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Gigabyte M32Q Monitor $529 Delivered @ Harris Techonlogy via Amazon AU


I've been waiting for this monitor to come down in price and finally it has … pulled the pin and purchased 3 for a triple monitor sim setup :) Pricing did include delivery (I am Melb Metro)

As recommended by HWUB > "Don't look any further than the M32Q". https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tS7HYqepUZI

It may not be as good as the Asus PG329Q but that is also not worth double the $$. The only other option is the Samsung G7 .. and well if you have done your research then you will also know about the lottery that monitor has.

31.5" Gigabyte M32Q - Specifications
Display: 31.5 in, IPS, W-LED, 2560 x 1440 pixels.
Viewing angles (H/V): 178 ° / 178 °
Brightness: 350 cd/m²
Static contrast: 1000 : 1.
Refresh rate: 48 Hz - 170 Hz.
sRGB: 120 %
Dimensions: 715.8 x 423.8 x 44.3 mm.
Weight: 7.1 kg.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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    if you have done your research

    On Facebook and Telegram…

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      Actually it was a seller advising me against buying 3.

      Then upon further research (feedback from HWUB G9 Samsung quality video & reddit users) it seems pretty prevalent that Samsung has dropped the ball in their QC process.

      So I wasn't about to spend $2.5k just to find that out

      • I bought the G9 Neo and it's awesome but I guess I got lucky with the QC part
        *I upgrades from the M32Q to the G9 and they're both great monitors

        • Yeh it seems the QC is a big hit / miss. Glad your one is good .. I was thinking of going G7 | G9 | G7 for my setup … but dont think the little red engine that huffs and puffs can actually huff and puff that much.

          I gathered if some bloke I don't know is telling me to be wary about buying his monitor … then I gotta listen :P

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    We have one of these and love it.

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    not recommended due to quality issues, better go with Dell for a peace of mind

    • I was thinking about getting the S3222DGM … but I could only find one review.

      Refresh rate was the top of the list then ghosting … which the Dell wasn't offering me at this point in time. I wish the had a 32" variant of the 2721DGF

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    Brightness: 350 cd/m²
    That's not very bright for a desktop monitor.
    Good color.
    Seems to be a great monitor if all you care about is refresh rate

  • anyone know what wattage charging this monitor supports via usb-c? 65W, 90W etc

  • I have one of these. Great picture quality, but I had to return my first one due to dead pixels, and every time I turn my PC on the USB ports on the monitor don't work until I hit the KVM switch.

    It makes no sense as I'm not using KVM at all, there's only one input connected to the monitor and nothing on the USB-C. This also means that I can't disable the KVM switch altogether as the USB hub then never turns on.

    Tried different USB drivers and BIOS settings, no change. Contacted Gigabyte support about it and they were as unhelpful as you'd expect from Gigabyte support.

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