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Vodafone $250 Prepaid Plus Starter Pack for $125 (365-Day Expiry with 150GB) @ Woolworths


150 GB data
365 day expiry
Unlimited standard talk & text
50 standard international texts

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  • Could potentially price-beat at Officeworks for additional saving 150GB vs 200GB

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      Different data allowance.

      • My bad, didn't realise Officworks had their own +50GB Bonus Data.

      • +2

        Look's like Officeworks price-matched.

  • Can anyone tell me does Vodafone have visual voicemail on iPhones?

    • Yes they do

      • Cheers 🍻

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    Guess international call not included.

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      Hi Stevelo, unfortunately International calls aren't included in this prepaid plan, just unlimited standard national calls.

      -Am a Vodafone employee

  • Wonder if they have restrictions on using this sim for a data hotspot device only.

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      Hi shadowarrior, the Critical Information Summary says "Tethering permitted to personal devices only, but must not be used in a modem or as a substitute for a home internet service."

      As someone who works in a retail store, I have never heard of someone's Vodafone service being cancelled because they used it purely as a hotspot, but it is technically against the terms and conditions of use as per the Critical Information Summary.

      • Thanks, yeah, will be for personal devices mainly. Thanks!

      • Hey another quick question, how is the data allocated? Is it 12.5GB per month limit x12 months? Or total 150GB and if you run out of it early then you have no additional data. @bigdumbhead

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          You can use the data as much or as little as you like every month, it's just limited to the total and there's no shaping down to 1.5 Mbps etc, you'll be sh out of luck. Just set data limits/reminders on your phone, simple enough.

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    For those that prefer the Telstra network Aldi still has the $159 for 130gb 365 pack https://www.aldimobile.com.au/collections/super-packs

    • $34 more tho

      • +10

        For those that prefer the Telstra network

        Being the key point.

        I'd go for a discounted Boost SIM though.

        • +1

          I pay$10 a month for telstra reseller belong.

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            @belongsinforums: Belong, like Aldi and all other Telstra resellers EXCEPT Boost, uses the Telstra Wholesale network.

            Boost is the only MVNO that uses the full Telstra 3G/4G network (but not 5G), which is probably why jwh is recommending Boost.

            Which is strange, because AFAIK, Belong is owned by Telstra…I guess Boost was just the savviest negotiator / negotiated exclusive rights to be the only reseller on the full Telstra network.

          • @belongsinforums: is this available for the public?

        • Boost is also the only reseller that supports WiFi calls and SMS.

    • -2

      Cost more and not 5G. Farkdat

  • Does this prepaid sim support 5G?

  • Grea

  • t deal

    Oh, sorry, it lagged out halfway

    Vodafone oh yeah!

  • do vodafone starter packs like these usually have expiry date on it?
    (when it needs to be used before it loses the value)

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      Yes, they expire 365 days from purchase.

      • as in 365 days to activate the sim then 12 months from there? Or effectively activated at time of purchase?

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          sorry, wasn't clear. from purchase you have 365 days to activate the card

          • @bigdumbhead: How does Vodafone know time of purchase?

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              @bOngOCaT: when we sell prepaid starter packs in vodafone stores they are registered as "sold" through some kind of vodafone prepaid sales system, so I'm guessing the same thing happens at all stores that sell prepaid starter packs.
              I'm sorry if that's a vague explanation, I'm not sure how to explain it properly, but sale dates of vodafone starter packs are definitely monitored

          • @bigdumbhead: Say, I buy it today (15th Dec 2021) and activate/port my number on 15th Jan. 2022, will I then get 12 Months of usage from today or 15th Jan 2022?

      • That doesnt seem right, sold in the gift card section, has no value until purchased like a gift card, transferable after purchase like a gift card, then it should have a 3 year expiration like a gift card.

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          hi imcold, have a look at this webpage. prepaid sim cards aren't treated the same as gift cards

        • +1

          Or what about it's not a gift card so it doesn't have a 3 year expiration like a gift card. Surprise.

