[PS5] Purchase or Upgrade to Uncharted: Legacy of Thieves Collection, Get Cinema Voucher for Uncharted Movie @ PlayStation Store


Between now and 17:59 AEST on 4 February 2022 purchase or upgrade to UNCHARTED: Legacy of Thieves Collection from PS Store and get a voucher code for one standard ticket to see the UNCHARTED movie in participating theaters.

Voucher code delivered via email on or around 9 February 2022.

$74.95 for UNCHARTED: Legacy of Thieves Collection PS5 @ PS Store
$15 Upgrade starting 28th January when you own UNCHARTED 4: A Thief’s End, UNCHARTED: The Lost Legacy, or UNCHARTED 4: A Thief’s End & UNCHARTED: The Lost Legacy Digital Bundle either physical or digital version excluding the PS Plus version.

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  • so the upgrade is not for sale until the 28th Jan is that right?

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      Yes, that's correct and in line with other upgrades (e.g. GoT).

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    I own UNCHARTED: The Lost Legacy (bought from the store), UNCHARTED 4: A Thief’s End (PS Plus Collection). Can I upgrade my UNCHARTED: The Lost Legacy to Uncharted: Legacy of Thieves ?

    • "Players who purchased UNCHARTED 4: A Thief’s End, UNCHARTED: The Lost Legacy, or UNCHARTED 4: A Thief’s End & UNCHARTED: The Lost Legacy Digital Bundle have the option to pay AUD 15 to upgrade to UNCHARTED: Legacy of Thieves Collection. The upgrade will be available starting at launch on 28 January 2022."

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      Yes. You will need to insert the LL disc every time you play but are eligible to upgrade to the Collection which includes both remaster games.

      The PS+ one is irrelevant and has no upgrade path.

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      Is it really worth it?

      • +2

        The 60fps alone would be, higher resolution and other improvements would be bonus.

        • -5

          Free upgrades on Xbox/PC
          So yeah not worth it.
          I love Uncharted but wow Sony bleeds us dry

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            @CHIEFMEGADETH: Dude it's $15

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            @CHIEFMEGADETH: If you were planning to go see the Uncharted movie then the ticket would likely cost you more than the $15 you're paying for the upgrade here.

          • @CHIEFMEGADETH: You Make a good point Xbox has given free upgrades. I guess Sony is at an advantage because of it's reputation of single player, story driven and exclusive IPs, marketing probably know the demand would be high for a PS5 refresh.

          • @CHIEFMEGADETH:

            Free upgrades on XBox/PC

            Um, for this particular game, I doubt it will be on XBox. It will be on PC (but won't be "free"). I get MLB The Show is on GamePass, but this isn't MLB. Okay, jokes aside. There are issues with Microsoft's so called "upgrades". They are fps upgrade only, no fast loading / direct storage upgrade. I get QuickResume is great, BUT if Forza Horizon 5 is any indication, it shows that buggy / new games could have problems with it. I thought Gears 5 "beta" testing experience is once off, but Forza Horizon 5 is glitchy still and if QuickResume gone a bit wrong, you run into issues (I had to force close the games regularly after the latest patch - I get it is to stop some of the cheating, but it feels like it fixes two bugs and introduce another).

            Also, WHERE is the 4K/60fps upgrade for Forza Horizon 3?

            Sony bleeds us dry

            Don't pay for the upgrade then.

          • @CHIEFMEGADETH: Forza Horizon series, if you want the DLCs and some of the extras, you need to pay $$$. We are talking about $60. You can certainly wait for the price to drop to a more reasonable level, but you will miss out on the quality of life improvements.

            It gets annoying if you want to own Microsoft first party games because they are expensive.

      • +1

        Considering I picked up uncharted for 3 bucks and am still playing it on my ps3, I am going to say no :)

        • Yep, I should actually play my PS3 also!

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    Looks like my ingenious idea of buying cheaper via my US PSN account has finally come back to bite me.
    I'm guessing any voucher I get from there would only be redeemable within the US 😂

    • +3

      This is what happens to traitors :D

      • Is this a line from one of the games?

    • +2

      Moving here from the US, I wish they had a way to transfer your account to another region, even if you have to go through some approval process.

      • Totally agree! I had an account from another country that is just sitting dorment. Annoying that they can't do some kind of transfer, link, or merge.

    • Same :(

  • So I am eligible then having just purchased UNCHARTED: The Lost Legacy?

    If so I'm Very Happy

    • +2

      You're eligible once you spend the $10usd to upgrade to the legacy of thieves collection.

      • Thanks !

        My Question is not for the movie, for upgrading to Uncharted: Legacy of Thieves Collection. The Movie ticket is a Surprise Add-on :-).

        • +1

          No worries. Yep you'll be able to upgrade your LL to the legacy of thieves collection.

          • +1

            @dwhes: Thanks for confirming

            I will upgrade. I have only played LL on my PS5. Have played Thieves end on a loaner PS4 way back, excited to play this on PS5

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    I have both Uncharted 4 and the Lost Legacy so will definitely pay the $15 to get the upgrade. Will then replay both on the PS5!

