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Free Whole Roast Chicken with $10 Spend (Click & Collect) @ Red Rooster via App


Red Rooster are offering one free whole roast chicken with a $10 minimum spend as part of their 25 Days of Christmas promo. Must be a member of Red Rooster Royalty and order Click & Collect via the app. Available for the next 7 days.

Other app deals are also available, but this one looks like the winner to me.

T&Cs here: https://www.redrooster.com.au/christmas-terms/?utm_source=cr...

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    • +9

      fried chicken is good to me

    • +15

      Any of their rolls that have the summer sauce / herb mayo I find yum (lots of dill in that sauce). Their onion rings aren't bad. Their chips with extra salt are good. Their fried chicken is tasty, different to kfc, less herbs and spices but much more crispy.

      My all time favourite item is their flavva wrap, pretty tasty IMHO.

    • +7

      rippa rolls are great

  • +2

    Anyone know when this expires?

    • +1

      I've just found the T&Cs and updated the post. It looks like it's available for the next 7 days.

      • Shoulda gone to Becsavers :p

  • Thanks OP.

    I see an offer for 2 pieces of fried chicken on the app as well (also for click&collect and $10 min spend). Only one offer per order though, and I feel like the whole chicken is the better option in almost every situation, right?

    • +8

      agree. hot chicks are good

  • is it one time use per account? or per day?

  • Is Red Rooster a front for something else?

    • First rule of…

    • +2

      Lol the chicken mafia? No of course not. Wish there was one closer to me, seems like not enough franchises.

    • +12

      los pollos hermanos?

    • The Chicken Brothers. BYO box cutter..

  • This seems like very good deal. Thanks OP.

  • +1

    how do we claim it? do we have to add into the cart? never tried buying in their app

    • I had to add other items to cart first, then added the offer. You can order now, and when you're ready to pick up, just click through the link in the text message.

      • +2

        How do you add the offer though? I don't have it in my list of offers a and no voucher code is in the OP

        • scan your card and they will activate the offer

          • -1

            @Ronke23: scan your credit card? by then you've paid for the item

            • +1

              @Jackson: Red royalty card…. You have to have the offer in the Offers tab for it to be avalaible to you… it's not rocket science.

              • @Ronke23: It's not, in case you didn't realise that's what we're all complaining about. The offer was there and then not.

    • +2

      It is generally overpriced you are correct. When they have their lunch boxes it becomes a good deal though, but they currently don't seem to have a lunch special.

      • the most ridiculous things were like $2-3 for a piece of chicken wing in a deal… no wonder they are going bust

  • +2

    Added ~$13 worth of food and 1 roast chicken for C&C. But the roast chicken isn't showing up as 'free'?

    • Shows as free for me. But the closest store to me doesn’t seem to be available on the app.

      • +3

        Doesn't show as free for me.

      • +1

        Nope, tried a few different stores, still wanting to charge me for the chicken.

    • +3

      If you add the chicken from the main menu it will charge you. You have to add it as a "voucher" in the cart phase. This is what happened to me, but if it doesn't work for you, then I have no idea.

      • +3

        Except there's no voucher code in the OP and no voucher in my account for a free chook

  • What's the best way to store the free chook so it is still edible for Christmas lunch?

    • +19

      Keep $10 in pocket until 24 Dec and go to Colesworth

      • LOL this is good on a Monday

    • I usually put in the freezer and heat up in microwave when ready to serve

  • +1

    Isn't like the whole chicken by itself pretty close to $10 in retail too ?
    So basically most people gonna be treating it like

    Buy a whole chicken (~10) and some extra stuff for $10+.

    • +1

      Whole roast chicken is $13.45 at my 'local' store. So basically buy one, get one free if that is the case.

      • Its better than buying 10 x $1 sauces (which are already overpriced) and will be rarely used.

        • Hmmm so you would rather pay $10 in sauces that you won't use to get 1 free chicken?

          I see better value in paying $13.45 for a roast chicken and getting a 2nd one free!

          • +3

            @JimmyF: No i said totally opposite of what you just said

            Hmmm so you would rather pay $10 in sauces that you won't use to get 1 free chicken?