          • +3

            @neyo: haha yeah that makes a lot of sense. i was trying to let them down easy

      • "Rep" used to be 24 months from sale Or sometimes from manufacture date was it not, so changed now ?

  • Would I be able to port my current Mobile number to tHis?

    • hi Rainmaker, there's nothing on Vodafone's end that would prevent you from porting in from another company

      • +1

        Do you have to port out and then back in to do this if already with Vodafone? If so how long for?

        • +2

          I'm not allowed to recommend you doing that, but in my experience with customers who've told me they did this, there is no amount of time needed for them to port back in after porting out

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    Also the prepaid sim supports VoLTE and also as of last week VoWiFi. The rep can confirm if you doubt me.

    • yep can confirm

      • Do all Vodafone compatible VoLTE devices happen to support VoWiFi as well?

        • +2

          this page has the list of compatible devices with wifi calling. tbh I'm not sure if it's the same as volte devices, sorry

          • @bigdumbhead: Hey rep how long to activate?

            • @fozzie: after completing the activation process it typically only takes about 5-10 minutes for the sim to be active, but can take up to 24 hours

  • -1

    How can we limit the data on iPhone like Android?
    Wish we had a monthly option for data like Kogan.

  • Does anyone know if this can be used as a recharge for an existing Vodafone prepaid service, or if I'd need to port out instead? I'm currently on Vodafone postpaid, and thinking about transferring my number to prepaid then recharging using this pack.

    • +6

      starter packs like this can't be used to recharge existing services; your scenario of porting out and in would work though I'm not allowed to recommend that lol

  • When do I need to activate it by?

  • Would I be able to use this with NumberSync for an apple watch?

    • +1

      no, sorry, I'm not sure if any telcos provide numbersync with their prepaid plans

      • Does this mean I couldn't use it with a Samsung watch? Sorry new to this but thought if I had an esim I could share my number with my watch?

        • +3

          nah, as far as I know there are no prepaid plans with any provider where you can use a watch's esim to share your number

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    I got the Kogan 250gig for this price last year. Wonder if they'll do those specials again this year. Is there any additional perks vodafone direct has compared to kogan vodafone?

  • Good deal, but I’m wondering if you add on the $5/month NumberSync service to this service?

    • +1

      No prepaid has this feature in Australia afaik

  • Highly likely that you can not pay for it by eGC. I did it to a Belong SP and it is an "item not allowed".

  • If I buy this will I be able to get an esim as well?

    • +3

      Yes, I did, there is instructions on the Vodafone site as well.

      • Thanks very much

  • My boost will expire next August, can I activate this after that?

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    Hey guys tomorrow woolworths will be also selling 80gb sims valid for 6 months for $50 (Lebara which uses Vodafone). I think the sims might possibly stack if you want (usually up to 4 of them), so you would get 160gb plus some international unlimited for $100. Use the 10% off if you have Woolies insurance so potentially $90

    • No VoLTE or VoWIFI on Lebara.

      • +1

        Vodafone has no international minutes and you can’t gift data. Lebara has data bank and also let’s you gift up to 10gb a month. And it’s more data for less money

        • +2

          International minutes is the only big difference.

          I'd rather be able to make/receive calls and sms' than have more data and gifting.

          Oh and 5G.

          • @GTR12: Good point! I think esim it's pretty good too.

  • +1

    VOWIFI has finally arrived for Vodafone prepaid. It is a huge yes to switch to Vodafone now

    • Where has this been confirmed?

      • My friend with Vodafone prepaid got VOWIFI since last week all of a sudden.

      • -2

        Doing homework for an employee, you really should know your own services.


        "prepaid phone service"

        • +1

          I don’t work for vodafone. Not sure what you mean?

          • @JohnnoT6: It says you are a brand rep next to your name, contact the mods and get it fixed ASAP.

  • So if I purchase this tomorrow, dont active until the new year day, does that mean I have 365 days from the new year day to use it?

    • Yes

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