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[Backorder] Lee Kum Kee Premium Oyster Sauce 510 G $4.95 + Delivery ($0 with Prime/ $39 Spend) @ Amazon AU


Lee Kum Kee Premium Oyster Sauce (510 g), made in Hong Kong
Has 40% oyster extract compared to 11% for the Panda brand
Currently $6.80 at Woolworths
Min quantity: 2

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • Great find. thanks OP! would anyone have bought these off amazon before and know if these are shortdated or if they have a similar shelf life to those found in asian supermarkets? just wondering if these are old stock.

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      I bought these in October and the expiry date is 22/7/2024 but it was for $6.80

      • Thanks for letting me know. Missed it but will get a few next time it’s on sale.

  • oos!

  • Oh damn it these are the good ones.

  • Damn it…missed out. Doesn't even allow back order.

  • Where do you use these vs regular soy sauce?

    • +1

      Totally different taste and texture.

  • Looks like the soya sauce has been ozbargained

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      Oyster sauce mate.

  • I do not buy them anymore product made in China. it used to be made in Hong Kong.

    • Just to stir, Hong Kong is China. lolol

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        The dialling code in Hong Kong is +852, China is +86.
        The currency in Hong Kong is HKD, China is CNY.
        The language speak in Hong Kong is Cantonese, China is Mandarin.
        The official language in Hong Kong is English and Traditional Chinese, China is Simplified Chinese.
        The passport in Hong Kong is HKSAR passport which can visa free to 171 countries, Chinese is The People's Republic of China passport which can visa free to 77 countries.

        And yes, Hong Kong is under China

        • -1

          Lol. Is this justification?

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      This one always made in Hong Kong, but lately the quality seems dropped a lot, used to be hard to shake it out, now it's runny…

      another stir….Wait for another 25years you can call it made in China..

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      Maybe you need to stop buying anything since most things have got some parts (or in whole) made in China.

    • LKK has not been made in HK for donkey years….if you want HK made buy Amoy sauces

      • They maintain the oyster sauce not others, check the label and law in Hong Kong you can't BS label like other countries…

  • There is one made in Australia. Help Australian workers.

  • FYI this was available for backorder this morning, still at $4.95, min. quantity 2.

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