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PowerColor Radeon RX 6800 XT Red Dragon 16GB RDNA 2 Graphics Card $1649 Delivered @ PC Case Gear


"On sale! (normally $1829) Limit 1 graphics card per household."
Usual stuff… overpriced and current market… You know the drill

Updated as there's free shipping according to the image on the page…

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    This one also has free Australia post delivery (even though they definitely don't say so lol!). I think someone is watching so it will probably be updated on their site shortly.

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      Edited to reflect this as you posted it…

    • Haha - updated as I was typing.

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    Interesting…. Seems like the lowest for ages….

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    Will this fit an Nr200p? Cooler Master Case?

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      I'm not sure, but I've got a 50/50 chance of being right, so I'll say yes because deep down I'm an optimist…

      Pcpp says yes (https://pcpartpicker.com/products/video-card/?compatible_wit...)

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    • I can confirm for nr200

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      if not, get out the dremel and make it fit (I mean on the case not on the card)

      • There is no if. I have put it in a NR200 and it fits fine with good enough cooling.

  • Best price in a long time!

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    What was the original MSRP at launch of this card?

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      Roughly 1/1985th of a Delorean, from memory…

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        It's not for sale!

        • Do you have Search setup for BackTTFuture keywords?

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            @spillmill: No, but I'll 'go back' and do that!

            • @McFly: Not even sure you can, was curious if you were doing that “beetlejuicing” thing people do on Reddit…

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      About as relevant as asking what the price of a 3 br weatherboard house in Brunswick was in the 1950s.

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        Mmm not really. The price of this will eventually fall back down below it's MSRP (in a couple of years I imagine)
        It's useful to know MSRP so you can see how far away we are from it.
        In this case - it's not crazily higher than MSRP, especially given the 10% additional production cost AMD recently added on for board partners

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          The price of this card might fall but if anyone is hoping the high-end cards of future gens will reach current MSRP, they are dreaming. Prices are sticky and manufacturers know it, even if the stock shortage goes away.

          My guess would be a 50% premium above current MSRP for the next few generations.

          • @hami101: I think you're right!

          • @hami101: When does something stop becoming expensive because it's useful and just expensive just because it's rare even thou its now garbage. e.g. 710 GPU

            Kinda feels that's how long its gonna take to get these cards at any decent price.

    • Somewhere around AU$1000 iirc.

      But its a pretty irrelevant question seeing as it's probably not going to be at that price in the near future.

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        AU$1000 when? in a dream? AMD cards literally launched overpriced

        • See one of the below comments by AlienC.

          Of course, $1069 is now just a distant dream - but it was roughly the MSRP.

          • @jjsu: Comments don’t make it clear if anyone ever actually got one. I’m guessing not.

            • @spillmill: I don't think anyone did. By the time HN finally issued refunds, the thread was too old to comment on. This is what they said in email:

              As you aware the abovementioned product is experiencing international stock shortages. We have pursued many avenues in a bid to ensure delivery, however, we have been unsuccessful. This has now resulted in your order not being processed.

          • @jjsu: sorry but have you actually read that thread? Literally no one confirmed to get one

            This is not a PLE situation with longass wait queues either, it took me 3 months to get mine but atleast we got regular updates on it and everyone who ordered on launch night got it within the year

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      It was 1149 for red dragon and 1199 for red devil iirc

      • which one is better. same/same but different?

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          red devil is supposed to be the premium model. But based on benchmarks, its seems they're the same bin, just pure luck.

    • This card was always expensive

      • Sorry can’t fix my mis-vote

    • About $1049 AUD


      In Australia, the Radeon RX 6800 XT will retail for $1049, while the RX 6800 will sell for $949.

      The cards will launch on November 18 (2020)

      So this was about a year ago but if you look at the product page they didn't hold that msrp for long.. Like only a few months if even that.

      Source: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/product/amd-radeon-rx-6800-xt

      Scroll down to the page and you can only see one deal close to the msrp at $1069 then after that one January 2020 deal it shot up never to go back down again.

      Hope this helps.

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        This is for the base reference card, so this comment is a little misleading.

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          Yeah but when has that ever stopped the OzB geese?

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        I heard the Harvey Norman deal was never fulfilled, they held onto the money and refunded everybody after EOFY 2021.

