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10% off All Shutters, Roller Blinds & Curtains + $30 Delivery (Excluding Shutters) @ DIY Blinds


I've been looking around online for new blinds and just spotted that DIY blinds has a 10% discount until the 7th Jan.

They seem to have good reviews online, you just need to be able to use a spirit level and a drill to install. Despite the name they also offer installation services.

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  • fyi, I've tried to contact them in the last week and they're unresponsive…

    • That’s a shame. They’ve been nothing but helpful for an order I put through

  • Can’t you just buy roller blinds from Bunnings?
    Even if the width needs adjusting this is pretty easy to do also..

  • Any ozbs ever DIY installed outdoor roller shutters and have suggestions for diy solutions?

  • Nice find and welcome to OzBargain :)

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    Tick the 'associated' link or you may accidentally get confused https://youtu.be/Ym13GbygiSM

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      I thought about saying PS - First post but looking at the deals you tell people not to! Long time lurker, first time member

  • Apologies if I overstepped the mark and jumped incorrectly to an 'association' conclusion - the flags - first post or comment ever, member for under an hour on Ozbargain, location same as that of online business, and the strange wording at the end letting people know about the 'installation services' seemed like an affiliation.

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      Nah fair enough! I'm moving into a new house soon and literally searched for blinds here a few days ago and had no results. They seem to have good online reviews so I thought that I may as well post them.

      I haven't purchased from them so can't vouch for them myself. I just didn't realise how bloody expensive blinds were..

      • Bro, same boat here. Moving into a new place in Jan and there's about 28 windows plus 4 bay windows we need blinds for. ouch!

        Thanks for the post, I'll check them out.

  • I ordered vertical blinds a month ago from DYI blinds. They sent me the samples quickly and free. The quality of the slats is fine and they have good choice of colours. The hardware (tracks, chains, brackets) have a bit of a cheap feel to them. They work alright, just not top of the line quality hardware. Probably good value for money. Communication was great. They are probably busy now. I still recommend going to a shop and checking the quality of the fully installed blind before you decide anything.

  • I am installing blinds as well and was quite surprised to see how expensive these online sites such as DIYblinds, blindsonline, iseek, buyblindsonline etc were compared to brick & mortar local stores. Local stores such as Dollar curtains and blinds and other local installers were at least $100 cheaper (install included!) and they came to the house to measure, quote and show the different fabrics. I ended going with a mob that was $500 cheaper than the cheapest online retailer.

    I suggest if you have the time or are an avid ozbargainer to do your research as local installers in your area might work out cheaper with install and you are also supporting local economy! win win!

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