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40% off All Coffee Beans: 500g $18 (Was $30), 1kg $30 (Was $50) + $8 Delivery ($5 with $30 Order) @ Kai Coffee


Our Christmas sale is on! Coffee is a great present for friends, family, co-workers and employees. Now is your chance to save 40% on all our coffees. Offer excludes subscriptions. Please note we are shipping with Express Post with Aus Post but it's taking longer than it should.

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  • What would be the roast date for any of these that we buy? Roast to order roughly? weekly batches?

    Do you do 1kg bags split in 500g for freshness?

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      From there last deal, most people had beans delivered 11-12 days from roast date.

    • Hey we try to ship the freshest we have. Our last OzBargain post had some issues and one week old coffees were sent but we will endevor to send as fresh as possible.

  • Is it meant to be free shipping as well if orders are over $35? I'm in checkout and it's showing up as $5. Can you confirm? Thanks!

    • Ditto

    • Sorry updated shipping is $8 for under $30 and $5 for over $30

  • Which one is a dark roast? I love my espresso :-)

    • Hey, sorry we don't really have a dark roast but the 5-0 is the richest in flavour!

      • Ordered the 5-0 and Maverick.

        Hopefully the $5 express post will be fast to Perth.

        Happy to give you guys a go.

        Remember my time in Hawaii many years ago. Loved the Kona Peaberry coffee. One of the best in the world!

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    No idea about their quality, never tried them but I would buy from a local supplier if I was running out. Shipping inter city is bad and intra cities is terrible at the moment. My St Ali order was 2 weeks ago.

    • I just had something come from QLD to SYD in 3 business days via regular auspost

      • Yes but you live in Victoria.

        • Is this some sort of travel joke that I don’t understand

    • Bought from Kai Coffee before and the shipment was super quick.

    • I'm kinda confused by how expensive buying roasts online seems to be. My local cafe which serves some of my favourite coffee has 1kg bags for $22-$26?!?

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        That's not really the norm… Which is your local cafe and which coffee do they sell?

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    Oh the tipping at the end of the checkout process is disappointing. We really don't need to start introducing/normalising tipping in Australia.

    Tipping is a great way for American business owners to pay their staff less and put the onus on the customer to be "generous".

    • Exactly. We have a minimum wage here.

  • Thank you just ordered three kilos of the 5-0

  • Hi rep,

    1) Would it be possible to ship them after a month? If yes, then how to go about it please.
    2) Which one would you recommend for filter.

    Thank you,

  • +3

    The tipping at the end is disappointing, it's like begging.
    This is not the us

  • I bought the Arrow blend a few weeks back, and really enjoying it. The order came quick and their description of Caramel, Chocolate etc is spot on. I'm just a happy customer, no affiliation etc …

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    Rep I love the Arrow blend, is it worth trying the 5-0 blend as the flavour profile seems similar but stronger? Or should I stick to the Arrow

    • Always worth trying something new. You might LOVE it.

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    It's probably the cheapest way to get Ethiopian beans at the moment.

    Op, can you do delayed orders? Or at least can I order now and get that dispatched on as if i put the order on the 24th (since this deal is marked to be until the 24th)?

  • I quite like the Arrow blend, if wanting to try something new, what is the most Arrow adjacent blend for espresso OP?

  • Looking forward to trying these, ordered a few different coffees.

  • Hi, when can we expect delivery?

  • Can it be picked up?

    I'm just at Oceanic Drive so you're five minutes away or two weeks via Australia Post.

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