        In Jan, Power Color 6800XT for Red Dragon and Fighter were going for $1100~ at PCCG but non-existant stock. They only had 2-3 drops before they raised the prices.

        Lowest deal I've seen so far was $1069 for a 6800XT XFX Reference Card from PLE in Dec 2020.

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          Yep, got a refund for the HN deal some 7+ months later. It had been so long that they no longer had my CC on file to refund me.

        • Thanks for sharing.

          I'd almost convinced a family member to opt in for than HN deal.
          Glad he didn't and avoided having his hard earned money tied up for that long.

        • Damn sad to hear it so is it right in saying no one got the 6800XT at MSRP of around $1100~

          • @AlienC: Well it's a small number for sure. I was one of the lucky ones to get the XFX Reference Card for $1069.
            I've talked to like 5 people who got it close to MSRP.

            • @Kraise: Oh ok nice congrats to them.

              That was a fair deal.

              Not like now.

    • $1049 but the Red Devil is a premium AIB.

    • $1049 iirc

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    I really hate that this is an exciting price for this card…

    Guess I'll just keep flogging my poor old GTX1080 and praying the USA bans bitcoin or some sh**

    • +4

      Luxury, I'm still on an EVGA GTX970.

      But agreed, I'm in the market now as I tried a few current games and I'm running out of settings that I can keep turning down to minimum to try and get a bearable frames per second.

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        Woo 970 crew represent!

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        Luxury, I'm still on a Gigabyte 780GTX.

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        LUXURY! I'm on a candle and a box of coloured cellophane!

  • I've got the black shroud version of AMD AIB 6800XT and it's absolutely beautiful. Upgraded from 1080 and the Time Spy score has been completely doubled, from around 17000 to now 35000+. This card has slightly better performance than RTX 3080, except for ray tracing (as AMD doesn't have DLSS). It's perfect for a gamer like me that don't need ray tracing at all. Apart from this, it's quieter, consumes less power, way larger VRAM, everything else is better than 3080.

    • Where did you buy it from?

      • +2

        My cousin brought to me from overseas. It's impossible to find an AIB 6800XT here, not to mention the black shroud version. He told me AMD sent emails to eligible community members with a unique purchase link in each mail. As for the details how this was operated and how to be eligible, sorry I've no idea.

        You can see my completed build pics here.

        • +1

          That's the midnight black reference card. AMD branded gpus are only available in Taiwan, China and the US.

        • +1

          Sick case though. Very tidy build.

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      AMD has "FidelityFX" I think? Or something like that. It's definitely not as good as dlss, but it's…solid?

      • Yeah but I've never activated that in game. I always set this option to 100% which is the default and native rendering quality.

    • +1

      DLSS has nothing to do with their worse RT performance

      Two literally separate technologies

      • This is correct. Turn ray tracing settings to max and switch off DLSS or Fidelity FX (NVidia supports both btw) and the the 3080 will eat this for breakfast.

  • -2

    still cant beat nvenc 4.0

  • -1

    Stop buying, and these prices will go down

    • +1

      That is absolutely not how it works in this case.

      Crypto miners combined with chip shortage = high demand and low supply, regardless of if the average Joe tries to influence that with his own single choice purchase.

    • +1

      Yeah unfortunately it's not pure supply and demand. Crypto has set an artificial price floor.

      Mining with this card can produce say $1800/mo, miners want a 10 month breaks even, so anything less than $1800 they immediately buy. (numbers are made up here). This therefore puts an artificial price floor at $1800.

      (yes I realise it's still demand, but demand will be nearly infinite at a specific price which is not typical)

      • +1

        How the hell do you make $1800 a month? Nicehash gives me an estimate of around AUD$170 a month. I know it's not ideal using Nicehash but still. How would you get $1800 a month?


        • +5

          Pretty sure he meant $180/month

          • +4

            @essent1al: Argh damnit haha yeah I meant $180. Thanks for the cover!

        • +1

          Haha yeah I meant $180. I was pretty close for a gut feel guess!

