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Samsung Galaxy Buds Live - (Mystic Black) $109 (Was $319) Delivered @ Amazon AU



These are currently the cheapest AU stock Samsung Galaxy Buds Live Mystic Black delivered @ Amazon AU. Great last minute gifts that will arrive before Christmas in selected areas. Plenty of reviews from Larrytheretard's post in the comments in relation to sound quality, fitment, and comparisons to similar wireless earbuds in the price range. As for the price I think its a great deal.

Iconic design
Galaxy Buds Live were created with your ears in mind. The unique and ergonomic design features no ear tips for a stylish new look. The inspired charging case keeps your Buds ready to go.

Secure and comfortable fit
Enjoy spacious, wireless freedom and ultimate comfort, whatever your activity.* Galaxy Buds Live are designed to fit securely in your ear, ready for wherever your day takes you.

Impressive sound
Escape into pure sound. Galaxy Buds Live create a controlled sound experience with 3 mics for enhanced voice calls and improved bass tone for your favourite music.

Active Noise Cancelling
Shut out distractions. Galaxy Buds Live with Active Noise Cancelling are designed to block out unwanted noise so you stay fully immersed in your music, podcasts and calls.

Easy pairing
Open the Buds Live case to easily pair with your compatible device. Galaxy Buds Live are the perfect audio companion for your tablet, phone or smartwatch.*

Access Spotify
Enjoy instant music with minimum effort. It’s easy to access your Spotify playlist with a simple tap and hold gesture on your Galaxy Buds Live.*

Description taken from Amazon AU

Thanks to CamelCamelCamel

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • soooo.. not bad )

  • What are these like compared to the Sennheiser MOMENTUM?

    I bought a pair through here off eBay that have the charging issue.

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      • I paid $99 I think

  • +1

    I reckon this is a great deal!

    Obviously don't buy these for ANC but on a side note I recently discovered that the ANC on these is actually pretty good so long as the bud is pressed into your ear by an outer pair of headphones or earmuffs.

    Was testing them with ANC inside my XM3s for extreme noise cancelling and tbh the difference between having 1 on or both on was very minimal (so even xm3 off and buds live on performed basically just as good as xm3 on buds live off). All I can think of is that the headphones pressed the buds a little firmer into my ear creating a better seal.

    Works really well with a pair of earmuffs while mowing etc!

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      errr you know most of the noise was just being blocked by the XM3/Ear muffs right? The XM3 can't add any more noise cancelling because you can't actually hear any of the negative sound waves it's generating as the Samsungs you're wearing is listening on to those and blocking those as well.

      • -3

        Yes sure the headphones/earmuffs provide sound isolation but I wouldn't necessarily say they did most or all of the work. The anc technology on the buds live is actually very decent granted you can get a tight seal (such as headphones/earmuffs keeping pressure on it). In practice ANC doesn't work well on these buds because you can't get a tight sound isolating seal (the whole point of them being live), not because the technology in them is bad.

        You make a fair point about the xm3 not being able to add more noise cancelling, and I'm sure there are inefficiencies or weird effects when cascading ANC. But in this case the buds live should be adding more noise cancelling not the xm3's when they're both on. If the xm3's are cancelling out noise then in theory when that noise hits the buds it should be cancelled out and the buds shouldn't do anything (not re-cancel both waves and if they did, both should be inverted and result in the same thing), so any noise that does get past shouldn't have a negative wave and should therefore be picked up by the buds and cancelled. I'm sure that's not necessarily how it works in practice, I can say that with both on it was marginally better but nothing "extreme" like I was hoping.

        People that are negging probably think I'm saying the ANC is just as good as the xm3's, it's not, I literally prefaced it by saying don't get these for ANC.

        For those that have these already and want to get more out of ANC in certain circumstances, can try for themselves.

  • +9

    Bought these on the last deal. Bass is poor. ANC pretty much non existent. Don't buy if intending to use for commuting. On the plus side they are comfortable and perform pretty well if there's no background noise.

    • +1

      ANC on these only does lower frequencies, e.g. engine noise on vehicle or an air con.

      Their official page mentions it.

      Sometimes I prefer being able to hear what's happening around me, that's where these shine. I find I reach for these more often than my Sony WH1000XM4 or any others.

    • Damn you didn’t get a seal. That sucks. Bass is great, and anc will cut out a fair of drones and low end

      • Maybe mine are stuffed. I find on the bus basically cuts out nothing from engine noise etcetera.

        • Is ANC definitely turned on in the app?

  • +1

    Great deal thanks OP. I already have a set of these when I got my S20 Ultra. Good to have a spare in the work bag.

