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$50 in USDC for Holding 75 USDC or 0.0015 BTC for 15 Days @ Ledn


Ledn is doing a bonus referral period, decent offer but keep in mind withdrawal fees which are $10 USDC or the BTC network fee.

Current rates on Ledn are 6.25% APY on Bitcoin and 9.5% APY on USDC.

Referral Terms and Conditions

How to Qualify

  • Sign up via a referral link

  • Verify identity

  • Deposit at least 75 USDC or 0.0015 BTC into the account within 30 days of verifying identity

  • Maintain balance for 15 consecutive days

Promo ends December 31st

Referral Links

Referral: random (69)

Referrer and referee get 10 USDC if the referee deposits and holds 75 USDC or 0.0015 BTC for 15 days or longer.
Note: Both Referrer and referee need to complete the deposit.

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  • Cheapest way to do this? Binance using USDC?

    • I've personally used Gemini, they allow 10 free withdrawals per month. Transferred LTC to Gemini, sold and bought USDC and transferred out. Total fees and spread around a dollar.

      Gonna have to take the $10 hit to transfer out from Ledn unless someone has a workaround?

    • +3

      Ftx using btc, if btc didn't go down. Withdrawal fees will be much lower.

      USDC Miner fees will be up towards 10usdc.

      Ftx (was blockfolio) pays sending fees for usdc.

      Personally I think BTC is the better option.

      • Thanks very much

      • Do you know what BTC withdrawal fee Ledn charges?

      • +2

        Why is btc a better option. Don't you get the bonus in usdc?

        That means when you withdraw the btc and usdc you have to pay fees for 2 withdrawals.

        Whereas if you deposit usdc. You will only make 1 withdrawal.

        • Unless you are not withdrawing BTC as it has the best rates at the moment for low amounts

        • +2

          I think you can trade the $50 USDC bonus to BTC on Ledn and withdraw everything as BTC.

          That might be the cheapest way to do it.

      • FTX has fees which are partly paid to your referrer like a pyramid scheme. I would just stick with Binance or Crypto.com.


        • +1

          Don't use the crypto.com app to transfer USDC. They will charge you a whopping 25 USDC fee :(

        • +1

          But Binance has the same pyramid scheme style and even has an option where the referer gets 100% of the fee…

      • +1

        FTX (formerly blockfolio) don’t allow USDC purchase/transfers only USDT.

        Agreed BTC is the best option on any of the platforms mentioned.

  • +1

    couldn't find anything about regulated financial institution… not even which jurisdiction it is operated under. can ledn be trusted?

  • +2

    They’re in Canada

    • +1

      you're right… but it doesn't mention anything about regulated under FCAC or APRA/FCA-equivalents..

  • Which network do we have to move the usdc in? Erc20?

    Nvm: it’s Erc20

  • So it's only taxable when you cash out?

    • +1

      No tax on cashbacks.

  • +1

    Bonuses aren’t taxable, the proceeds of staking are taxable (DYOR)

  • It only applies to USDC and BTC, they charge blockchain fees to withdraw.

    USDC will be expansive to withdraw. About $10< usd.

    • Damn that is high. Could always sell to AUD and then withdraw?

      What are the BTC withdrawal fees?

  • +4

    Free money is expensive

  • +2

    For people wondering on possible ways to deposit to Ledn for cheap. I withdrew XRP from Binance to FTX. From FTX I converted the XRP to BTC and withdrew (1 free withdrawal a day) to Ledn!

    • +1

      Referal only applies to USDC or BTC. LEDN say they don't charge fees, you only pay Miner fee which should make BTC much cheaper atm.

    • 1 free withdrawal a day

      Are you staking FTT?

      • +1

        Ftx (was blockfolio) free withdrawals for all coins no limit.

        FTX pro, free withdrawals except erc20/eth

        Transfer between each with Solana free.

        • +2

          ahh so the FTX app is old blockfolio

          and the FTX.com website is FTX pro


    • What was your capital gain for the XRP to BTC conversion?

      • Capital loss of 0.25 cents

        • +1

          Which is tax deductible

          • +1

            @Yuppieshrink: It most definitely is not tax deductible. Capital losses must be rolled forward to offset future gains.

    • +1

      Legends. Thank you Sir Mittens!

      I think I’ll do the same as devilbabies and convert the 50 USDC into BTC before withdrawing everything out.

      Or I can just leave it in there, it’s the same earnings rate as Celsius Network for me at the moment.

  • What if $75 in bitcoin today is worth less than $25 15 days from now.

    • Possible.

    • +2

      USDC obviously won't fluctuate.

      For BTC, it is the quantity in your account at time of deposit instead of what the price will be in future. That is set at 0.0015 BTC. So maintain that and you will get the sign up bonus.

  • +6

    I am currently with Ledn. Apart from their basic website straight out of the early 00s, can't fault them. Currently holding BTC in there earning 6.25% (maximum at this rate is 0.5 BTC).

    They have also been through a few bear markets, get independently audited (last time in July 2021) and I do like they have less risk exposure by only dealing with BTC and USDC assets.

    As with any CeFi provider, spread the risk between multiple, e.g. Celsius, Nexo, Ledn, FTX, Blockfi etc
    Interest is accrued daily but paid out at the start of the next month.

  • Yes, I concur. I have been using Ledn for a while now and the only issues that I have had is the extradition from Vic to qld. Regards Peter Foster.

  • -2

    Don't forget that it costs approx 25 USDC to withdraw to an external wallet. Changing to fiat will trigger a CGT event and they will want 32% of that 50 USDC (or 16% if you hold for 1+ years)

    • +1

      Sign up bonuses are not subject to taxes. Similar to referral rewards or cashback from Shopback etc.

