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[eBay Plus] Xiaomi Juistar Portable Juice Blender $9.95 Delivered @ Gearbite eBay


For those who have not previously used the $10 off code, this seems like a great purchase for $9.95 delivered.

Alternatively, it could be purchased for $18.95 (PLUSDEC5) with eBay Plus or $19.95 delivered for all members, which is still cheaper than any previous deals.

Main Features:

  • Juistar is an ordinary looking cup that comes with the power to display your personal taste and innovation!
  • You can use your favourite ingredients, such as fresh fruits and vegetables, coffee, milk or nutritional beverage, to quickly and easily create shakes, hot or cold drinks anytime, anywhere.
  • Just Shake ‘n Enjoy! It works like a conventional blender with which you can make baby food too. But it is not a bulky and heavy machine that gives out annoying noise and always need an electric outlet nearby.
  • Once done with drink, it can be rinsed and cleaned in a minute. Juistar was design with ultimate safety in mind as well.
  • It cannot be accidentally started without securely attaching the cap to the cup.
  • The anti-skid silicon coaster on bottom makes accidental tip-over and spilling less likely.
  • For battery charging, Juistar is equipped with the state-of-the-art magnetic contacts that makes the old-fashioned plug-and-pull obsolete. Being energy efficient, each fully charged battery on Juistar is good for making 15 cups of drinks.

Package Includes:

  • 1x Juistar Juice Maker Cup (Blender Head, Glass Cup), Charging Cable and English Operation instruction manual.

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  • +8

    Perfect for corn + milk like in the display pic!

    • +5

      Saves having to buy cornflakes!

    • +5

      Susu Jagung, a popular drink in Asia.

  • +1

    How good is this? Can it blend ice cube?

    • +2

      No it can't, it is recommended to chop your food into one inch squares. I still think it is a great little device, especially for $10!

    • +1

      Is that you BlendTec guy?

    • I think it’ll be good for mixing protein powder but apart from that I don’t see much

      • I usually use it with frozen banana pieces and mix with some juice and other fresh fruits. It does not have any problems with it.

        • This particular device or other generic portable blenders?

          • @ATangk: This one.

            • @Piter71: Is there any reason to get a portable blender if I’ve got a NutriBullet at home?

              • @ATangk: Only you know if your into going free camping and you want to have h

                ome made smoothies or juices or baby food whilst away lol.

              • +1

                @ATangk: I also want to know! Please answer this question someone so I can decide whether to buy or not for $18.95
                Edit: I bought it anyway, might come in handy one day

                • +1

                  @DisabledUser413960: I actually like to put some frozen fruits and some liquid and take it out with me. After an hour or so the fruits are easier to blend but the smoothie is still perfectly chilled. It's a gadget, not a must have, but it's a fun gadget and it's absolutely worth this price :)

  • You already applied this code to an order.

    • Same

    • Ebay plus

    • I wasted my code on a stupid perfume spray bottle

  • +2

    Tempting… might grab on a siblings account. YouTube on it.

    • 😏

      • Take advantage of the free eBay Plus.

        • 🥰

  • +20

    This wouldn’t be too bad to make a smoothie at work or something for lunch.

    But then you’ll be that weird guy that makes smoothies at work

    • -1

      It's about the freshness.

      Everything taste best

      Freshly blitzed

  • +1


  • +4

    According to the reviews, it even tracks your sleep :'D

  • Got it to make baby food. Let’s see how we go. Our ninja is way too loud and dad sleeps early. So this might to the trick

    • Let's hope for dad it does do the trick.

  • Thanks OP. Got one!

  • +4

    Got this as 17Pin last year paying full price, it won't work with ice cube as it has problem blending harder fruit. Simple smoothie, baby food or shakes still fine. Remember to pull out the seal on the cap when cleaning after every use, you don't wanna find out the gunk when your drink start tasting weird. I just grab another of this tho.

  • Thanks OP

  • -1

    So is this the 17Pin version?

  • +1

    Dishwasher safe?

    • Apparently not.

      You can clean out the glass cup and rinse of the juicer top. Although it is nowhere stated that the glass cup is dishwasher safe, I have ran in through the dishwasher for multiple times. The top of the juicer however, is not to be put in the dishwasher. Even keeping it under water is not recommended. Therefore, just gently rinse of the top after using the juicer.

