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10% off Nintendo eShop Prepaid Cards @ Target


In-store only, probably the last chance to stock up on discounted eShop credit for a bit.

Bonus discount for those who got the Amex JB Hifi cashback offer, get JB to pricematch this discount and pay with Amex to stack discounts.

You'll need to get $120 worth of eShop cards to maximise your discount at JB.

$120 * 0.9 = $108
$108 - $20 = $88
[(120 - 88)/$120]*100% = 26.7% discount

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Target Australia
Target Australia

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  • My local jb hardly match gift card prices :(

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      That's most likely because JB Hi-Fi's checkout system handles purchases of gift cards in a different way to other items, which means staff have no way to change to the price of a gift card, even if it is cheaper at another retailer.

      When I've previously purchased Apple gift cards at JB Hi-Fi in-store, the receipt says there were zero items in the transaction (which is strange, because there were items sold in the transaction). That is what makes me think purchases of gift cards go through a separate sales process and staff cannot change any prices through this separate sales process.

  • Can we use the Ultimate Home gift cards to buy gift cards at JB?

    • Should be.

    • This was my personal experience, but some people seemed to have problems so the only way to know for sure is to just give it a go.

      For some reason, some staff in some regions of this country seem to have a problem with people "buying giftcards with gift cards", so just let them know you are paying with EFTPOS if they ask your form of payment. Which is what a HOME giftcard is. They use the EFTPOS system. No need to give them any more/less info.

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    I still have my 19.25% off gift card bought years ago sitting there. I like physical copy for switch games. Unless it's digital only or DLC.

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    JB don’t price match gift cards

    • I've found it hit and miss with some JB stores, depends on if the staff are on a power trip, but technically there's nothing in their price match policy that excludes gift cards.


      A JB Deal applies to identical products in stock at both the competitor and the relevant JB Hi-Fi store at the time of price matching. The competitor price must be verified by JB Hi-Fi. Online price comparisons must include any delivery costs.

      Exclusions apply for cash back offers and store credits, bonus and bundled promotions, coupon promotions, grey or direct import products not sold through an authorised Australian reseller, commercial orders, competitor advertising errors, members only or subscription prices, and competitor clearance products or products with limited or restricted quantities.

  • Anyone know if I can use flybuys dollars to buy the Nintendo Eshop credits? Or are they treated the same as regular gift cards?

  • Can these giftcards be used to pay for NSO subscriptions?

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    Last chance for a bit? Jb has had eshop cards on sale every year from boxing day on for several years, so if you don't grab some now there will be another chance real soon

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