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Xiaomi Mi Band 6 Fitness Tracker (Global Version) $52.19 ($51.03 eBay Plus) Delivered @ bereictechnik eBay


Local stock of the popular Xiaomi Mi Band 6 (Global Version) fitness tracker.

Apply coupon PDEC10 or PDEC12 for eBay Plus members.


  • Easily check text messages, calls and notifications with full screen 1.56" AMOLED.
  • Classic shape with an innovative large screen and rounded edges, making it comfortable to wear and look.
  • Large-size AMOLED display, you can set the background to a picture that you love.
  • Blood oxygen saturation of the respiratory cycle of the human body. Measure anytime, anywhere.
  • Analyze your sleep breathing quality, so that you can keep track of your own sleep quality.
  • Built-in PPG biosensor measures heart rate, keeping track of ups and downs when exercising and resting. More health functions:
  • Personal activity intelligence
  • Stress monitoring
  • Breathing exercises
  • Female health tracking
  • 30 fitness modes with automatic recognition of six fitness modes.
  • Another features waterproof up to 50 meter water resistant, magnetic charging and battery that last long, up to 14 days normal modes*

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  • Trusted seller?

    • +1

      99.2% feedback score on eBay. You can also check previous deals from the same seller here

  • +6

    Xiaomi Mi Band 6 $52.19

    It was < $35 a few weeks ago…


    • Local Vs import.
      Bit risky to go the later this close to xmas

      • +4

        Local stock was $40 last week.

      • +2

        Bit risky to go the later this close to xmas

        I've had a couple of recent orders from the USA arrive in 5 days with Fedex.
        Australia post consistently taking > 10 days.

        • Mine arrived yesterday. Pretty quick IMO.

          • @Tennessee Jack:

            Mine arrived yesterday

            The one you ordered in October?

    • And a certain poster was telling everyone not to buy it from my deals because they'd have it cheaper. They never had it cheaper and it wasn't OP.

      • I'm waiting until they get down to $15.

  • +1

    This isn't the Italian version is it?
    That new European model has a physical Mic, Amazon Alexa built-in, and lastly it has an NFC for (Mastercard) Payments. Pretty awesome.

    I've been on the hunt for it, but can't seem to find it. It's mostly out of stock, no International Shipping, or just not priced competitively from the middleman sellers.

    • +1

      I was just reading through the official site and the only supported banks for NFC payments are in Europe at the moment

  • It was significantly cheaper only a few weeks ago and based on the current price this isn’t a bargain. Neg from me. Comeback with a sub $40 price.

    • +1

      you are right. I dont know why people neg your comments.

  • Rubbish, mine only last 2 years

    • +7

      But mi band 6 released less than a year ago.

      • +1

        @MauTauAja came back in time to warn us!

        To be honest though, I wouldn't be too upset if a $50 fitness tracker lasted 2 years.

        My MiBand 5 has been going stronger for longer than that though, and pretty sure I got it for ~$30

  • Just double check. Does it have blood pressure monitor in this watch? thanks

    • It doesn't have blood pressure monitoring.

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