          • @incipient: Makes sense! If you DO find a way to make this per month, I am all ears! :)

      • Not to be overly pedantic, but isn't that still supply / demand? The price of CC shifts the demand curve up and down per miners (i.e. higher CC price means higher $/q demand coming from miners), and over time the demand curve is also shifting up as enthusiasts start to accept higher prices (i.e. higher $/q coming from gamers). Also a demand effect during lockdown of people getting back into gaming (presumably). All this meanwhile supply curve sitting at a higher (i.e. higher $/q) position than historic due to chip shortages and other global logistics issues.

        • Yeah so everything is supply and demand, but not many things will have an 'infinite' demand point. As a product gets cheaper, demand will gradually increase (see this: https://www.bing.com/search?q=demand+price+curve). However in the case of GPUs and CC, around a given price, demand essentially becomes infinite, as miners will buy whatever available stock they can at that point, as it makes them money.

          This was really just a response to "hold off and prices will drop" comment…which I was saying doesn't apply too well here, as prices will hit that magic 'infinite demand' point and never drop further. I know it's not that black and white.

          • +1

            @incipient: Yes, I follow the point. Though when price decreases, the quantity demanded increases, rather than the demand curve moving. Demand curve can move due to price factors though… like when people get sick of "holding" and decide to simply suffer the higher prices!

            If I were back in university, I'd definitely do an economics thesis on the GPU market! Pretty interesting dynamics.

            I've joked numerous times that it is unfortunate that Eth wasn't optimised for soundcards! Give poor old Creative Labs some action on their Sound Blasters!

      • -1

        so why is it that miners have all the demand now but pre covid they had no demand?

        Stop trying to pin this on a singular reason there are many factors that led to this

        • +1

          Because pre-covid eth was $300 and now it's $6000? So the "price floor" before covid is now twenty times higher today?

          It's very, very much due to crypto. The amount of wafer it's consuming is insane.

          • @incipient: Yep, crypto miners are the main culprit.

          • -1

            @incipient: yes surely you know what you are talking about and not just throwing a hissy fit online

            blaming a singular entity during a pandemic


            • +2

              @Freestyle: Well I mean of course people being at home has somewhat increased demand, fabs were down a bit due to staffing amid covid. However the only non-transient effect has been sustained, and massive, demand from crypto.

  • +1

    I am surprised this is still in stock. Seems like enough hoarded stocks being let go. And recent crash in crypto market keeping away miners.

  • +3

    to pull or not to pull the trigger.

    • +3

      Just pull it mate. Pull it right now

      • I think he already is…

        • Yeah most likely. User name checks out.

  • whilst that is a good price under the current conditions, the chip shortage will likely end toward the end of 2022. Nvidia have said they expect the chip shortage to start abating by mid 2022 (Source: https://www.tomshardware.com/news/nvidia-dwindling-gpu-short...) so if you're buying to keep and game on and aren't too fussed about resale value because you're not planning on selling it, then I'd say go for it. If you expect to sell this card when the new series come out then you should realize that it's likely you will lose money on it when the current conditions no longer exist.

    • +1

      That's still 12mo away =/ I could do with a nice 4k card for the next year…

      • This reasoning is why I bought months ago… I just cracked the sh!ts and pulled the trigger on a not-as-good-as-this deal for a 6800XT. Zero regrets.
        It's mined about half it's price back already, and I've had a great card to use when I have the time.

        Not an ideal scenario, but it's the world we inhabit I guess…

  • +14

    I just purchased this as I am doubtful that the market will return to anything near normal for some time due to inflationary pressures worldwide and the long-term impact of market distortions, in particular the impact of ‘fear of missing out’ in driving continuing demand in overpriced markets across the economy. General inflationary pressures will keep this going.

    It is no longer just a case of chip shortages. Both manufacturers have succeeded in drastically shifting buyer expectations in terms of price versus performance. As Gamers Nexus has pointed out, performance improvements relative to price had completely stagnated even six months ago. It is now worse than that as the value on offer is a clear step backwards with new cards more expensive per frame than they were years ago. The next generation of cards will likely provide a similar scenario as current high-end graphics cards are so powerful compared to past generations and next-gen consoles that NVIDIA and AMD only need to introduce revisions with slight variations (vram changes, directx support etc), give them a new model name and charge exactly the same amount.

