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[eBay Plus] Perfume Bottle Atomizer Travel Portable Mini Refillable Scent Pump Spray 5ml $0 Delivered @ Mc2030 eBay


Free Perfume Bottle Atomizer Travel Portable Mini Refillable Scent Pump Spray 5ml

This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2021

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    This would go great with a trash can.

    • +1

      To be fair, I'm going to refill it with hand sanitiser so I can buy the bulk packs instead of those tiny plastic bottles all the time.

  • +38

    code is 1pp so use it wisely. there might be some better offers that pop up soon ;)

    full list of eligible products

    • +1

      ^this is what I came to the comments for

  • +1

    Or $15 for a grow tent

  • I picked up the 25PCS Reusable Blood Drink Bags Halloween Pouch Props Vampire Cosplay Decoration for $20. Cheaper than getting drink bottles and made out of food grade plastic.

    • +1

      Can't believe you passed up the Squid Game hoodie tracksuit!

  • +3

    Could I fill this with Tabasco sauce?

    • you could, doesn't mean it will work though lol

  • Is this a vape… for perfume?

    • better for alcohol I recon.

  • Is it atleast 2? lol its one only lol

  • Feel like you might have lost the crowd there, OP

  • The cheap-arse impact wrench with 2 batteries looks ok for $30 if you dont have high expectations, the batteries "appear" to be Makita style….

    I already have a Makita knockoff impact wrench that's pretty good, and a Makita knockoff little one-hand chainsaw, I use these with an adapter and my Dewalt batteries but the chainsaw throws out the over current protection on my batteries so I grabbed one of these kits to get some Makita type batteries that I'm happy to abuse, hopefully they fit ok…

    • Can you tell if it's compatible with makita batteries from the pics?

      • Comparing the Makita adapter I have here with those batteries, they "appear" to be the same, there's certainly no guarantees though..

        I have one of these adapters to use my Dewalt batteries on the Makita knock-off tools:

        The batteries with this Impact driver kit:

        • Trying to apply the code but it doesn't work. Did you purchase anything else?

          • @bargainshooter: Nope, I only bought the impact driver, I believe it's a 1 use per person code…

        • How did you go with the batteries? Do they work with makita 18v tools?

          • @bargainshooter: They were delivered a couple of days ago but I'm not home at the moment, I can let you know later next week…

            • @FLICKIT: Cool thanks!

              • @bargainshooter: Yep, they are Makita compatible… The batteries are very light so I suspect they're quite low capacity, 5 x 18650 cells I assume, 2AH max capacity (Likely less with the cheap cells)… I'll pull them apart and have a look inside in the next couple of days… They have a plug pack style charger and inbuilt charging circuit..

                This was an impulse buy @ $30 and it will serve the purpose I bought it for, I mainly wanted a couple of Makita batteries for my other knockoff gear… If I was buying again I'd probably look closer at the battery capacity of the other knockoff kits, I suspect the ones that come with a charging dock may have higher capacity batteries… (but who knows with chinese junk until it's in your hands)

                • @FLICKIT: Thanks really appreciate this! I missed out on getting this one for $30 but looking to get one of the 800nm versions with two batteries. How are you finding the wrench function?

  • +1

    It looks like something else from a distance.


  • thanks got the shiny blue one

  • great for travel, i bring 2.
    i bought a silver one that i fill with creed aventus. and a black one i fill with Tom Ford Fking Fabulous. I didn't want to take the entire bottles with me, so i use this and its a perfect size for a week long trip.

    • I rate this, was going to buy some 50ml cologne for the bottle but the 200ml was less than half the price per ml

      • yea, i always buy the big bottle. its a better value. they say it last forever as long as you don't store it in the sun or in a hot room.
        I don't know if i am immune to the smell over time, but i find it gets weak after a year. so i use my cologne within a year. i still have a huge collection, but it doesn't seem to last as long as before. still smell great immediately, but i think it loses its longevity.

    • I got to David Jones and fill mine up there

      • I don't doubt that doing that is possible.

        I've been in the supermarket before and people have "tested" the deodorants under their shirts.

  • +1

    They up the price from 5.90 to 6.90

    • +2

      Still free… but since eBay is covering the cost. They will make more margins lol.

  • what is this code for? which sellers accepts this code?

  • Just realized my eBay plus expired few days ago

    • +4

      thank you for letting us know.

    • +2

      Same. Might be better to wait for a voucher offer for rejoining..

      I've got a $10 voucher I forgot to use before it ran out aswell.

      • +2

        Mine runs out in 3 days, I'll do the same as last year, I'll sit on my hands and wait until they offer me a $50 voucher to rejoin, last year I only had to wait 2 weeks…

        • +1

          Just got a $40 voucher for rejoining. Might be worth checking now.

  • Basically this is $10 off any purchase from the items on the list. If you buy something worth $10 or less, then you get it free. So you don't have to get a cheap item, it can be something else more expensive.

  • can't see the code to apply to this one anymore

  • doesnt seem to work anymore, says This code can't be applied to your order.

  • +1

    only shiny green (most popular) is available - (x) doubt

  • I got the micro SD, paid $10 but it's something I won't throw away

  • Code don’t work no more

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