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T2 Tea: 50% Cashback (Capped at $10 per Member) @ Cashrewards


Stack with free express shipping (no min spend) for Tea Society members. Thanks kerfuffle

During the 15 hour promo, cashback for T2 Tea is capped at $10 in total per member account, irrespective of the number of transactions made. Valid 9am to 11:59pm AEDT 14/12/2021.

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$10 for referee and $10 for referrer, after referee makes $20 purchase within 14 days.

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  • +8

    Free Express Shipping for Tea Society members

    • Mine still showing $15 shipping with membership… is there a minimum order spend?

      • +3

        No, but shows as $15 until you click on it, then it changes to free. Quite ridiculous really, should just default to it without any action.

        • I am so annoyed. I clicked express shipping, and somehow on confirmation page it reverted to standard shipping. And I was charged the $10.

  • This should also stack with the normal "10% off your first purchase either online or in-store" offer for New T2Tea Society members

  • My cashback track at first showed 50% ($35), then few minutes later I received the email notification, it said $10 only and when I refreshed my cash rewards account, it became $10 instead of 35. Has this happened to anyone else?

    Also, that free express shipping didn't show at all and I already logged in. So, I had to order with standard delivery. :(

    • +2

      When you select express it changes to free.

      • Oh really? Too late now. Thanks anyway.

    • Yes, it caps at $10.

      • +1

        Gosh, didn't read that very fine print. Oh well. Thanks for pointing that out.

  • +15

    good deal, but am i the only one who finds t2 hugely overpriced and overrated? the imported teas from japan youll find in an asian grocery store shit all over t2

    • +4

      You're not the only one.

      But, T2 is a nice, soft introduction into teas, so there is that

    • am i the only one who finds t2 hugely overpriced and overrated?

      No, there R 2 of U

    • +3

      shit all over

      I think that only works for coffee

    • +3

      I have some friends who love tea, and I didn't know you can get Japan-imported teas from asian grocery stores. I will check some out, but also are there some ones you recommend or some you recommend to avoid? Thank you.

      • +1

        If you're buying as a gift, then consider buying loose leaves from a Japanese café if you can find one. Personally i like the uji no tsuyu brand of teabags for everyday tea enjoyance from the asian supermarket

    • +9

      Don't be ridiculous, T2 is the best. It's all downhill from there, except maybe that one with the Terminator who could split into two, that had some good action

    • They’re basically just the Body Shop of teas, but instead of overpriced soap, it’s overpriced tea.

      Seconded for going to an Asian grocer - If your tea shop is in a high rent spot in a mall, the money you spend on tea is not going towards the tea.

    • Asian grocers work well, and when you feel like actually splurging on Japanese tea, it's best it order directly from Japan for quality stuff that's stored properly (matcha in particular has noticeable range in quality, and is sensitive to storage/refrigeration)

      • i probably couldn't taste the difference. i mean, i love aldi coffee

  • good deal. All the items on sale dont do delivery unfortunately

    • +1

      (Associated with T2) Sale is definitely included. Need to be logged in and then once you click on Express Shipping it will update to free 😊

    • Yeah a lot of them seems to be c&c in store only. Wanted to get some sale item for wife.

  • I'm having a problem right now with the CR app - it won't load the T2 site.

    • Yeah. App's the way to go if you can, but I use a seperate unused browser solely to click through cashback sites, usually after I've meandered the site and filled my cart using my everyday browser. Works/ed fine.

      • I just did it via chrome and using CR extension.

        Tracked immediately

        • Hi kickling. Please ensure you have the latest version of the app installed. Thanks.

          • @tightarse: Yeah i do. Auto updates are on always.

            • @kickling: Awesome. Can you please advise which one wasn't working… was it Android, and if so can you please test again. Cheers!

              • @tightarse: I clicked on the banner and also tried by searching for the store.

                Yes Android.

                I took a screenshot of the error if you need

                • @kickling: Hi again @kickling - please kill the app and try again from the main T2 Shop Now button. Issue should now be resolved :)

                  • @tightarse: Thanks mate.

                    Did another order. Went through the app just fine.

                    Instant track.