  • +1

    Bonuses and cash back aren’t taxed

    • +5

      Nearly all exchanges don't deal with Americans.

  • +1

    Binance > LTC > Blockfi (.001 LTC = ~.22 AUD Fee) > USDC (Free) > Ledn

    So cheap.

    Also what is this BS?

    Unable to generate USDC address due to high demand.

    Please try again in 30 minutes. If the problem persists, contact [email protected].

    Edit. I just transferred the BTC

  • +5

    This is probably one of the most comprehensive security reviews of all various crypto lenders out there


    Ledn was one of only 3 that passed their review, the other being Gemini and Genesis (who only deal with large institutional clients).

    Ledn re-lends to Genesis. They also publish actual proper audit reports every 6 months.

  • if a complete novice wants to do this what's the cheapest and easiest way to go about it? I've only got a small amount of BTC in Luno which I got through a Luno promotion that was on ozbargain in November.

  • I have most of my BTC and ETH in BTC markets, what’s the best way to get it out and to an exchange that offers APY?

    • +1

      Available interest rates and providers for most of the popular crypto assets https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/u/0/d/1vpBQI2DFUk7zXS4T...

      I would recommend Ledn (for BTC only) and Celsius and Nexo for both BTC and ETH. It depends how much BTC and ETH you have so just check interest rates and any restrictions

      • +1

        upvote for the spreadsheet….curious if you create it?

        • +1

          I didn't create it. Someone from Reddit maintains it.

  • Anybody have comments on hodlnaut? They seem to have some good APY rates. Righty now I’m only using Celsius and Nexo, but plan to put a little something into Ledn soon.

    • +1

      Hodlnaut has good rates, but higher withdrawal fees than many others like Celsius. Depends on how much you are depositing whether the higher APY will outweigh this

      • +2

        Hodlnaut has good rates, but higher withdrawal fees than many others like Celsius

        • Celsius has unlimited free withdrawals
        • Hodlnaut now has 1 free withdrawal per month
        • +1

          Oh nice, I didn't realise they added free withdrawals. I just check my Holdnaut account and I have a bonus 50USDC for some 'season of giving' promo. Score!

    • They are too knew. I certainly would not be putting substantial amount in. They haven't gone through a proper bear market or two to build trust.

      I would imagine at a time when most of the other providers are dropping their rates, it is only a matter of time before Hodlnaut does the same. I would only treat it as a honeymoon rate.

      I note they have entities in Hong Kong but based in Singapore, not sure if that is concerning or not by being within arm's reach of China either.

      I might give them a go one day when they have properly established themselves though.

  • How do we know we’ll get the $50 USDC does the status change to “ In progress” under the Your signup bonus section?

    • Under referrals it should mention it. Once successful it will change to the below

      Your signup bonus
      Dec XX, 2021
      Reward date: _____
      50.00 USDC

      • Oh okay cheers. Roughly how long after making the deposit did it change to successful?

        • I made my first deposit before this recent promo. Was "successful" 15 days later.

  • The person who clicked your referral has to hold the required amount for 15 days

  • +1

    Once you get the USDC bonus, can you do in app swap? Or have to withdraw as USDC?

  • This post includes the default referral for 10 USDC, does anyone know if we should/shouldn't be using the refferal and if it adds +10 on top?

    Also, If we just deposit 0.0015 BTC, do we get our bonus in BTC or is it still USDC, I am looking to deposit/withdraw BTC.

    Edit: Just re-read the post, it's part of the referral system with a bonus rate.

    Edit2: On looking at their website, they seem to have trading on Ledn for just BTC/USDC pair, so I believe we get paid out in USDC and would likely convert to BTC for the cheaper network fee. My plan is to deposit BTC, convert the bonus to BTC and then withdraw BTC to Binance.

    • Sent 0.0015 BTC from Coinbase at a cost of 0.000003 (A$0.20), sent to Ledn and it was there within 10 minutes.

      If you have to get the BTC, buying via Coinbase is fairly overpriced, depending on how many steps you want to take to save money I can detail a method to get it their on the cheap, as others have as well in the thread.

      • +1

        I just signed up to CB and it tried to charge me $14 to buy $350au of BTC. Unbelieveable. Also no option to add bank deposit, only cards. Pretty weird. Everyone else has bank deposit, bpay etc.

        • I would recommend Binance with PayID.

          • @Jimbuscus: $25usd to send USDC and a little more for BTC through Binance

            • @RapidWrench: Are you sure it costs that much for BTC?, In that case I would buy another crypto like Algorand and send it to Coinbase which only cost $0.19 to send to Ledn.

              Trading the Algorand for BTC etc.

              • @Jimbuscus: I think the problem may be I'm only on exchanges atm, and hence the fees.. I have many of them. I have signed up to MetaMask and Crypto.com defi wallet but yet to learn how to use them. That may be the go.

                • @RapidWrench: On chain Ethereum network is extremely expensive, if the token is on BNC as a BEP-20 token it's very cheap.

                  Some exchanges have weird prices on certain cryptos as they are running on fractional reserves for the interest, I normally transfer between exchanges with LTC or ALGO as they extremely cheap, then I convert to the crypto I wanted.

                  Sometimes that involves two trades, Binance is 0.1% trade fees + they have free instant deposit/withdraws with PayID.

        • Use Coinbase Pro and not the normal Coinbase to save on fees. It's the same login

          Alternatively Kraken is a good exchange which also has PayID. They have low spot buying fees and low withdrawal fees for BTC which is 0.00002 compared to Binance for instance which is 0.0005.

      • Keen to know

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