    For example, the 7700 XT may be as good as the 6800 XT but end up costing just as much if not more. This was the scenario with the 6600 XT which is essentially a 5700 XT with a bit of ray tracing and slightly lower TPD. Gamers Nexus discussed this as a deliberate strategy, where the high-end product of this generation becomes the mid-range product of the next generation but inflation drives the price of the mid-range product up to the price of the previously high-end product. The flagship cards of the next generation, as they have done in this generation, will shift the paradigm further to even higher GPU prices; the flagship products will be so insanely expensive that a $1500 7700 XT will look like reasonable value.

    One only needs to look at the almost complete erosion of the budget gaming card. The market now perceives value in a completely different way and chip availability won't help significantly unless buyers stop buying and manufacturers stop drip-feeding supply. NVIDIA and AMD are not going to aggressively undercut each other or attack the market with extra supply when they constitute a market controlling oligopoly. Just like Microsoft and Sony with the Series X and PS5, the less they sell the longer they can sell them at premium prices. NVIDIA and AMD will compete on design and specs but not seriously undercut each other until profits are impacted and there is a real incentive to do so. Profits are higher than ever and all the ‘issues’ confronting supply increasingly less relevant than corporate strategy.

    • +2

      Post of the month… easily.

    • +2

      this does make some sense but the thing is if we are going to pay the same bucks for similar performance, what's the point of "upgrading"?

      I totally get it within next couple of years this could be the case but in the long run AMD and NVIDIA are just hurting us DIYers……

      • I fully agree that it is an ugly scenario for PC gaming enthusiasts, especially DIY builders that cannot afford paying these much higher prices. There is certainly no 'fun' in upgrading right now for anyone with any experience in the market. I purchased this card because I feel that it will tide me over for a few years until the market corrects itself and is a 'less painful' choice as I get to enjoy the card instead of getting whacked ever 1-2 years that I try to upgrade.

        What will bring on this market correction I have no idea. Perhaps the enthusiast market will become so niche due to rising prices that the demand will simply not be enough to sustain the profits these companies are seeing now. There is certainly a critical inflection point in the demand/supply relationship, specifically the minimum production datum, a key reference point upon which these companies structure their operations. They need to sell a certain number of GPUs not only to keep their coffers filling but also to maintain the economies of scale that allow them to generate these profits. Hopefully they continue to invest and expand to the point where the scale of their operations implies an increasing production requirement.

        Otherwise, only demand can shift the paradigm. If it were to ebb such that the market begins to approach the inflection point discussed above, these companies could begin to become concerned and change their approach to one of volume. Until then, upgrading will sadly be more painful than enjoyable. The alternatives are not that attractive either, which is probably half the problem. The next-gen consoles are not cutting edge enough despite offering better value for money. They are also in far too short supply.

      • On the flip side whats the point of releasing new cards that are so far ahead of the current console generation

        Gaming is multi platform and developers make more money by targetting the console level hardware.

        • I'm unsure but I imagine that this is a consequence of a number of factors such as:
          • the need to maintain PC gaming as an exclusive 'no compromises' platform that is always a technological step ahead of the comparatively 'basic' home consoles.
          • the relatively incremental advancements of Series X and PS5. The fact the my Xbox One X outperforms the Series S in many 'next-gen' titles speaks for itself.
          • developers are very good at giving console gamers a middle of the road experience (at increasingly high resolutions) while leaving the best results for personal computers. Far Cry 6, Cyberpunk, Control, Doom Eternal etc are all examples of games that should be shining on Series X and PS5 but are made far better with high-end pc components.

  • It's almost half way through this graphics card generation and they expect me to pay more just because of shortages and crypto currency they can go screw themselves, if I'm going to spend this much money or more I will wait for next generation cards.

    • … and they expect me to pay more just because of shortages and crypto currency

      Might come as a shock, but they don't care if you don't buy it 1 tiny bit… if you don't buy it someone else will…

      • +1

        It's not a shock. It's logical I know , but I don't care if people pay for it.

        I me personally won't follow the sheep I will not buy.

  • -2

    What a discount. It is a $1049 GPU

  • If this keeps going on then we will only be able to get a mid-high end GPU with reasonable price by buying those pre-built, what would happen next is DIY market going down and it will probably do very quickly…

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