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$15 off Min $20 Grocery Order (Delivery + Service Charge Applies) @ Uber Eats


As seen on Uber Eats Instagram Stories.

$15 off grocery orders on Uber Eats. Similar to this deal but with a longer validity period.
Once per account

Terms and Conditions:
This offer is for 1 x $15 off total order value when you spend $20 or more from select Grocery stores via the Uber Eats app (fees apply). Maximum of $15 off order value applies. $15 off does not apply to fees. Delivery Fee applies. Service Fee applies to orders delivered by Uber Eats and is based on order value (before promotion or discount). Other fees may apply. Any remaining value is forfeited if order value is below $20. Valid for use on one order only. Promo code must be entered into the Uber Eats app prior to ordering. Delivery orders only. Offer cannot be used in conjunction with any other Uber Eats promos. Valid only in Australia where Uber Eats is available.

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  • So what is the validity period? ;)

    • longer

    • +1


  • +7

    They’re pushing grocery orders hard but the ridiculous item markups plus delivery plus fees isn’t worth it.

    • +7

      $10.87 for 2 Divine Classic Creme Caramel 150g, Carman's classic furit and nut muesli and white vinegar 2L is a pretty good deal tbh.

      But markup is indeed crazy

    • +13

      when its 1am and you need a onion

    • metro prices seem ok

    • +5

      Works very well using free Uber Pass trial and Woolworths Metro, 2kg of Mince for $8 Delivered.

      • -1

        Dam! Uber Pass never shows up for me, is it only available in certain locations?

      • Damn, I am getting $18 delivered for the same. Minced beed is now $15/kg on Metro.

    • +2

      It's worth it at 10:30pm when you're in bed and your girlfriend goes to the kitchens and says "you forgot to buy milk.

      I'll take the fees and markups for some relationship peace and quiet. Gtg, the guy is coming now :)

      • Then get her to go buy the milk, so next time she won't forget, otherwise, its the easy way out all the time, by conveniently forgetting.

  • +3

    Great deal if you have a metro nearby and you have discount on certain categories.

    • +1

      Yes! Stock up on mince - they are not inflated

      • +1

        Exactly. Just got 2x 1kg mince for 10.50. Would be $30 instore.

        • What was the price for the beef mince then? I am getting $18 delivered now for 2kg on my nearby Metro!

  • +5

    IGA near me has half price meats.

    1x "4 Stars Beef Mince"
    1x "Beef Sausage"
    1x "Chicken Thigh Fillet Small"

    for $5.69

    Thanks OP :)

  • +8

    ⚠️ Last time, they removed $15 discount from my order next day, and demanded for a proof email that I was targeted for the offer. Ended up paying a full price for marked up groceries.

    • lol tell them to stick it.

    • As in they charged you the extra $15 the next day?

      • +1

        Yep, got a receipt without discount next day

        • +1

          Wow, that's rough

          • @Chickenleg: Easy enough for them to do a reconciliation between accounts offered the discount to use the discount.

            I would expect that this to happen more and more as revenue assurance gets onto this

            • +2

              @Tleyx: Surely this one would be ok I assume if it was an Instagram ad, but who knows with this company

              • +2

                @Chickenleg: If you order, i recommend checking your paypal/ credit card whatever you are paying with next day. Ensure they've charged you a discounted price - not full price.

    • -1

      The same thing happened to me butt with the delivery. I did the whole change address thing and then switch it back during checkout. Got charged $0.00 for delivery by then when the receipt came through after delivery I was charged $6.99 :(

      • I think this is a bit more understandable. Still, charging a different price to a checkout screen is a horrible experience even if a user is using a loophole.

        I'm surprised that Uber haven't just corrected the bug.

    • +1

      I'll watch out for this. It's interesting that they'd charge you for an offer code that applies to your account. Was there anything in the terms and conditions for the coupon in the app?

      • Surely it's in breach of consumer laws in this country.

    • +1

      wow, thats so bad its hard to believe!

      i've been using gift cards as payment only. hopefully they wont dip in my CC without my consent.

    • Wonder if this is because some of the promotions like this are tagged with

      Geelong, Mornington Peninsula, Bendigo and Ballarat, Melbourne

      And the system realised you weren't in the catchment area? But that doesn't explain all the successful redemptions..

  • Grabbed a couple of muscle chef meals for $7 odd bucks each after fees. Not behd.

  • The markup makes the savings very little, but at least you get some slight savings and effectively free delivery. There are supermarkets near me on Uber Eats who don't have a big markup, but they aren't participating in this deal.

    • Yeah & there's the catch. Markup & delivery charges.

      I'm not surprised

  • 2 mangoes, some toilet cleaner and 1kg of weet-bix for $4.60 delivered when coupled with the uber pass trial. This is my 3rd $15 off $20 grocery spend under the trial so has worked out to be fantastic value!

  • okay, I can stock up some porterhouse again.

  • +4

    Just used the other (15 off 20) one today to get some snacks with a minor discount after like +$6 in delivery fees and a +>30% mark up on the snacks.

    Worth it with the coupon, would absolutely never use uber eats for grocery without it haha.

  • bought 2 packets of Woolworths caramelised onion beef sausages, a tub of basil and cashew nut dip and an avocado for $11 delivered.Not bad

  • +1

    I can't post a deal for Uber Eats so I'll share it here instead. Another code for $15 off min $20 spend from Uber Eats: GRODMN

  • +2

    Ordered milk and lamb chop but the store didn't have the stock so they gave me more expensive lamb for around $10!

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