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Google Chromecast 3rd Generation $38 + Delivery ($0 with Prime/ $39 Spend) @ Amazon AU


Google Chromecast allows you to easily and wirelessly stream your favourite entertainment from your mobile devices straight to your TV. It works with your existing smartphone, tablet or laptop and a variety of compatible apps so you can quickly and easily enjoy it all on the big screen.

Features & details
The Chromecast connects to your TV via the inbuilt HDMI port
It is powered via the included AC adaptor
It utilises your existing home WiFi network to wirelessly connect to the internet and your devices
Chromecast is compatible with over 2,000 apps
You can mirror your Android device or your Chrome browser directly on your TV

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  • +1

    Can't find anywhere on the page whether it's 1080 or 4k

    • +2

      It's 1080p 60fps.

    • 3rd gen is 1080p

  • -2

    Still no wifi 6 :-(

  • +1

    do people still use these, now that android TV ones are so cheap?

    • -2

      Android TV ones can't be controlled using the phone right? Like cast straight from the YouTube app.

      • most will have chromecast builtin for casting to

      • Android TV (I think it's called Google TV now after firmware updates) is basically Chromecast built in.

    • +3

      Still use my Gen 2 when I travel because it can be powered by TV USB and don't have to find a convenient power port to power.

    • Which ones are you referring to?

  • Wish it had Bluetooth. I use it on my monitor a lot.

  • +3

    If you're a Netflix customer, there no point buying these anymore since Google TV with Netflix credit makes the Google TV $44 and it's way better than a Chromecast 3.

    • Can you tell me more about this? Keen upgrade to Google TV, and I've got Netflix… How do u get it for $44??

    • Yeah I had a gen 1 Chromecast, a gen 2 Chromecast, and now a chromecast with google TV. And the last of those (the one with the remote) is a vastly better device. It's a full media player in its own right (and a really really good one at that), whereas the previous ones were just a thing you could cast your phone to, and only from apps that supported casting. Plus on the google TV models you can install kodi and play media, plus you can (with a minimal bit of faffing about) install smartTubeNext and watch YouTube without ads or sponsor promos. For us, it has completely replaced free to air TV + a Telstra TV 2 + a raspberry pi 3 running libreelec / kodi, and become "the one device to rule them all, and in the darkness bind them" 😂. Plus it can do things that previous devices couldn't or which were very painful (like stream Apple TV+ or play h265 1080p videos without stuttering). Plus you're not reliant on some phone company that doesn't really care about media players at all. For example, Telstra were just awful for updates to the Telstra TV, waited nearly 2 years for prime video support, same for Disney plus, and I still think they don't support Apple TV+ - yet the roku, hardware it's based on, supports all these services in the USA; I think the Vodafone TV was a better device but it also had some updates required which were not timely ; long run you want a mostly vendor neutral company that wants to make a good player that's an open platform - an unbranded roku, which you can't easily get in Australia, or a Google TV Chromecast, or Apple TV, are the way to go IMHO, and of those Google tv Chromecast is the cheapest with good availability. But just make sure it's the google tv one with the remote, and avoid the earlier versions like this.

      • does the google tv has the aux line out for audio? my monitor does not have a speaker.

        • +1

          No, it has usb C for power (and Ethernet, and possibly other things too if you're willing to check those work and buy them separately), and hdmi. And that's it, just 2 connections, no native aux line out.

  • can chromecast by itself work as a photo frame with google photos, or do you need android tv with screensaver

    • +1

      it works as long as you keep your TV on the HDMI channel that your Chromecast is plugged into

  • Pretty weird for Amazon to be selling Chromecasts

    • Free to air channels also advertise Foxtel lol

  • Any benefit to have a dedicated remote such as Google TV or Amazon firestick 4k?

    Buying for a friend. I have the firestick and enjoy the separate remote.

  • Bit confused as to the difference between Chromecast and Google TV. I want to use the Chromecast primarily for travelling, and plugging into the hotel's TV to play netflix for example. Which would be better? Is the Google TV literally the same thing, but with a remote?

    • +5

      With the original Chromecast you can only cast to it from your device (phone/tablet/notebook). There's no "software/apps" installed. With the Chromecast with Google TV, you can actually load apps (e.g. sbs ondemand, iview, games etc ) off the Google Play Store and it can run independently of your phone/tablet/network using the remote control. As I said above you pay for this in needing to supply it with power from an external AC adapter which does'n't (in my mind) make it as flexible as the Chromecast which will power off a TV USB port.

      Hope this helps.

      • +1

        Very helpful! Thanks so much - Chromecast is def more suited to my need then

  • usually dispatched in 1-2 months??? boo!

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