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Purito Organic Sunscreen SPF50 $0.99 + Delivery ($0 with Prime/ $39 Spend) @ Astivita Amazon AU


First production run of our new organic and vegan sunscreen formulation, suitable for your low key vegan / organic consumer.

Please let us know what your thoughts are on the different formulations, we would really appreciate it!

$19.99 $0.99 PURITO Xtreme Sport 100% Organic & Vegan SPF50 SUNSCREEN

  • Formulated to reduce sweating and sunscreen run off during moderate exercise (some zinc sunscreens turn your face white when sweating heavily)
  • Australian Made Zinc Sunscreen SPF 50 provides superior UVA/UVB and Blue Light Protection. 40 Min Water Resistant
  • Mineral Sunscreen: Made using a high percentage of Non-Nano Zinc oxide. 25% Zinc Oxide w/w
  • Suitable for sensitive skin, kids and acne prone skin types

$19.99 $1 PURITO Anti-Acne 100% Organic & Vegan SPF50 SUNSCREEN - Expired

  • Australian Made Zinc Sunscreen SPF 50 provides superior UVA/UVB and Blue Light Protection. 40 Min Water Resistant
  • Mineral Sunscreen: Made using a high percentage of Non-Nano Zinc oxide. 25% Zinc Oxide w/w
  • Zinc Oxide has natural anti-bacterial properties, suitable for sensitive skin, kids and acne prone skin types
  • Reef Safe and Biodegradable Formula

$19.99 $1 PURITO Anti-Aging 100% Organic & Vegan SPF50 SUNSCREEN - Expired

  • Formulated with green tea extract due to it's high anti oxidant content
  • UV is the number one cause of premature skin aging
  • Mineral Sunscreen: Made using a high percentage of Non-Nano Zinc oxide. 25% Zinc Oxide w/w
  • Suitable for sensitive skin, kids and acne prone skin types
  • Reef Safe and Biodegradable Formula

$144.00 $49.99 Inflatable Hot Air Balloon with Santa Claus 210cm with LED Lights

$125.99 $57.09 Noel Inflatable Sign 150cm with LED Lights Outdoor Christmas Decoration Décor

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • +2

    So the code works just once on one product.
    No multiples.

  • +4

    Wanted to try one for my ageing wife and one for my pimply teenage daughter. Daughter gets it.

    • +1

      Under his eye

  • +4

    Thanks, applied some 10% off coupon first so got it free :)

    • Yep same.

    • where did you find the 10% off code?

      • +1

        found the code only for Xtreme Sport

    • +1

      Thanks! Can't beat free stuff

    • Sadge.. Didn't think it would stack :(

      • Yeah I expected it to get over-ridden. Happy surprise!

        • +3

          Me too :(

    • Doesn’t work for me for some reason?

  • +1

    What's the point of having the exact same bullet points for each sunscreen? Tell us the difference! ;)

  • do u still sell taps and basins?

    • And $200 450L fridge delivered?

      • with fresh fruits in it?

        • No, but full of beer and wine.

    • +1

      Strange pivot. From housewares to sunscreen

  • What's the difference between the 3?

  • The sport one should have a longer water-resistant time?

    • +2

      Sport sunscreen has been developed to reduce the issue with some mineral sunscreen where your face turns white with extensive sweating.
      - At the moment we only test to 40 mins for all formulations

      • +1

        Is this TGA approved?

  • I am getting the below error message when I apply the code. -

    The promotional code you entered cannot be applied to your purchase.

    • you can only use it once

  • I havent even used it once. This is the first time I m trying,

  • Thanks OP - Will let you know how it goes .

  • +7

    Even at one dollar is $10.63 per litre against Woolworths homebrand sunscreen $8.80 per litre

    • +1

      Up to you if you choose to use chemical sunscreens on your skin

      • +4

        I do and have been for years no skin cancer here, nor any effects from said chemicals

        • +1

          That is excellent to hear and we support the use of sunscreen. No safety data has been provided for Chemical sunscreen active ingredients to the FDA. Zinc Oxide is the only broad spectrum active ingredients approved as GRASE (Safe to use) by the FDA.

          “a Franco-American study published in the Chemical Research in Toxicology review on Monday found that if left for a year at room temperature, such products become potentially toxic as one of their key ingredients breaks down into a product called benzophenone, which they say is a “mutagen, carcinogen, and endocrine disruptor.” https://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2021/03/09/top-brand-suncre...

    • +3

      Apply the 10% off coupon first and it's $0 per litre.