  • +1

    Ooo grabbed one, also have one AMEX $20 offer left to go with it. Awesome!

  • How do these compare to the trueair3?

    • These are good, will continue to work past a few months, calls sound much better.

  • +2

    Dragonfly are the worst couriers. They leave your package unattended and you just have to hope you get home and the package is still there.

    • +3

      Personal preference, i love when the parcel is left and i dont have to spend hours chasing some cowboy in a van.

    • +2

      They were not bad initially, but lately they have been leaving my boxes on top of my letterbox out on the main drag

    • +1

      They're such a pain in the ass. Like today, they sent me someone else's photo for proof that they have dropped it off. When I looked at it, the address was for my next-door neighbor. I went over there and found out that it wasn't actually mine and that they hid my one next to the stairs of my building, which I did not notice when I walked past it. Ring the damn doorbell, please!

  • Are these any good for iPhone?

    • As in does it work with iPhone? Yes. Of course. It connects just with Bluetooth. Simple.

      Not sure if there is an equivalent of the Samsung Wearables app for Android for Apple though. The Samsung Wearable app allows customizablitiy of the Buds.

      • Thanks was worried about compatibility.

      • +12

        from the accent

  • Could price match at JB Hi-fi then use discounted 15% off gift cards or price beat at Office Works for 5% off?

    • Sorry where to J B 15%,

    • -1

      Jb hi fi won't price match amazon. Office works will though.

      • I just price matched something on Amazon today, they said as long as its australian stock they match it

        • My local JB HI FI always rejects my request.

      • As long as its Amazon AU

  • I like the price, but these look like cheap plastic in real life… I'm definitely waiting for a better deal on the normal Galaxy Buds

  • +1

    Love wearing these, perfect fit.

  • +3

    Got these for free with my S20FE. Sounds reasonably good. I have read that the ANC on these are not great but just used them on a 1 hour flight from Brisbane today. With the ANC switched on the jet engine noise was reduced by 60 to 70 percent or so which helped with me watching a show from my phone. The only thing is the ANC switches off from time to time when the speech is of certain level, then I would have to pause the show for a second or so for it to automatically reduce the ambient noise again.

    At this price it would be a good buy, though I wouldn't pay more than 150 for them.

    Not the most comfortable things to wear though you get used to them after awhile.

    • +1

      Not the most comfortable things to wear though you get used to them after awhile.

      Interestingly I find them more comfortable than any of my other earbuds probably because they don't go into the ear with a plug, which puts pressure on my ear canal.

  • sold out.. up to 139 now.

  • Not great for calls. Workmate has these , we can barely hear her, keeps cutting in and out.

    • I'm not at all interested in these because they are opened back, but from the review I've seen, they're consistently one of the best for calls. Often times compared to the airpod pros (a standard for decent call quality buds) and preferred over those.

    • +1

      I have these (Xm3,Xm4, Galaxy Pro, Live, Aiprods Pro) and for call quality they kill Sony any day. Not sure what your talking about. Samsung is one of the best out there for call. Use everyday while working out at heavy machinery site.

    • They may not be the best of the best, but there are better than nearly all that are cheaper and up to $200

  • +1

    It is available for $109 at Catch.com.au.

  • +1

    Mine arrived very quick thank you op

  • i really hate the ones that sit inside your ear canal, just dont like the feeling of them. I got these ones last week and are amazing as they jus sit on the ear.

  • My ears have been very itchy since I have started using wireless earbuds specially in ear like Samsung and Soundpeats.

    Does anyone experience the same and has anyone found a solution?

    Would really appreciate if someone can help.

    I have seen my GP and he recons it could be a problem.

    As soon as I stop using them, the ears are fine but need some earbuds to use with my phone.

    • My ears have been very itchy since I have started using wireless earbuds specially in ear like Samsung and Soundpeats.

      With normal plug-style earphones my ears don't itch badly, but every now and then I have to remove the earphone to rub the inside of my ear a bit as it gets slightly…. itchy.

      With the Buds Live they're fine. I find them more comfortable than plug-style earphones.

  • I know it’s expired, but I have these and find them comfortable, but the Bluetooth connection is pretty flakey unless you are really close.

    I was using them on the TV and they kept breaking up. If you just use one bud and turn the other off it is much more stable, so I suspect the issue is the syncing between the two.

    • +1

      Could the problem be with your TV? I use them with my phone and the range is fantastic. I can go several walls away and still have good reception.

    • Nonissue here with tv, phone, laptop, even up to 10m away.

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