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$15 off Min $20 Grocery Order (Delivery + Service Charge Applies) @ Uber Eats


$15 off grocery orders on ubereats ends midnight. Promo code GROINSTA

Once per account

The $20min spend seems to be inclusive of the service and delivery fee as long as your basket is above $20 when applying the code. After the code is applied, you can reduce your spend slightly and the discount will still apply Eg $16 groceries, $2 service, $2 delivery = $5 total after the promo code

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    The service fee and delivery fee doesn't count towards the $20 spend. Promotion doesn't apply until the order total (before fees) reaches $20.

    • +3

      Try to remove items after applying the code :)

      • +10

        Doesn't work when order is below $20, tried removing after applying code

        • +3

          Yeah, doesn't work for me either

  • +9

    Groins ta

    • 'groin sta' or 'groin std'?

  • +4

    This deal is gyrating… Is that what groinsta means? 😅

  • +1

    Can we do the pickup?

    • Delivery only

  • +12

    So I just checked IGA my local delivery for nUber.
    Pepsi 1.25 liter for $1.10 in store, with nUber it's $4.00.
    Yeah nah no thanks.

    • +4

      Jack is back.
      Same as Ubereats for delivery - Service+Delivery+Jacked prices

      • The deliveries are better at Jacked is back.

    • +4

      I mean yeh they jack the heck outta prices, but I just got a roasted chook, loaf of bread and 1.25l of coke delivered for under $10. Could be worse!

      • +2

        Yeah if you're looking at some lunch or w/e, good deal, just feel bad that IGA is being subsidized with these massive hikes, nUber are enabling them, making it seem ok to jack pricing imo.

        • +1

          Yeh definitely agree with that, without the code the prices differences are just icky

        • +3

          Even Woolworths seems very expensive for some items. Not just one supplier

          • +2

            @arcticmonkey: At least their fruit/veg is cheaper – 1x avocado is $4.29 at IGA vs $1.20 at Woolies Metro.

            $0.65 vs $1.79 for a banana.

    • I find insta meals to be decently priced at my local woolies metro

  • +4

    what a total cracker of a code

    someone took a punch to the groin (and I hope it was the MobileCity rep who totally deserved one of those per open box phone sold as new, and per restocking fee charged on faulty return)

    • +3


  • +5

    Don't forget $4 through ShopBack if you're targeted. Pretty sure it's $1.50 if you're not.

  • thanks mate - great to use with woolies metro basics - no price difference to going in. Still on 2 week free delivery trial from last weeks 50% off deals, so basically 10 bucks for few trays of meat and a bag of fruit !

    • I wish I lived close to one.

  • -2
    • Do you not use google?

      • +1
        • What phone are you using? Apple or android? Both are in the list.

          • +1

            @j0hnd0e: https://www.pine64.org/pinephone/

            Even if I bought the most expensive iPhone 15 Pro Max XS that doesn't render my criticism moot.

            If you are accusing me of being an Apple fan please talk to RockyRaccoon who thinks I'm an Android shill (with no proof).

            For completeness: https://stallman.org/apple.html

            • +1

              @deme: I reckon it would render it completely moot! The 13 only just came out, if you have the 15 clearly you have inside access or a time machine. Ergo you are the most elite of the elite. WHAT ARE YOU PLAYING AT

              • +1


                if you have the 15
                Ergo you are the most elite of the elite.

                lol pleb not just the 15 but I have the iPhone 15 Pro Max XS in space purple, Tim 🍎 works for me.

    • Good read and well referenced.

      I think Uber has done a lot of harm to society in terms of fair work/wages/insecure work, tax dollars going overseas plus privacy.

    • https://stallman.org/stallman.html

      Reasons not use Stallman doesn't seem to exist.

      • Do you have any reasons?

  • Tried to use one of these grocery promos before. Said "only eligible stores", showed me 6 stores that delivered to my place that were supposedly eligible (because I could not find an official listing of which stores were eligible). Nono of the stores it showed me let me apply the code. Also, prices are are jacked, plus delivery and service fees, you're not saving much.