  • +1

    Getting Error Code : 1 everytime i click the link out of CR app to go into T2 store…. Description : net::ERR_CLEARTEXT_NOT_PERMITTED… ?

    • Me too but partners phone it works fine. Every other store works for me and have cleared stuff, logged out/in, restarted… not sure what else to do

    • Hi. Can you please advise if this is Android, and are you on the latest version (confirm with Google Play Store)?

      • Android. Lates app. Anything to do with the phone type? Galaxy fold 3.. have tried both single screen and double.

        • We're investigating, thanks. In the meantime feel free to use a clean desktop browser if you wish to purchase.

          • @tightarse: Sure but Never tried browser to avoid risk. What are the key points for "clean browser"?

            • @Mazozb: OK, try this then. Please don't click Shop Now from the T2 page on your Android app. Instead, scroll down to the offer titled 'Celebrate T2 Advent calendar collection launch bursting with festive tea gifts' and click Shop Now from that. Please advise if that works. Thanks.

              • @tightarse: That link went through to the site Okay now :)

                • +1

                  @Mazozb: Thanks, use that for now. We're trying to work out why some have that error while others don't.

                • @Mazozb: Hi again @Mazozb - please kill the app and try again from the main T2 Shop Now button. Issue should now be resolved :)

      • Yep android latest version. Cleared data and cache but no luck. The advent bypass works well thanks

        • Please kill the app and restart. Issue should now be resolved :)

  • Cant get to website via app for me too. Says error code : -1.

    • Please kill the app and restart. Issue should now be resolved :)

  • +1

    Amazing deal for a stocking filler w/ the free shipping.
    Thanks OP

  • Is cashback valid for orders paid for in full or in part with T2 gift cards? The Cashrewards page does not give a definitive answer.

    • +1

      Hi Wookie. As discussed via PM, was hoping to get a response prior to COB from the merchant. Unfortunately this has not been the case and I don't want to commit either way, just in case I get it wrong. It will obviously be too late tomorrow for your shopping, but we'll update the terms if/when we hear back. Apologies for this.

      • No worries, thanks for your help and have a great evening!

  • -2

    T2 is a bad choice for Black teas. They're so weak, if you overbrew the tannins make it undrinkable. The Melbourne and New York Breakfast are such abominations, vanilla in tea! Yuck. Green and herbal, yes they've a good selection. Fortnum and Mason (available in David Jones) and Wedgewood are far superior and much better value.

    • I enjoy tea, but I'm not a tea snob as I actually really like Melbourne Breakfast. T2 is too expensive at full price and even at 20% off, as they relatively often have at sale.

    • +3

      I like vanilla in my tea. Isn’t it crazy that people have different taste buds and there’s stuff out there that caters to those different taste buds..what a world,

      • Well, I don't think my comment suggested that others shouldn't like Vanilla in their teas. It is my opinion about Vanilla in teas. Not sure why the neg, because I didn't like what others like? But the fact remains, what they call bold teas are neither bold not full-bodied. And good teas don't release so much tannins in very short/recommended brew time. Ergo, they're a bad choice for Black teas. And that was the point!

    • I suspect T2's target audience leans more towards flavoured tea/tisanes, not so much standard blacks/greens (I sure as heck won't buy any Chinese or Japanese tea from here)

    • Black teas. They're so weak,

      Well, I’m loving the New York Breakfast… instead of dust in the teabags, there are real tea leaves! The stuff swells up until it’s almost busting out of the (plastic) bag. 11 out of 10

  • Does it usually take this long for rewards? Bought it 6 hours ago, nothing tracked..

  • +1

    What a pain in the ass trying to buy something on T2 website. The item I wanted was only available for click and collect for some reason, no stock near where I live but it wouldn't let me choose a store further away so had to close the browser and try again. Finally got to choose the CBD store and you cannot enter any symbols like comma or / in the address field… But cashback was tracked instantly.

  • Every time I tried to check out with free express delivery it came up payment error. Tried to check out with click and collect. Worked. How annoying now I have to go in to a store.

  • how long can i track the cash rewards after placing the order? If can't track, can i cancel the order?

    • Tracking is close to instant with T2. If your purchase failed to track, you can cancel or you can lodge a claim via your click history after 7 days. Thanks.

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