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50% Discount on Dog and Cat Adoptions over School Holidays at The Lost Dogs' Home


For Christmas last year, The Lost Dogs' Home wanted to give our residents the best present ever: someone to love them. And for 414 cats and dogs, we did exactly that.

How did we achieve this Christmas miracle? By offering 50 per cent off the cost of adoption to owners who first completed our online Pet Licence test (www.petlicence.com.au). See, we figured money always gets tight around the silly season and we wanted to help ease some of that financial burden, while also ensuring our residents had somewhere to spend their summer. And when is a better time to introduce a new pet to the family than during the holidays, when there is enough time to get to know each other?

Following that logic, The Lost Dogs' Home is, once again, offering half-price adoptions during the Easter school holidays (from Saturday, March 31 – Sunday, April 15). As always, anyone wishing to take advantage of this special offer must produce a certificate proving that they have completed – and received 100 per cent accuracy – on the Pet Licence (www.petlicence.com.au)

“This test is not designed to exclude people from becoming pet owners; rather it is about encouraging people to make an informed decision about whether they are prepared to take on what can be a 10 – 15 year commitment,” said Sue Conroy, General Manager of the Home.

With questions such as ‘How much per year does an average owner spend on pet care?’, the Licence prompts people into asking themselves those hard questions that can often get forgotten in the excitement of adopting a new pet.

“We’re hoping this promotion will give those who have been considering adoption for a while to take the step,” Sue said. “It is a fantastic time to adopt, as the kids will be home from school, the warm weather is hanging in there and we have so many amazing cats and dogs available; our shelters are practically overflowing with different breeds and personalities.”

The promotion will take place over the next two weeks at our North Melbourne, Campaspe and Wingecarribee shelters. Adoption costs differ from shelter to shelter; however as a guide, the discount will take the price of adopting a dog or puppy from the North Melbourne shelter down to $150, an adult cat to $47.50 and a kitten $85.

“When you take into consideration the cost of desexing, worming, microchipping and vaccinating – which all our dogs and cats receive prior to being adopted – it is a very good deal,” Sue said. “What is most important to us, however, is that our cats and dogs go into loving homes where they will be cherished as members of the family.”

Complete the Pet Licence test at www.petlicence.com.au. Please note that some computer stations will be set up on the shelter premises for people to complete the test; however we strongly encourage everyone to complete the test prior to coming in, to avoid queues and delays.

To view our dogs and cats for adoption, please visit http://shelter.dogshome.com .

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  • Have been wanting to adopt a dog for a while, although it is cheaper now i don't think a pet should be seen as 'bargain' as per say

  • If I adopted a mixed breed dog, how could I be sure it didn't have any pit bull in it? I just worry about kids.

    • This has been said multiple times, but there is no such things as bad dogs, only bad owners.

      But, the concern for children is genuine.

      Look for a labrador/golden retriever, incredibly gentle dogs

      • …except for the one in Melbourne that gored its owner. Except for that one.

        I agree though. No such thing as bad dogs, just some have more propensity to snap.

        • And it's generally a misunderstanding of how dogs become aggressive. Pitbulls do serious damage, which is the main concern. I've been nipped and bitten by aggressive shih tzu or chihuahua, they just don't have the capability to inflict damage.

          A mistreated dog will be aggressive, and one that is genuinely loved and cared for, they will be very unlikely to attack.

  • positive just because its adopting pets

  • I like this initiative….
    “This test is not designed to exclude people from becoming pet owners; rather it is about encouraging people to make an informed decision about whether they are prepared to take on what can be a 10 – 15 year commitment,” said Sue Conroy, General Manager of the Home.


    Make sure you really understand before you commit and say the words "I DO"

  • I wish we had the time and resources to adopt a dog. I won't adopt before I could provide them decent conditions and care. Positive for the initiative, and possibly this is a good bargain.

    My colleague just bought a puppy from a pet store, it costs her heaps, with all the supplies and such, probably over $800. I don't agree with buying puppies from pet shops while many poor dogs are condemned to lethal injections in lost pets homes, but of course I kept my mouth shut.

    Those who thinks about getting a pet, please consider the poor souls hoping for a second chance….

  • adopt your pets from a non-dodgy animal shelter instead.

    The dark side of The Lost Dogs Home:

    • -2 votes

      Dear Kelly666,

      We can assure you that there is nothing "dodgy" about The Lost Dogs' Home, we have been running our shelter for over 100 years now.

      There is a lot of mis-information floating around on the internet and The Lost Dogs’ Home is no exception – if you would like to discuss the correct information, please contact the Home directly on 03 9329 2755 or you can email [email protected]. If you are interested, please feel free to visit us and we can provide a personal tour of our shelter.

      The Lost Dogs' Home is currently looking for new homes for the many dogs and cats in our care and a statement like your's does not help to get these pets a new loving family. Please feel free to help us by sharing the adoption profiles with your friends and family.

      Kind Regards,

      The Lost Dogs' Home