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Razer Huntsman Mini Clicky Optical Gaming Keyboard $83.05 (Was $179) + Free Delivery @ Microsoft Store


By far the cheapest I have seen this.
Other lowest has been about $105

decent keyboard for specific use case.

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  • Gorge…. Solid deal. Optical switches is nice.

    Already have the ducky Mecha mini so don't need this.

  • Solid deal for a nice mini board, got one, thanks OP.

  • Was looking to upgrade to a smaller keyboard, jumped on this deal. Insane price for mechanical 60%. Thanks OP!

  • Bought one. Son wanted yellow keys (which I have bought for Xmas). These keys are more clicky than yellow keys but I think Razer is a good product.

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  • Doesn't seem OOS to me

  • OOS

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    Tempting, but I know I'd hate not having all the missing keys (function keys, arrow keys and numpad).

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      you would be surprised that you can live without them when you have so much desk space available, lol. i switched to a 60% i understand the f row if you have a mac, but with pc you don't need the f row. the arrows, you just combo the function key with alt, win, ctrl, & ?. just like typing a capital letter (shift + letter). I also understand the dependance on those keys for people that don't know how to type, which is most people. just watching youtube i cringe watching people showing off there $1000 keyboards and can't type with all 10 fingers, just typing with there index only, lol. its like watch a good golfer with a horrible golf swing. its ugly, but gets the job done. if you can type properly using all your fingers without looking, then 60% is amazing. I have several keyboards and use my 60% for gaming, 75% for my daily on my iMac, and a TKL + numpad for work for when i have to input a lot of numbers and formulas, 3 different 65% boards to tinker with modding different switches, keycaps, etc…, and a bunch of full size that isn't worth much nowadays with all the customs now available.

      definitely try different keyboards, you would be surprised with what you can and can't do.

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        What did that rant about not knowing how to type have anything to do with it? Especially when you admitted you used a TKL with a numpad afterwards anyway..

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          well i have them all, and rotate through them all i mostly use my 60%, but reread it since you reading compression isn't the greatest, lol.

      • You are spot on Rick

      • I don't really understand what typing ability has to do with those keysets I mentioned not being there. I use those ones that are missing very regularly for my work, and I WFH full time these days, so yeah would 100% hate only having 60%

        • i wouldn't get a razer for work, that's silly. you should get a tkl and add a numpad and put it on the left side, its a game changer.

          • @Hugh G Rection: I wouldn't get it for work either, I just happen to use same desk and therefore keyboard for both work and gaming. Putting a separate numpad on the left side would take some getting used to, but yeah worth a try.

            • @happykamper: you would learn fast, it's a lot better. the numpad is put on the right side because it was invented before the mouse. since the mouse was invented, that would be dedicated to your right hand. that makes the number pad best on the left side so you can use your mouse and input with the number pad at the same time. also when your are gaming the mouse is so far away from the key board because you have the arrow keys and number pad in between the alpha keys and the mouse. its best to be able to get those 2 close together when gaming. so have the seperate numpad combined with a 60%-75% board puts the mouse and keyboard closer together instead of being miles apart. i enjoy gaming more with this setup.

  • Nice, seems like what I want, tactile backlit TKL & not outemu
    I just ordered one - $79 from MSY with Free delivery - https://www.msy.com.au/online/keyboards/3649-razer-blackwido...

    Lets hope I don't regret it getting another Razor product

    • That's a different keyboard, mechanical vs optical, larger size, etc.

    • Whoops, forgot the OP was to 60% not the TKL - good deal if you wanted the Orange TKL instead

    • Thanks for the head up, I went and purchased one… worth a gamble!

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    It's back in stock for anyone interested!

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    becomes $125 and they marked up the rrp to $219.95…no deal

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