  • As someone that doesn't drink a lot of smoothies - why not just make the smoothie at home and then take it wherever you want to consume it?

    • +3

      Not sure how accurate it is but most articles I read said the fresher the juice the more vitamins and nutrients there are and it decreases over time. So a smoothie in the fridge and drank the next day in theory is not as good.

      I have no idea tho haha just listen to your body. Also maybe you want to store the ingredients at work or impress the cute girl across from you with your bad ass baby smoothie maker ….

      • impress the cute girl across from you

        And then it comes out unblended and you look like an ass.

      • If it's in a sealed container how do the vitamins escape? One of life's mysteries lol.

    • +1

      I've found that sometimes smoothies or blended juices will settle over time, e.g. fibre will coagulate and float to the top. I'm pretty sure you can just mix it up and its fine, but its still a bit gross, and you might not be able to get the original smooth texture back.

  • +7

    I bought this last year and it only lasted a couple of weeks. Its quite hard to wash them in the running water - it stopped working as the water may have leaked into the circuit. The only great thing about this is the glass container- nothing else.

    Mind you this is nit a xiamo brand

    I would highly recommend the Kmart one- Anko brand. Its still works grear for more than a year now— I used it a few times week for my protein shake and smoothies.

    • +2

      This you? Sounds very similar lol. Yeah I might pass on this even though the price makes it tempting. Also the top isn't dishwasher safe apparently.

      • +1

        Good detive work, I thinks it's the same person too.

        • Hahaha! Great work! Yeah definitely not worth the time and money

          • @reddot12: Too late for me, read this after I ordered. I did watch and read reviews, also looked

            for a white one from same seller but no dice on the white. Looks like I will be washing it really

            carefully.The Anko in specs says waterproof, and could imagine if it wasn't they would have

            loads of returns around Australia. Good job Kmart.

            • +1

              @ozhunter68: Well just be careful, it will be quite tricky to clean. I had also noticed that the button can only go for 2-3 cycles before it gets quite hot and would stop from running - safety feature? Or ?overheated - I told my brother to buy one at that time and his was exactly the same didn’t work for a few days so don’t tell me I didn’t warn you =)

              So really you would have to thaw your frozen fruit just to make sure it blends easily.

            • +1

              @ozhunter68: To make matters worse, they're now selling the white version in this deal lol.

              You should be able to return the pink one you bought for free if you want, as it's an eBay Plus item.

              Btw, it says in the manual for the Anko one the following:

              To avoid parts deformation or damage, do not put any parts of this product in a dishwasher, microwave oven or hot water above 60°C.

              • @MiscOzB: Thanks for the heads up. I have had eBay Plus for the third year and so far never needed toreturn anything yet. So just order a white one and return the pink one when it arrives at no cost to me?
                Yeah, the Anko also not in dishwasher and water above 60 C, but sounds like it holds out water better for regular warm rinse than this Juist. Will try to be careful.

                Edit: Only reason I got it is because of the $10 discount code and only get that once, so will embrace the Pink Blender haha.

    • "reddot12" Just checked out the Kmart Anko model, it's also low price at $19, White ( which I would have preferred ),

      and also has magnetic charge connection ( looks/works cool, but if cable get's damaged/lost then……).

  • Worth a shot for $9.95. Ordered.

    • Just go easy rinsing under the tap, otherwise……..

  • Thinking of getting this for a simple hot chocolate and ice cream mixer.

    The chocolate will already be powder not solid cubes so the question is how well it can blend the ice cream.

  • alright, i am a baby now.

  • Can I blend hot coffee, or use it as a milk frother

    • why would hot coffee need to be blended?

      • Because hot frothy milk is epic.

  • thanks op, i got one

  • got one. thanks op!

  • Missed out by one minute :(

    • +1

      Apperently the white model was/is same price now, hopefully still for you.

      • +1

        Hey thanks for that! Was able to grab one, figured at $9.95 why not

  • +2

    Am I alone in thinking this is a poorly named product? Say it slowly…

  • +2

    Back in stock, this time the white version instead of the pink.

  • At this price it's worth the gamble.

  • Anybody received the order yet?
    My tracking number only shows:
    13 Dec 2021 4:28pm Tracking number provided

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