    • Whats the attraction of the upgrade? I didn't think there was new content?

      • Playing those amazing games again with 60 FPS

        • Yea this.

          I’ve only played both once when they were released.

  • Well, I wasn't gonna pay to upgrade the games, but I was gonna see the movie and the cheapest tickets at a decent cinema near me is 12 bucks so (profanity) it, guess I'm upgrading. Cheers, OP.

    Think I still actually have my saves for the games in the PS+ cloud somewhere, looks like I'll add another 2 to my pile of PS5 instant plats.

    • +1

      Didn't feel good that other first party exclusives got the PS5 upgrade patches, except Uncharted 4 and LL, now we know. Paid upgrade required… sigh…

      So, the movie will have Nate, Sully and Chloe (but not the original mo cap cast). I guess for a young Drake story, it is hard to include Elena.

      • Spider-Man didn't just get slugged 30 bucks, but also you could only get to be slugged the 30 if you bought their new one.

        Wait, Chloe's in the movie? I've been trying not to get too spoiled but I don't recall her in the trailer. Course I could have just forgot tbh, it doesn't look to be as good as Indy or the Mummy so like, I'm treating it as such so far.

        • Sophia Ali - Role: Chloe Frazer

          "You have no idea who you partnered with" in the trailer.

          Well, that's Chloe. Anyway, my expectation is low on the movie. I think having Chloe is a good idea, but would have been awesome to have Nolan, Richard and Claudia reprise those roles (wishful thinking I know). It's just doesn't feel the same when those chosen actors say those catch phrases.

          • @netsurfer: Lmao must have forgot. All I really remember is the bartender joke, Wahlberg lacking a moustache, the airplane bit and…yeah that’s about it.

  • +2

    As a fan of the games, the movie looks really bad from the trailer.

    • +1

      It almost feels like the movie is going to bomb, so Sony are doing everything in their power to boost its numbers.

      • +1

        Typical Hollywood accounting.

  • +5

    As a fan of the games, the movie looks really good from the trailer.

    • +4

      Agree to disagree

    • I'm just not sure that I imagined Tom Holland as Drake. Maybe as teenage Drake?

      • I imagine it’s so they can make many more of them if it proves a successful franchise. Everyone knows it’s a Nathan Fillion part but the dude’s 100 years old now.

      • They only picked him because of his name. He's too scrawny to play Nate. I know he's not a musclebound freak in the games but he still has weight to him.

        • +1

          Tom is kinda buff from some pics I've seen of him for Spiderman, he's definitely bulked up. But to me he's just a bit short. Nate is someone who's taller than average in the game (he's taller than most characters) but Tom is not taller than average :( No hate though, I'll definitely go and see the film. I think that he has the personality to play the character well so maybe it'll be a better fit than we are all expecting

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    As a fan of the games, the movie looks like it has some fun aspects but isn't quite what people were looking for in an uncharted movie, from the trailer.

    • +7

      It's going to be another comedic action movie that will be tanked by reviews but a moderate success at the box office because people will watch anything at the movies post pandemic.

    • +6

      Replaying the game for a couple of hours looks like more fun.

  • +1

    You can use dine and discover vouchers to watch anywhere, instead of "participating theaters"

  • +2

    So if you’re planning on grabbing this and don’t own Uncharted 4 already, it seems like you may as well buy one of the two PS4 games now which are listed for $24.95 then pay $15 to upgrade to the collection next year for $40ish total, rather than the $74.95 to buy the collection without doing the upgrade.

    Or have I missed some detail?

    • Correct. Just gotta put the disk in to play the upgraded version (so Digital Onlys PS5s are SOL)

    • The physical version of LL and TE are $20 at Amazon. They’re likely to be $10 at Christmas. I picked up a pre-owned copy of TE from EN for $9.50 today.

      • From where? Did you mean to say EB?

        • Yes, meant to say EB. Here Lots of stock around me.

          • +1

            @sween64: Thanks for the heads up with this. I reckon they’ll sell out quick due to this upgrade path.

            • @JoeBaskin: Yeah. That’s why I didn’t hesitate. My pre-owned copy is in great condition. I didn’t want to wait because they’re unlikely to get cheaper than $9.50.

  • Is this where they based the movie from: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b_gxWR-2aKo

  • There are so many questions to be answered and it’s a bit confusing those upgrades.

    If I got Uncharted 4 (disk), paying $15 for the upgrade does it allow me to get the upgrade for Uncharted 4 AND The lost Legacy? (Even if I don’t own The Lost Legacy?)

    Or it’s just going to allow me to play Uncharted 4 upgraded?

    • +4

      You get -both- games in the upgraded collection even if you only own one on disk yeah.

      • Then it would be great! Thanks mate

        • +1

          You do need to put that disc in whenever you want to play the upgraded versions tho.

  • so i just need one of em games to upgrade to the collection?

