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Latitude 28° Global Platinum Mastercard: Complimentary International and Domestic Travel Insurance For A Limited Time


We’re excited that travel is back! After almost 2 years of closed borders and daydreaming about holiday destinations, we can all start planning a getaway.

For a limited time, we are offering existing Latitude 28° Global Platinum Mastercard customers access to complimentary comprehensive Travel Insurance with an eligible spend on Latitude 28° Global Platinum Mastercard.

Am I eligible?
There are some criteria that needs to be met to activate the coverage. You'll need to:

Be a Latitude 28° Global Platinum Mastercard customer aged between 18 and 75 years old.
Spend at least $1,000 or more on flights directly with an airline or via a travel agent in a single transaction between 13 December 2021 and 31 July 2022 using your Latitude 28° Global Platinum Mastercard.

What's included in the coverage?
Cover is activated for 12 months from the date of the first qualifying transaction and will only cover trips completed in this 12-month period that are up to 180 days long.

Cover for other trips in this 12-month period requires the entire cost of the flights to be paid on your Latitude 28° Global Platinum Mastercard.

In short, you and your ‘Family’ (a spouse and up to 3 eligible children) have access to the following covers on a ‘covered trip’. Full details on the coverage are in the Terms & Conditions please read them to ensure this insurance is right for you and your circumstances.

What’s not covered?
There are terms, conditions, limits and exclusions that apply to the coverage. A couple of key exclusions are persons aged over 75 during a ‘covered trip’, pre-existing medical conditions and mental health conditions. Take some time to view the full Terms and Conditions of the coverage and understand what is and what is not covered.

Still have questions?
If it’s been a while since you’ve used your card, now is a great time to refresh your memory on the fees and features of your Latitude 28° Global Platinum Mastercard – free global Wi-Fi anyone?

Q. What if I am not a Latitude 28° Global Platinum Mastercard customer and want to apply?

You can visit www.28degreescard.com.au to apply.

Q. What if I still have questions about what is covered?
A. AIG Australia Limited (ABN: 93 004 727 753 AFSL: 381686) is best placed to answer any questions relating to this coverage. You can contact them on (03) 9522 4111 between 8:30AM to 5:30PM Mon-Fri.

Q. How do I activate the offer?
A. The complimentary Travel Insurance will be activated automatically when you meet the above eligible spend criteria on your Latitude 28° Global Platinum Mastercard during the promotional period. You can visit https://au.mycardbenefits.com to confirm the offer has been activated on the card, view your coverage, or make claim.

Q. Does the offer cover COVID-19?
A. Some of the covers may provide benefits if you contract COVID-19. For example:

covered medical expenses of up to $700,000 per person if you contract COVID-19 during an overseas covered trip and require treatment;
non-refundable travel and accommodation deposits if you contract COVID-19 and a doctor certifies you unfit to commence or continue a covered trip; and
administrative costs of postponing a covered trip if just before departure COVID-19 forces you into compulsory quarantine.
The benefit examples outlined above are subject to you meeting all the other terms and conditions of the policy. The insurance generally does not cover the following COVID-19 related events:

travel disruption due to border closures, such as the cost of additional accommodation or missed flights; and
additional costs due to quarantine.

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  • The COVID cover should be handy

    • +3

      The covid cover only applies if you get covid and are disrupted, not if restrictions etc disrupt your plans, force you to quarantine etc. Less than ideal.

      • Yeah, and that may be what we need most under given circumstances. We cancelled 3 trips alr.

    • There doesn't seem to be any specific COVID cover. Just usual cover for illness (medical expenses, non-refundable travel and accommodation deposits, plus administrative costs of travel delay due to illness) etc.

  • +15

    Who's going to spend $1000 on domestic flights unless flying with others or Business? I barely spend $300 return …

    • Family of four ?

      • +10

        unless flying with others

        Yes, I already said that.

      • Our family of 5 as well 😉

    • +5

      Medicare bro, why would you care domestically for covid?

    • “In a single transaction”.

    • Bundy to Brisbane (<1 hour in a turbo prop) can be up to $300 each way thanks to QANTAS and no competition.

  • +3

    It’s a shame they’ve removed price protection insurance for new sign ups. Basically rendered this card useless

    • This. Is there any other card that have price protection?

      • Suncorp Platnium Card but the benefits aren't as good

        • +5

          I don't think you should count that one, it specifically excludes anything bought online.

          Utterly useless.

    • Any other recommended no fee credit cards for travelling?

    • can we get notified if it ever comes back?

      • -1

        Why did they even remove it in the first place? It was the card's biggest selling point.

        • Too successful maybe?

        • Probably because it's costing them more money than its worth to them.

          I've had the card for years and I've literally only paid like 90c in total because the first time I paid my statement was via BPay which charged a fee.

