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Vodafone $250 Prepaid Starter Pack for $125 (365 Day Expiry with 200GB) @ Officeworks (in Store Only)


Same as the Woolworths deal but with 50GB of extra data.

This Vodafone $250 Prepaid Starter Pack is a quick and convenient way of connecting with the Vodafone network. The SIM is 4G capable for connecting to a wireless cellular network and comes with 200 GB of data for you to get started with.

You can use this pack to connect to the Vodafone network.
A micro, mini and nano SIM are included so you can pick the one that suits your phone.
The SIM supports 4G connectivity.
With this pack, you'll be entering into a pre-paid plan.
This pack comes with a total of 200 GB data (150GB + 50GB Bonus Data).
It comes with $5 off with every automatic recharge.
It comes with unlimited standard national calls and texts as well as 50 international standard texts.
The data is valid for 365 days from activation.

Mod Edit 16/12 - Expired online, now $200, however some users are still finding it at $125 in store. See comments.

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      • True. I'm on the fence now. Data had been a bit dear on WW

    • The direct Vodafone one sold by Woolies or the Woolies own plan? I didn't know anything about savings on groceries.

      • +2

        Think Woollies mobile with 10% monthly discounts, not Vodafone sim from Wollies

  • Thank OP, bought 2, have to say this is my first time use 5G

  • thanks OP bought….seems to be the best value prepaid 365 day plan atm since the catch connect deal ended
    was looking at staying with tpg on a mthly plan which would have worked out to $240 a year for similar data so this is nearly a 50% saving…

  • Anyone knows how long it will take to switch from current mobile carrier after activation?

    • 1-3 days max bro

    • Just transferred one of my services from Telstra, took less than 5 mins

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    online price back to $200.

    • Just got them at 125 about 10 mins ago, will store update their price too? Planning to get 2 more

      • Please let us know if still avaliable in store. thx

        • +1

          It's still available in store for 125. Got one 15mins ago

          • @deels: Just grabbed two more for the family

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    When I click Go to Deal the Officeworks web site price is $200.00 Has this deal just ended?

    • No, I'm in OW right now and they're still $125. Some of them look like the older packaging, but it's the same thing.

      Good little Sim deal for parents/grandparents, even an adolescent. This has to be one of the best all around deals for prepaid there has ever been.

  • Just grab one from Officeworks near Miranda. 125 no drama

    • You mean taren point?

      • Yup

  • At my local OW. There is one rack that says $125 and one rack $200. Looks identical to me.

    • Funnily the $200 one has the we will price beat guarantee logo quite prominently on it.

  • called stores in SA. price is $200 now. unlucky

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    Thanks OP - Transferred from Boost prepaid and whole process took less than 10 minutes. The activation process only lists 150GB - but once activated and you view the vodafone dashboard, you will see the 200GB of data. Not sure why they need or requested a credit card as part of activation.

    • Did the pack you purchase have 200GB listed on it?

      • +1

        Yes - the outer red wrapper/package states Prepaid Plus Starter Pack, 12 month expiry, 200GB (with the $250 with a line through it, and new price of $200)

        Contained within that red wrapper was a separate red package - Vodafone Starer Pack $250 prepaid SIM.

        The outer red wrapper describes - For use in Oz including 150GB + 50GB Bonus. Available online at officeworks.com.au and at selected Officework stores.

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          Mine looks just like the image linked by OP.

          • +1

            @mshannon: Inner package looks like https://i.ebayimg.com/00/s/NjQwWDQ4MA==/z/cqcAAOSwy65hAfH-/$_58.JPG

            The outer package just has cut-outs to expose the inner package barcode (0 076750341663)

            • @mshannon: Hmm thanks, the one I purchased just looks like your inner package. It doesn't say 200GB on it. Fingers crossed it still activates with the 200GB

              • @brawndo: Did it? Mine says 150gb when activated but messaged vodafone who said it can take 72 hrs for bonus data to appear?

