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[SUBS, XB1, XSX, PC] Halo Infinite (Campaign) Added to Xbox Game Pass


If you’ve been enjoying the free multiplayer, today is the day you can play the campaign on gamepass.

Early reviews seem very positive and looks like the best halo campaign we’ve gotten in a long time.

If this is your first halo game or you just want to refresh your memory, there’s a lot of recap vids on youtube but I found this to be pretty good if you’ve got time to sit through it.

Also available on xCloud with Gamepass Ultimate.

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    I already played 500 matchmaking games in multiplayer, 140 hours of play time and level 60 on the battle pass now it's time to finish the campaign in Legendary before I continue with multiplayer.

    Combat Evolved was my favourite childhood game back in early 2002 as a old school Halo fan who has more than 1000 hours on the master chief collection and many more on the original xbox and Xbox 360 so far I approve of Halo Infinite multiplayer

    The last time I was this satisfied with Halo's multiplayer was Halo Reach 11 years ago

    • +3

      A Veteran seal of approval. Thanks.

  • +1

    Thanks for posting! I was considering buying on Steam - this is a much better way to access the game.

  • +1

    So good this is almost free.

    Can't believe it's now been over 20 years since Halo 1.

  • +1

    I'm surprised anyone is surprised by this… All first party games come to game pass. This was never not going to be on Game Pass… Oh well, enjoy!

    • this - how are there xbox game pass users pre ordering this game? this has been widely publicized its coming to game pass from day 1

  • +1

    Waiting for those to complain about the game on gamepass, should be interesting pop corn ready.

    • I think they're hiding with this one lol

  • Just finished it. Amazing.

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