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[eBay Plus, PS5, XSX] Battlefield 2042 $49 Delivered @ The Gamesmen eBay


Saw this banner on ebay and thought some of you may be interested given some interest in this deal at BigW tomorrow.


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    Not cheap enough. Needs to be $50 cheaper.

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    They need to pay me to play this shit game

  • Thanks, hope it’s good, just bought it but reading bad reviews so may cancel the order ?

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      I would suggest so. If/when the game is patched and working well, the price would have fallen again.

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      It's shit. They killed BF my favourite game 😞😓

  • Game is working quite well on ps5 now since the patch last night. All the issues I was facing are now fixed

    • Do you rate it for $49? Or wait longer?

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        I personally would be grabbing it I think $49 is the perfect price for it. But I do love battlefield so that makes the decision easy for me

  • 45 on amazon for PC. Still not interested though.


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    This or Anthem?

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    I can't find a single thing to spend my 40 dollar ebay plus membership voucher on. Everything cheap has required a code and codes aren't stackable.

    • Yep. That’s what’s bullshit about the “voucher”. Very misleading in my opinion.

      • Same boat. I planned to use it immediately on an SSD but didn't realise it wouldn't stack :'(

  • Game has improved since launch and runs smooth on my 1080ti ryzen 3600 80-100 fps med/low settings @1440p. Lets face its not the game we all wanted it to be but i believe its worth it for under $50

  • PSA - do not be like me and buy this game

    PSA2 - when you buy this game get a refund as it's a pile of EA unfinished crap

    • As bad as Cyberpunk or GTA trilogy?

  • Get in quick, 38 out of 500 sold already!

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