          In the meantime though I've claimed back over a thousand thanks to price protection, and even had a phone screen replacement 100% covered by them.

          So yeah I can understand why they don't want to offer this out to new users as they've probably seen how much existing customers have claimed.

      • I'm sure it'll be posted on OzBargain.

    • I have it and it’s saved me so much money.

  • +3

    good offer, shame about the min $1000 for flights

  • +1

    Not a lot of people will spend that on flights these days with Covid. They all travel by van through Australia. Best choice anyway!

  • Didn't realise they dropped the insurance. I claimed once a few years ago and it wasn't too hard of a process.

  • +3

    Stay away from Latitude 28. The customer service is outsourced to overseas, and is terrible. Even there is an billing issue at their end, the customer service won't rectify it.

    • +3

      Have to agree that billing is crap. Pay by bank account and then thay option locks up fpr 5 days lol. Bpay incurs 0.95$ charge

  • +2

    I will just mention that their call centers/service are a joke. Lots of technical issues applying, different information about what you need to do depending on who you call and cards that never arrive. So if you are planning on getting one for travel, budget a lot of time to get the card in your hands.

  • -5

    In stopped using this card as my transactions seemed to have a international conversion fee factored into the charge. Very sneaky.

    • +5

      Lol, no.

    • +2

      Not sure what you expected if you buy in foreign currency?? How are they supposed to bill you then. Their rates are pretty close to the xe.com + no fees

      • no it was more than a little on the top. I have been using them for years until the pandemic. It worked out to be the same as using a nab card with international fee included.

  • I bet the exemptions are so big you could drive one of those pivoting double city buses through. Good luck come claim time.

  • +1

    Received this update in a letter from Lattitude. How quaint.

    • Same. Surprisingly the letter arrived before the email.

      • Yes - snail mail faster than email!

  • -1

    Not sure why this needed to be a deal? Latitude email/snailed mail all card holders to advise of this last week.

    • +1

      Others may be interested in signing up!
      Free Travel insurance makes this a Deal!

      Q. What if I am not a Latitude 28° Global Platinum Mastercard customer and want to apply?
      You can visit www.28degreescard.com.au to apply.

      • -2

        Free Travel insurance makes this a Deal!

        Not really, you only have a few months to drop $1k+ on flights to activate the travel insurance.

        Others may be interested in signing up!

        Then they would have seen the 'free' travel insurance offer when researching credit cards ;)

  • The $1,000 minimum flight ticket spend makes this unachievable for me.

    Does anybody know if other free credit card travel insurances include Covid cover? Im only interested in medical expenses cover.

    • I don't know in details, but most insurance disclaimer will exclusive any pandemic related claim.

    • Not a free credit card, but ANZ cards include covid insurance. No cards cover border closures as far as I know.

  • +2

    This card really lost a lot of its appeal when they removed fee free ATM cash withdrawals on credit balances, added a $6,000 min credit limit, introduced a BPay fee for payments, removed purchase protection, and I’m sure there’s other things they’ve done to the card that I forget.

    That said, free international insurance is still a benefit.

  • +1

    Free boingo wifi another good things I used it free on Scoot 787 flight to hat cost a fortune if you pay it … I think sq in the same wifi system as well (haven’t tried on sq)

  • BPAY fee for payments- no thanks. Cancelled and signed up to BankWest

    • +4

      Or just use direct debit via bank account to get around the 95 cent BPay fee?

      • -2

        Or use BankWest and not have to worry

        • But does bankwest come with the same features? Free wifi? no intl fees? Lounge access for delayed flights? etc

    • Have used free Direct Debit payment on 28° CC since first signing up many years ago. Never been an issue.

  • Can you claim double insurance with multi cards

  • Got the Emirates-included Multi-Risk Travel Insurance https://www.emirates.com/uk/english/before-you-fly/multi-ris…

    Up to USD 500,000 for overseas medical expenses and emergency evacuation.
    Up to USD 7,500 if your trip is cancelled due to contracting COVID‑19 or for other reasons named in the policy.
    Up to USD 7,500 if your trip is cancelled or cut short if the school year is extended due to COVID‑19 beyond the departure date, and you or a relative is a full‑time teacher, full‑time employee, or a student at a primary or secondary school.
    Up to USD 7,500 if your trip is cut short due to you or a relative* falling ill overseas, including contracting COVID‑19, and you need to return home.
    Up to USD 7,500 if you have to abandon your travels for failing a COVID‑19 test or medical screening at the airport.
    USD 150 per day, per person for up to 14 consecutive days if you test positive for COVID‑19 and are unexpectedly placed into mandatory quarantine while overseas.
    …among others

  • -6

    I have recently booked for overseas travel worth 15000 for the family but not used this card. Am I still eligible for travel insurance?