    • +3

      Yes, but Sony has pulled Uncharted 4 (digital edition) out of the store and Lost Legacy (digital edition) and instead selling the combined edition.

      So, right now, if you want to take advantage, you need to go for physical edition (as PS Plus 'free' game doesn't count). Black Friday $9 deal is finished. I wondered people will be willing to buy second hand copies (or perhaps wait for Boxing Day, New Year deals).

  • Currently playing Uncharted 4 for the first time on PS5 and it looks pretty dang good for 2016. The 60 fps definitely helps too!

    • +1

      I didn’t know there was already a 60fps patch?!

      • +2

        There isn't a 60fps patch yet. It was weird why UC4 and UC:LL didn't get the "free" patches. Now we know why (basically Sony wants $15).

        • +1

          Yeah I thought so. Cheers

      • Yeah, that was my bad. For some reason I thought via back-compat it was unlocked. It makes you wonder why they didn't do it when TLoU2 got the 60 FPS patch.

  • Sony sure does believe in generations alright… selling you last generations game again!

    • You mean Activision (Call of Duty) doesnt?

      • +3

        They at least rename their games every year….

  • No multiplayers? Easy pass. Thx anyway OP.

  • Unmissable PlayStation®5 console features:
    • DualSense™ wireless controller features: Feel the action unfold with the DualSense™ wireless controller's haptic feedback through punches, vaults, and vehicular traversal. Experience the tension in rope swings via dynamic adaptive triggers.
    • Fast loading: Jump back into the adventure quickly with the PS5™ console’s ultra-high speed SSD and near-instant load times.
    • 3D Audio: Hear the world of UNCHARTED™: Legacy of Thieves Collection come to life around you with 3D Audio.1
    • Fidelity mode: Play in a super sharp native 4K resolution with a 30fps target frame rate.2
    • Performance mode: Play with a smooth 60fps target frame rate.
    o 4K TV players will experience a 4K resolution upscaled from a 1440p base resolution.
    o 1080p HD TV players will experience a 1080p resolution super sampled from a 1440p base with improved anti-aliasing.
    • Performance+ mode: Play with a high impact 120fps target frame rate3 and a 1080p resolution.

    Surprised there is a 120FPS mode but hey why not.

    • +1

      120fps is nice but playing a single player story driven game on a 4K TV @1080p just for 120fps is really not needed. 1080p games on 4K TVs look like crap upscaled in comparison to 1440p and above. I'd rather stick with 60fps 1440p.

      Does anyone know what the PS4 version resolution runs at on Pro and PS5 consoles? I assume it was native 1440p before?

      • 120fps is nice but playing a single player story driven game on a 4K TV @1080p just for 120fps is really not needed.

        True I agree with that, it's often how I play the single/mulitplayer games on PC.

        Does anyone know what the PS4 version resolution runs at on Pro and PS5 consoles? I assume it was native 1440p before?

        I'm fairly certain that original PS4 version was 1080/30fps and never received an enhancement patch.

  • I have the disk for the game with two ladies, not sure what the name was. Do I qualify?

    • +1
      • Thanks mate. I played the first three parts on PS4, then played all the remaining ones. I haven't ever played s game once it is finished lol

        I'll still try to upgrade and get movie ticket. It'd give me a sense of achievement. Must watch the movie too relive the game experience.

  • +1

    I think this upgrade option is great. Wouldn't pay $80 for this game, but don't mind paying $15 to upgrade.

    • -4

      These upgrades are 100% free on PC and Xbox for all their 1st party games.
      Sony didn't need a new game. Just a 60/120 fps upgrade with 3d audio and Dualsense features.
      We now have to pay for Dualsense features? So buying the PS5 isn't enough for Sony…

  • I am an Ozbargain Noob, how do I remind myself of this deal in a month's time?

    • +3

      This deal is for the movie voucher, not the game upgrade. Did you get a movie voucher on PC/Xbox?

  • -3

    I probably would do this but sadly after the 14th of December i wont be allowed in cinemas. Im one of the people who cant have the vaccine, ive had shocking reactions to steroids and knock out gas. I hope these stupid segregation rules are done by February

    • +2

      Wouldn't you have an exemption if you actually can't get the vaxx?

      • -2

        Y did i get down voted 3 times? Arent we allowed to debate this like adults? Uve been nice actually asking questions

    • No idea why are you being negged…must be the vax cultists, or bots? I dunno but just weird.

  • I bought both LL and Uncharted 4 at different times a long time ago through digital sales. Now when I look them up on the PS store, I can see there is a Uncharted 4 and LL bundle and it says I've purchased. Didn't realise they did that, I assume it's to make the upgrade path an easy transition?

    • +1

      Same. It's more that Sony needs to do that to avoid us buying now the combined digital version. I do wonder what people would see if they purchased only one of them digitally.

      I don't think it is to make the upgrade path easier. If so, Sony should let us pre-order that $15 upgrade now, instead of still showing the RRP for that new "PS5 enhanced" version.

  • Well if you gonna go for movie then this is the way.

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