    • +4

      A whole RR chicken is a good buy for two people…..does Sunday dinner with stuffing + salad on Monday + chicken sandwiches on Tuesday, and also feeds pets for a couple of days with the carcass scraps.

      • +2

        What animal can eat chicken bones? It's a $10,000 operation if they get stuck. Not very OzBargain appropriate.

        • +1

          Who said anything about bones…I pull all of the skin, gristle, chicken bits OFF the bones so there's just a skeleton left (you know all the bits that are ground down and bleached, then stuck back together to make chicken nuggets. The pets love it and go nuts when I bring back a RR as they know they're in for a treat.

          And I haven't downvoted you.

        • +3

          My pet Saltwater Crocodile can eat chicken bones without them getting stuck. Don't be so narrow-minded.

  • +1

    Seems like not all Red Rooster accept pick up. There is one at 2 min walk, but not on the list or map.

    • Same 🤦‍♂️

  • +1

    I think the fried chicken is quite a good effort . This is a good bonus

  • Voucher/Offer invalid sadly

  • +5

    I don't seem to have that deal in my app, just the 2 free fried pieces

  • Bugger I just bought 6 pack of freid chicken I should of looked Here first
    I could of had the dirty bird tomorrow for sangas

  • +1

    My voucher has just disappeared

    • Same here

  • +12

    I reckon is targeted for OP

    All I got is:

    $10 reds burger box
    $4 for 6 buttermilk wings

    Free 2 piece fried chicken
    Free 1.25L coke

    $22 Family Meal

    • Same, and I also have 2 for 1 chips

  • +1

    100% targeted, don't have it on mine

  • +2

    Not showing up in app for me either

  • All I get is “error in loading voucher data”.

    • +1

      Update the app (if needed), logout and log back in (worked for me but I didn't get the free chicken offer)

      • Cheers, worked after logging out then in, but no free chicken either.

  • Not working no voucher for me :( only free large chips

  • Not seeing this at all.

  • +2

    Good marketing strategy , get me download the app and seems working, but when I got break and wanna place an order, offers disappeared.

    • ..so their evil plan worked

    • +1

      As bad as subway

  • I saw the offer, because it’s confusing i deleted the app, and downloaded it again. The voucher disappeared now

  • I had the voucher then it disappeared!

  • Mmm Red Rooster stuffing. 🤤

  • I don't think this was targeted, it just sounds like they've pulled the deal :-(

    • Yep. Gone from my app too now.

  • So, reading through the comments there is just a single comment indicating they were able to get this elusive deal, yet it has nearly 100 + votes…

    • It was on there. I was able to order it, just not from my local store so I didn’t.
      But it’s gone now.

      • +6

        So to confirm, you never got a free chicken and virtually no one else seems to have either… deal of the day.

        • Yeah it’s great ey

        • See it’s great. Got my free chicken tonight. Unlucky for you I guess.

    • +1

      it's ridic hey

    • Yup that's how it is on ozbargain these days. People vote for the sake of voting without actually being able to get the deal. Sadly this means it's harder to actually know which are the actual bargains…

  • not showing for me. Although there is a free 1.25 L Coke and 2 wings

  • +2

    Same as others. Had the deal originally, now its gone.

  • +1

    It's a ridiculous offer. You can only collect at certain locations.

  • +8

    ordered, confirmed, paid, arrived at red rooster and…. "sorry we don't have any whole roast chickens left or any fried chicken so we will refund you" (what do you have if not chicken!)

    • +2


    • this should surprise, yet it doesn't - nothing about your story makes me question anything.

  • +4

    Same here. Voucher was there this morning, now it's gone. Good job Red Rooster team 👍

    • +1

      Same, was there but now it’s gone.

  • Thank you, had no issues with ordering and picking up my free Roast Whole Chicken with my rooster rolls

  • Seems to be gone from my app as well

  • +1

    Reckon they'd give me a live chicken instead? the way i see it, free eggs for the next year or so kinda sounds better than a whole roast.

    • New promo coming up: "Eraserhead" style chicken. Freshly made in store.

    • It's called Red Rooster not Red Hens.

  • +6

    I literally had this deal earlier in the morning and now it's gone. Biggest clickbait scam to get everyone to download their app and register accounts. That's a sh1t go man.

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