    • +1

      Only if you spend another $1000 on flight tickets with the 28degrees card.

  • Why so many up votes?
    Just because it is free?

    • -1

      Sadly these days on Ozbargain, a lot of people just upvote every thing that gets posted on here. It doesnt matter if they were able to actually acquire the deal, if there is any stock or able to be found. If the deal is actually really good or just standard RRP.

      • +1

        Travel insurance is usually an additional cost of $100+ pp. This includes up to 2 adults and 3 kids and most people would pay off flights with a cc anyway, why wouldn't this be a good deal?

        • Well a lot of cards actually have travel insurance. Plus i know the ones i have had in the past only required $500 of flights and / or accommodation or just that your outgoing or incoming flight was on the card. Whats more important is how easy is it to claim and what does it cover. But my response was more a general response to deals on here as a lot of times there are upvotes for deals that are not bargains or cant even be actually gotten.

          • @lonewolf: Did you pay for that CC with $500 min travel costs? There's normally an annual fee, conditions like min income, etc. That's the usual trade off.

            No annual fee for 28°
            And if you pay fully by direct debit by due date, no interest or other costs for me in about a decade of use.

            Adding free travel insurance (with limits) is a nice bonus on a free CC!

            This Deal is also available to those without 28° - if they choose to sign up to the CC.
            Many CC Deals are only for those who are already signed up & should have received notice of the offer. And they get upvotes!

    • -1

      Because it's a great deal.

      That's the whole point of the upvote system 🤷‍♂️ It's working perfectly.

  • +1

    $1000 is too high for flights. Rules out using it for reward flight holidays. Why not include accommodation as eligible spend ?

  • This is International as well, $1000.00 on flights is easily achievable, the only thing that would be missing is an actual certificate to state you have insurance, as required by some country's before entree.

  • The insurance generally does not cover the following COVID-19 related events:
    travel disruption due to border closures, such as the cost of additional accommodation or missed flights; and additional costs due to quarantine.

    Amazing that they exclude one of the things I suspect people want right now.

    • +1

      Covering that would cost the insurance business too much, so wouldn't be included free.
      (WA quoted me "subsidised" hotel quarantine @$2520 per person for my holiday. Luckily the flight was cancelled. So, no financial loss.)

      You'd have to pay for a different travel policy to cover what you want - likely won't be cheap.

      With insurance, there are always clauses to limit their liabilities. They don't cover an "act of god"… or politicians (eg border closures).

      Always read the exclusions!! What you may want or expect, may not be covered by even an expensive policy!

      For free… This seems only to cover serious health related travel expenses, which requires proof from Dr. That's what insurers like.

      Pretty good offer on a free CC!

  • Anyone compared this to the travel insurance offered by Citibank? havent had a chance to look at what the differences are yet.

    • What's the Citibank offer? Does it include covid related things?

  • Bump 👍

  • +4

    I actually tried to confirmed this offer and I find it very misleading by latitude. It does not seems legitimate to me and seems bit of false advertisement.

    1. Click on the link https://au.mycardbenefits.com which did not work and asked to call a 1300 number.
    2. I called the number it turned out to be Mastercard support. They were able to check that there were insurance under card and forwarded to latutide support.
    3. Spoke to latitude support they are unable to help and as its a separate department. The gave a number which is AG Insurance for Mastercard.
    4. Called the number above and asked for my eligibility they read back what was on the latitude FAQ back to me. Also said because https://au.mycardbenefits.com is broken and Mastercard is working on fixing it book your flight can contact us back we'll send you a confirmation of start of the insurance.
    5. Book the flight and contacted back now I am told to wait for an email and respond back then we'll confirm….
    • did they follow up?

    • +1

      Same happened to me. No one said to me that they will send a confirmation email.

      However, I have noticed that after booking flights, now when I enter CC on the mastercard benefit site , it takes me to a claims web page and asks me to put incident details. That probably indicates that the travel insurance has been activated.

      If you have managed to get a confirmation on an email, please let us know so I can follow up as well.

      • Same as above. Didn't get any confirmation email but I am able to see the Travel Insurance claims page when I enter my card details on the MasterCard website. AIG support advised me that is evidence of activation, they won't be sending out separate emails or letters.

  • was anyone able to have any confirmation on this?

    Also, when does the Insurance starts? the moment you book the flights or when you travel on those booked flights?

    I am planning to book my return tickets in April on this but travelling next week, would this cover me if I book return flights today for the travel from next week?

    • also is the card instantly available for use through their app/portal if I sign up?

  • Extended until July 31 2022.

  • I'm thinking of closing this card, their new system is atrocious. I couldn't manage to pay my account as a result of an error with their system, then they slugged me with a $35 late fee! Anyone know a suitable replacement? I just use it for international transactions.

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