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DeLonghi La Specialista Arte Coffee Machine EC9155MB + Bonus $151 Starter Pack $569.99 Delivered @ Costco (Membership Required)


Friday deal from Costco - $100 off normal price at Costco - today only
Plus also found that there is a promotion to get $151 worth of starter pack by redemption here

Bonus includes:
I) LA SPECIALISTA ARTE BONUS PACK: A De’Longhi Starter Pack containing: 4x 500g De’Longhi Signature Blend Coffee Beans, 1x De’Longhi Stainless Steel Milk Jug (350ml) and 1x De’Longhi Vacuum Sealed Coffee Bean Canister with every verified purchase of De’Longhi La Specialista Arte Pump Coffee Machine (Model: EC9155MB), valued at $151.70RRP.

And yes - Costco is a participating retailer Terms


Happy Friyay!

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  • does anyone know how this compares to the breville equivalent?

    • IMHO (new buyer of a Breville Barista Touch in the Black Friday sales after research into both brands) the DeLonghis are absolutely fine, but the Brevilles are much better with milk.

      • The low mid range brevilles are known for not having good steamers. By not good it mostly just means they take about a minute to heat a standard cup

    • Breville is superior

      • which one ? Link

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          Is this one any good?

          I am not sure why the red is cheaper than the black one. Does it have less features?

          • @Tiggrrrrr: I was wondering the same thing

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            @Tiggrrrrr: .
            My guess is the Red haven't sold as well they want to move some stock

            • @OzzyB2013: This'd be my guess too

            • @OzzyB2013: Cheers.
              Got the Breville for $538 so pretty happy with the price. Un-boxing now so hope all goes well.

              • @Tiggrrrrr: How is it after a week?

                • @Regie69: I need to do some more testing but:

                  First time out the box the grinder settings were a bit iffy.
                  Did a few trials but got some good results using the double filter. (Steam pressure around 12-1 o'clock on the dial)
                  Then tried the milk steaming wand.
                  So… there seems to be a complete lack of consistency here.
                  If I start the machine, run a shot, wait 30 seconds then use the wand, I get a steady flow of steam 1 out of 3 tries.
                  For the other 2 tries, I get either nothing (but some water dribbling) or I get weak pressure, that as soon as I try to froth milk, cuts out to almost no pressure. Even with a consistent flow, the steam pressure isn't brilliant. I can get some froth going, but at the expense of overheated milk. I know it's been 10 years since I worked in a coffee shop, but to be honest I got better steam results from my old Lavazza Moda Mio machine.

                  With the single filter basket, I cannot replicate the results (from the double) with the same grind settings (coarseness/amount) despite switching between the double/single selector.

                  I will sit down on the weekend and go through the manual and online to see if there are any tips I have missed,

                  It may be that this machine is a dud. Or that the owner is a dud. Will wait and see I guess.

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      Here's a comparison video with Barista Express https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=elu-hedyDsU

      • Note in that comparison video the DeLonghi is different and older model which had a strange tamping lever mechanism instead of using a traditional tamper.
        This model is the more compact "Arte" model which does not have the tamper lever.
        The Arte is smaller, and comes with a tamping mat/stand, traditional tamper and a funnel/guide.

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      I am here to learn

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    how does this compare to the philips unit

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      Philips, the latest ones are super automatic machines. This one is semi, you need to know how to properly pull an expresso shot.

      • So Philips probably better for my novice skills

      • Which Philips model we talking about here? link?

  • I assume its this one since this is the latest and more popular Philips coffee machine https://www.philips.com.au/c-e/ho/coffee/4300-lattego?gclid=...

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