour for other areas in your life, or just when it fits what you want to do?

                  • @afoveht:

                    We have different abilities and standards.

                    Correct. And some of those abilities have allowed us to progress in life, building supermarkets, creating products, including food, both vegan and non vegan.

                    Are you going to shame lions for licking their own balls openly for their partner and kids to see?

                    Nope. It's nature. Why would i shame natural behaviour? For someone that is all about not hurting an animal, why suggest such a thing?

          • @ChampofAus: Well most vaccines are..

            Anyway, I assume this is made from 100% certified vegans?

            • @M00Cow: What? Why are you talking about vaccine?

              • @ChampofAus: Because they're not vegan

                • @M00Cow: You don't need to be 100% strict
                  Veganism is not a religion!

                  No one wants to know if vaccines are vegan or not.Do not change the subject.

                  • -1


                    Veganism is not a religion!

                    It's the classic definition of a religion, from its belief based system to it's many zealous followers.

                    I'm surprised someone hasn't for lodged tax-exempt status.

    • +1

      It was actually written by a person sunscreen cant talk

      • +1

        that only counts as one

  • +7

    40 minutes water resistance

    Gimme one with duckfat, more useful.

    This formulation is 100% VEGAN and CRUELTY FREE

    Did you consider the Amazon delivery drivers?

    • +8

      i didn't realise amazon delivery drivers were doing the deliveries without their consent 🤔 is it like a conscription thing now or something?

      • Some say it is no way to live.

        Former employee inside the warehouse said it's more like a prison.

        Think about it… $2.03 delivered with prime. The manufacturer is making money. Amazon is making money… someone is perhaps running even or making a loss, if you add in running cost of a car.

        • +2

          but they're not being forced to do this without their consent, right?

          • +6


            but they're not being forced to do this without their consent, right?

            True. Though I do think a lot of gig ecomony jobs are taken by those ineligible for any government assistance, like international students, etc.

            It's almost like business knows it's an easy target…

            • +1

              @Martijn: it's certainly not a great way to live :(

              though possibly slightly preferable than being made into chicken nuggets/sunscreen 😂

        • +1

          Well employees are free to leave and find another job.

          • +3
            • @Gustave: When can you say someone is poor?
              How much money is enough?
              In Australia you get free courses to study, Medicare, some organisations provide food, clothing and shelter.
              Rich parents are sent to aged care ( sometimes it is good to be average)

          • +2

            @ChampofAus: If you don't want to live in poverty just get a higher paying job! It's so easy.

        • I'll believe you always make sure your consumer choices are completely harmless. But if vegans are trying to minimise unnecessary harm by avoiding animal derived things, then wtf is their problem!? How dare they. Ugh fcking extremists.

  • +2

    https://www.cancercouncilshop.org.au/collections/sunscreen/p... but there's no animal products in sunscreen? How do I know what's in sunscreens?

    • +5

      Not sure if any of those ingredients are derived from animal products, but they're terrible for the reef:

      • +1

        but they're terrible for the reef:

        Well probably why the Qld Border is still shut.

    • +1

      Most chemical sunscreen active ingredients are derived from petroleum. - not the most climate friendly

      • +1

        And the packaging is made from what?

        • +19

          Correct it is plastic derived from petroleum - which we admit is a problem. We have spent almost 12 months now finding suitable bio-degradable organic packaging, our first samples unfortunately biodegraded a bit too quickly. Our next production run should use 100% organic sugar cane derived packaging.

          • +4

            @Astivita: Glad we have the chance to support a local business which is making an effort to create products which are better for animals, our marine environment, the planet and therefore all of us.

            I frequently pass your business near Milton station.

          • @Astivita: Sweet as bro!

      • +1

        Active ingredients derived from petroleum are changing the weather! I've been so ignorant.

  • +1

    The use of the word sensitive is superfluous.

    • Also synonymous with vegans.

  • -1

    Is this some sort of activist specialised sun screen?

  • “ Made using a 25% Non-Nano Zinc oxide formula.”

    Is that a good thing? 🙄

  • The SPF (sun protection factor) measures only UVB protection while the PA rating only measures UVA protection.

    UVB rays cause sunburn and play a key role in developing skin cancer. UVA rays cause skin damage that leads to tanning as well as skin aging and wrinkles.

    The '+' indicate the level of UVA protection.

    PA+ = Some UVA protection
    PA++ = Moderate UVA protection
    PA+++ = High UVA protection
    PA++++ = Extremely High UVA protection.

    Remember to reapply every 2 hours. If you are using SPF30 or less, swimming or sweating, reapply more often!

    I don't use anything with less than +++

    Edit: order of words

    • +2

      May I ask what sunscreen you use? Most are rated only rated with one + . I spend a lot of time on the beach with my children and we go through sunscreen like there’s no tomorrow. I get skin cancer checks every 6 months and no issues to date but I am keen to understand if there are better sunscreen products out there that I am not aware of.

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