      • +1

        Still makes it $1 for me when doing that =(

  • Grabbed a sport one thanks OP

  • Excellent deal!

  • Hi OP, are there any that's suitable for rash prone sunscreen sensitive individuals?

    • +1

      Always patch test and discontinue use if irritation occurs. The sport sunscreen is worth testing, our entire organic range has gone through a significant reduction in ingredients to limit the possibility of any sensitivity developing. If you try it and develop any iritation please let us know and we will use the feedbakc in future formulations.

      • I missed out to test it for you. Any chance of restocking?

  • +4

    Have these been reformulated since the scandal earlier this year?

    • Purito outside of Australia has no relation to us, we own the trademark here and are determined to build a brand based on effective and in-vivo tested sunscreen.

    • Oh

  • +12

    Why do I feel like we're paying to participate in a clinical trial…

  • Managed to get the second sunscreen.

  • my relative has allergic reaction to sunscreen. would this be a subsitute?

    • What brands have they tested? feel free to pm
      If they have not tried an uncoated physical / mineral sunscreen yet then it is worth trying ours

      • Aldi ones

        • +1

          Yes worth trying our product as aldi uses a chemical UV filter with documented cases of skin reactions with some of their sunscreens.
          Please let us know how you go as we will use any feedback to improve future versions.

  • Actidentally ordered baby one

    .op can I exchange now

  • Got one on Black Friday and subsequent deals after have been cheaper ☹️

  • Where's it manufactured?

    • Has Australia made on bottle in the photo

    • +1


  • +7

    Baby one works with the code also.

    Vegan Organic Purito Baby Sunscreen with Jojoba Oil SPF50 https://www.amazon.com.au/dp/B09K3HGKJ7/ref=cm_sw_r_apan_glt...

    • Yep, I just found that too, was about to make a new post but too lazy…

  • I now have so much Vegan sunscreen, I hope the weather improves.

  • all gone?

  • Anyway to try this? Wanted to try sport one or anti aging

    I am also trialing endota spa and ecotan sunscreen at present :) oh and sun bum

  • +6

    For those that missed out, this one looks exactly the same and is $1.99:

  • +2

    For anyone with actual high risk skin, I'd genuinely be weary about purchasing sunscreen from an amazon brand. Even well known Australian brands have failed in lab SPF tests before. Not to mention this brand literally sells derma rollers and then has suddenly ventured into SPF sunscreens. I find it odd they actually mirrored the name of one of Koreas largest skincare brands, and who have well known SPFS.

    Admittedly mineral sunscreens have less of a chance of being insufficient compared to the more complex chemical UV filter formulas, but still - tread with caution with sunscreen.

    • You have a point. I'm reconsidering my options in then probably going to go with the Neutrogena zinc as that is more reputable important particularly if it's something regards to health

  • +1

    Review of the formulation shows no preservation agents. I would advise caution to whoever use these products.

    • +2

      That has been one of our breakthroughs in the manufacturing - no preservation agent. Zinc oxide is natually anti-microbial and is 25% of the formulation. Why rub preservatives into your skin if you do not have to?

      • +4

        As someone who work in this field, I would just advise caution.

        If you have the test data to show that the product passes preservative efficacy test as required by the TGA, then I congratulate you. However, in my technical opinion, any anti-microbial functionality of Zinc Oxide is insufficient to self preserve the product.

  • Any $10 christmas inflatables coming this year ;) We use the 4 we got previously every year, their great!!

    • +1

      Possibly a handful of units just before christmas at $10 adjusted for inflation

  • not available at amazon anymore

    • +1

      Out of Stock for now sorry

  • +1

    ZinClear Organic Body Sunscreen SPF50 https://www.amazon.com.au/dp/B09FNZVTJN/ref=cm_sw_r_apan_glt...

    It's the same thing, just with a sticker.

    It's normally 1.99…

    • Seems too cheap makes me worry I guess

    • That was a pricing error - all sold out before we got to it

  • Merged from Recent amazon deal Astivita sunscreen $1

    Thought I'd update people who bought a recent deal like crazy.

    The sunscreen above, literally has a sticker as the brand, while the link below just have a blank front.

    ZinClear Organic Body Sunscreen SPF50 https://www.amazon.com.au/dp/B09FNZVTJN/ref=cm_sw_r_apan_glt...

    Normally $1.99, and they were selling it as a deal for $1.

    I'm impressed the margin is huge (if selling for $20).

    • Even for $1.99 its a steal. Got one.

      • Parents buy the Supermarket branded 1L containers for $8 or $9.

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