                • @deltaV: Did you finally get your bonus of 50gb data? I activated my sim an hour ago and there is no mention of bonus data either on the packaging or SMS or the Vodafone dashboard.

                  • +1

                    @happydragon: Yeah it updated. My packaging didn't say anything about bonus and it didn't say it when I activated either. Stayed on 150gb for a day or so then updated to 200gb so you'll be fine!

  • Activate your new prepaid SIM through our online service. You’ll need either a credit or debit card on hand.

    but also

    If you’re activating your prepaid service online or over the phone, you’ll need one of the following:

    Australian Driver Licence
    Australian Passport
    International Passport


    is it just license or both? why do they need a CC if its prepaid?

    • +1


      i needed the ID to activate the SIM, then a card to set up recharge (though you can opt out of automatic recharge).

      • thanks …did the activation this morning and am just waiting for my number to port over
        opted out of auto recharge and yeh had to put in my CC details & license

  • I know there's two different packaging designs and may have separate SKU's as a result, which is probably why some are still showing as $125 in-store.

  • +3

    I was still able to get them for $125 at the North Ryde store around 3pm

    • if anyone else has bought this at North Ryde please let me know, can only get there afterwork!

      • Yes. Just bought two at North Ryde around 5:30pm.

  • +1

    Gone back to $200 with 200GB as it’s not the same offer as the $250 SIM sold elsewhere

  • Got one, still $125 at OW Penrith

  • Credit Check or a straight pre paid as OW website uses wording Pre Paid PLAN.

  • North Lakes Qld scanning at 125 an hour ago

  • Confirming Mount Gravatt QLD scanned at $125 just now.

  • I just bought 5 cards with new packaging at North Ryde, shelf shows $200 but scans at $125.

    • Where did you find the cards with new packaging Edwink? I was there 1 hr ago. When I asked about it, one staff show me where it was and said I was the lucky last person to get the last one (at the bottom row of the area where all the sim cards are). But it was without any outer wrap ……

      Now I wonder if my one has got the bonus data included…..

      • +3

        Your fine, mine was plain and non-descript too but came with 200 post activation

      • +1

        Bottom row is where the old packaging is (which was out of stock by the time i got there). To the right of that all the way at the end of that aisle is the new packaging stock (marked as $200 but scans for $125). They put it in different places.

  • Just got two from Milton Officeworks in brisbane.

    Plenty of the rack. Tag says $200 but scans for $125.

    Same section as all the other Sims but at the end of the aisle. Took me a minute to find them.

    Thanks op. My and wife are sorted from another year.

    Jumping from Kogan who appear to not be running 2x1 on the 365 day pre paid. Happy with Vodafone around brisbane and Ipswich.

    • Do you know when you have to activate it?
      I still have 3 months worth of data with Coles

      • +1

        365 days

  • anyone know is it still $125 in store today?

    • +1

      Just went, and it's back to $200 at Wollongong Officeworks.

  • +1

    Scans for $200 at Office works glebe..

  • $200 at Milton, qld
    Refused to price match with wws :(

  • +3

    Cairns QLD Store, has a full hanger and was Tagged at $125, however it scanned at $200. Was told it is an old price label and their error so allowed me to have it at $125. The rest will be $200.

    Beauty OP, I've got 6 days left from last year's Optus deal $180, 120gb (100+20 bonus) 365 expiry unlimited calls & txt, for $150. This one is even better, given I'll have the same service coverage.

  • Checked Vodafone 5G internet speed in Doncaster shopping centre today, download speed was around 66 Mbps whereas I have seen people on Whirlpool forum measuring up to 250Mbps on Boost mobile 4G! Very disappointing!

    • I got 400Mbps there on Vodafone 5G.

    • I nudged 400 on Boost over the weekend.

  • damn…i still havent ported over from tpg and i initiated activation friday 8am
    should i call voda?

  • +2

    They have this at Woolworths for $125 still, saw it today

    • The 150gb or 200gb?

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