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Lian Li PC-O11 Dynamic Mini Tempered Glass Case Black $89 + Delivery @ PC Case Gear


Good case.

PCCG 12 Deals of Christmas! Special price expires 15 Dec 2pm or while stocks last! Normally $159 The Lian Li PC-O11 Dynamic Mini Tempered Glass Case Black features a tempered glass side and front panel, brushed aluminum chassis, dust filters, supports m-ITX, m-ATX, and ATX motherboards, dual-chamber and modular back panel design, includes 3 different pump stands, radiator support at the top, bottom (up to 360mm), side (up to 280mm), supports a graphics card of up to 395mm in length, and vertical GPU mounting support.

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  • +6

    damn didnt realise shipping was that pricey - $30 to sydney :(

    spoiled by all these years of prime shipping

    • +2

      Let's hope amazon price matches >.>

      • Or just use a credit card that does price matching.

    • +15

      The shipping prices at PCCG are ridiculous.
      Unless there is a free shipping offer I just exclude them from consideration.

      Meshify 2 Mid Case to WA
      Aus Post Reg - $64, Aus Post Exp - $76, StarTrack Std - $87, StarTrack Exp - $287

      1 x 140mm fan to WA
      Aus Post Reg - $15, Aus Post Exp - $16, StarTrack Std - $19, StarTrack Exp - $15

    • +2

      too expensive

  • +6

    Good price but I'd personally cough up the extra $60-ish for the Air version. Better cooling, smaller and supports full ATX PSUs

    • Know anyone in stock? been waiting for a while now and no have has ever had them.

      • Nah I think they've been delayed since there was a manufacturing error with the mesh.

    • same, been waiting.
      PLE's ETA is this month.

    • Have you got a link to this model

  • +1

    Got this other day for $95, only 3 left so didn't post it but good price for a mid tower case including the 4 fans.
    Cooler Master MasterBox TD500 RGB

    • -1

      Definitely recommend the mesh version.

      Also if you wish to fit a 280aio, it probably isn't for you

  • +1

    One of the most underrated case.

    • +1

      One of the most popular on Reddit as well, for good reason. Would've copped but already copped a 4000d airflow as I bought an ATX PSU.

    • Im sure tech YouTubers kiss this case's arse quite often, but air flow is defs not the best.

  • I have the same case and I would be careful if you use a full-size RTX card; the PCIE mount on this case isn't very strong (because it's a piece connected to a piece connected to a piece) and you might need a graphics card supporter. Otherwise good build. I think I paid $150+shipping for mine.

  • +9

    Still, they can get screwed for closing in-store pickup. After that shit I'll just drive 200m down the road and speak to someone in person at Scorptec because they're actually open to walk-ins.

  • would this fit a 3060/3070?

    • +2

      This case has a huge amount of clearance, can fit any GPU

  • +1

    Just bought this case from PCG @ full RPP over the weekend…

    Live by the bargain, die by the bargain.

  • Nice one, needed a case, bought it.

    Wouldn't have minded the white one, but this will still go nicely with an GB Z590 Aorus Master. sucked needing a SFX-PSU and $51 for delivery to regional QLD, it's not like this isn't unexpected for me though.

    I can just feel like I'm going to be bent over for fans and a CPU cooler though.

  • +1

    Nah already stopped buying from PCCG a long time ago due to their ridiculous shipping.

  • This is one of my favourite cases, and even at RRP it's a great deal, so this is insanely good value.

  • I'm using this case in a purely aircooled build; and it works great, There are so many fan mounting points. The "air" version doesn't get the cool glass front panel, so I would get this one even if you want an air cooled build. Only negative is the limited PSU choices.

  • This is an understatement, but this is a gorgeous case. So well designed I'm in awe of the workmanship. And to think I've paid more for cheap and nasty cases before this deal.

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