    • On the contrary, my wife and I both placed an order from Woolworths metro with $2 service fee and $2.99 delivery each. We saved $17 on a $41 total order compared to the in store prices.

    • I totally support you there, probably YMMV but I am in the same boat

      after discount and service fee plus delivery I am hardly saving anything at all

  • +1

    $12 for 24 cokes. I'll take it.

    Thanks OP

  • +6

    Still not bad for me.
    I got:
    1 * Aussie Sprouts Bean Sprouts 250g
    1 * Woolworths Leafy Mix 120g
    4 * Lemon Fresh Each
    1 * Woolworths Red Watermelon Cut Quarter Each
    1 * Capsicum Green Each
    2 * Fresh Broccoli Each
    for $10.53

    • I also ordered fruit & veg and got 10 items delivered for $10.14 from Woolies

      • I also ordered fruit & veg a f*** load of sugar.

    • I got my order just now, the quality is great.

  • +2

    Got 2x muscle chef meals for $11 delivered thanks OP! (From IGA). Also had uber pass free trial to make it free delivery

    • +1

      the chicken and roast potato muscle chef are so good! I called around to find the store with the most stock and got 7x at 50% off the other week.

  • +2

    That coupon code hurts my manhood

  • Any bargains?

  • +1

    my woolies metro has no delivery partners haha

  • IGA Bbq roast chook and a couple filler items for $13 delivered.

  • I bought some Mt.Barker peri peri chicken breast, chicken meatballs & 2x 🌶 steak pies 🥧 . Ended up costing $15.37, thanks.

  • Why there is no delivery partners nearby for the four stores around me? Does that mean no one like to do Uber delivery now?

    • +1

      I wonder if more drivers finally realised they were being paid peanuts, particularly after their expenses.

  • 3 A2 thanks

  • +2

    Worth it for me.

    1 x Heinz Spaghetti Tomato and Cheese 300g (3 Pack)

    2 x Ardmona Tomatoes Diced No Added Salt 400g

    1 x Bega Farmers Tasty Natural Cheese Slices 250g (15 Pack)

    1 xSunrice Steamed Basmati Fragrant Rice Quick Cups 240g

    For $5.61 delivered with free uber pass trial.

  • Going to give this a go - me and the kid have gastro, hubby has just got in from mowing and cbf going out but we’re short on a few things. Great timing if we can make it work.

    • +1

      Thanks OP, groceries on the way, stuff we were out of and cheaper delivered than what we would have paid in store.

  • +6

    FML my uber driver got the wrong order and now I have someone elses stupid blueberries! Where's my chips and snacks!?!?! and I can't use the promo again to reorder!

  • +37

    Ordered a pack of blueberries and received some chips and snacks not sure wth is going on.

  • Thanks, OP. My local IGA is having a promo on dairy foods on UberEATS and that, along with the $4 from Shopback made this a great deal for me.

    • Pretty sure because you used a code the ShopBack wont be valid

  • +2

    No delivery partners available

  • Finally found some items that were the same price as in-store but when I went to pay they had no delivery partners and now the store's closed. Better luck next time!

    • order for delivery tomorrow

      • They don't allow preorders unfortunately. Everywhere else around me is price jacked too much for it to be worth the saving

  • Just made it before my store closed. Thanks OP

  • Thanks OP. Topped up some ice creams.

  • +3

    My order had missing items from woollies, so I put in for help and they refunded me the whole order. Though the missing items is basically the same as the order anyway given the $15. So basically free stuff, does Uber normally refund the whole order for a missing item?

    • Which store was that?

  • +1

    Devo I'm always too late to the UE grocery deals

  • Good deal mate. Spent just over 10 bucks for a helgas bread, soy milk, and a my mussel chef meal delivered tomorrow

  • Woolies didn't have one of the things I ordered in stock so I got a partial refund, making my total <$4.

  • Placed an order last night and today they cancelled it just before the delivery time :(

  • +1

    Does anyone have the original email or screenshot for this promo? Had partial order but they charged full price

  • +1

    Everyone should check their CC or payment method used last night, they have charged me full price now and asking for the original email if I want the $15 discount…

  • edit: deleted my comment as put on wrong post

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