What Type of Clothing Do You Think Is Ugly?

What elements are in the clothing you would not buy?

OMG, My friend said sequin is a little bit ugly.

Mod: Reverted to original title as comments are addressing original topic. Please note that OP is a clothing seller on Catch and eBay.

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    Your friend is correct

    • God…Really?

  • Anything besides an OzBargain t-shirt

    • +11
      also is this market research for some quality FO SHAN XIN ER DIAN ZI SHANG WU YOU XIAN GONG SI products?
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    Anything Ed Hardy

    • not bad

  • I dislike the ones with
    Hydrogen and nitrogen

    • copy that

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    Womens Sexy Leggings Leopard Colorful Printed Bow Sporty Yoga Gym Trouser Pants

    • Good job man

      • +1


        Womens Xmas Leggings Snow Print Slim Sporty Yoga Red Christmas Leggings Pants

        • yep you r right

        • +3

          Not sure if you agree but the

          LAPA Sexy Sleepwear Spaghetti String Loose Solid Black Nightdress

          isn't really my taste.

    • What?

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    Dislike anything that is CCP propaganda

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    Seems like this is a post to gauge interest in what not to sell in your store, by looking at your previous posts.

    • I prefer to buy new clothing:)

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    This kind of thing is ALWAYS ugly !

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    People who didn't see the original title (before OP edited it and the description) are going to be quite confused with the above comments.

    Original title was: What Type of Clothing Do You Think Is Ugly?

    Human clothing, not pet clothing. Lol.

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      Thank you for reminding. I explained it below.

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    Things that are ugly: OP changing the title and description of the post.

    • -1

      Thank you. I explained it below

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    I wonder there is something wrong in what I post

    Original title and description:

    What Type of Clothing Do You Think Is Ugly?

    • What elements are in the clothing you would not buy?
    • My friend said sequin is a little bit ugly

    Some good sweetie and bros said I do some marketing research for my store because I post about Clothing.
    So I changed the title and description of post.

    New title is :

    What Type of Pets Clothing Do You Think Is Ugly?

    • What elements are in the Pets clothing you would not buy?
    • How about pets clothing?

    I think maybe it is okay if we talk about pets, isn't it?

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      Not when you're deliberately doing market research for your business. I've reported your post.

      Also, please don't use sweeties and bros. Instead, read the rules for this site.

      • I see, Thanks

    • -1

      wow absolutely bamboozled all the "bros" and "sweetie" by changing the title

      • Definitely seems binary biased.

      • Maybe it is not correct.
        I would like to talk about clothing, which is normal subject.
        Some people said I do my business by posting this question.
        I think if there is something wrong of talking about clothing. Maybe it is okay talking about pet clothing?
        What I want to do is talking about something instead of should I talk about clothing.

        I changed the title because of remind of some people. Not changing the title in order to bamboozle someone.
        By the way, I have shown original information about my posting. Is it still bamboozling?

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      Are you actually referring to women as “sweeties”?

      • Just kidding. I am female too actually.

        • You’ll still trigger the bitter people…

          • @mapax: I hope not.
            Wish everyone a good day.

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  • All clothing on pets is ugly.

    • -1

      My doggy wore in some cute clothing before. But now it grows too big to wear clothing, haha

  • -2

    i dont like mumblers.
    theyre what women wear, where you can see the lips move but cant hear what they said.

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    Disabled User in 3.2.1…..

  • Can’t a man just go about his market research innocent posting without everyone assuming he is indeed doing market research?

    • Wish you a nice day

  • had to look up what sequin was, now that I know I can advise that bodily fluids washes off really easy so in some ways, its practical

    • Agree with you.

  • overalls … they only belong on toddlers

    • I heard from my friend that overalls is a little difficult to wear but some are good-looking.

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    Anything other than a German Shepherd are UGLY dogs ugly ugly dogs

    • OH, My dog is Golden Retriever
      How about cats?

  • Wish everyone a good day.
    Share a photo with you, haha


  • After some investigation, the OP has previously spammed Ozbargain under a different username and has created multiple ghost accounts after being banned. The penalty has been transferred to their most recent account and the store is also permanently banned under the same offense.

    Forum thread closed.

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