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Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3 $500 off + $500 Trade-in Bonus - 128GB $499, 256GB $599 @ Samsung


Thanks to Tohnio same as this deal https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/670276

Samsung Z Flip3
128GB (RRP $1499) - $999
256GB (RRP $1599) - $1099

Trade-in bonus information

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10% off Samsung Galaxy S22 or Tab S8 for Referee, $50 Voucher for Referrer

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    • All colors except green available in 128GB

  • Hi for all those who didn't give back their old devices, what happened?

    I've read through the FAQ and it mentions if you fail to provide them the device they will charge you 60 AUD "administration fee" and also charge you for the trade in discount as you are no longer eligible. Did they end up charging you guys?

    • This question has been answered many times before.

      Until now they don't seem to actually charge the AUD60 admin fee, but the value of the device you were supposed to return.

      • I know but reading the previous thread some people say yes some say no. I've spoke to two agents both said yes and no.. so… ye :/

    • That's why they ask for your credit card when you generate the trade in code - if you don't send it in they have the CC details to charge the trade in value to. The state they might (not will) chare you the admin fee

      • Do you know how to check which cc we entered for trade in? I may have different cc between trade in and puchasing

  • +1

    Thank OP, bought a Flip 3 128GB and 25W adapter for $409 + $60 trade-in for my Note8 using $50 voucher.

  • All 256Gb OOS

  • Anyone have "Card Validation Failed". I've tried a few cards and all come to this so I'm guessing it's not a problem with the credit cards…

    Also, Trade Up now requires you to scan in a Driver's License?

    • Yes i had to scan my DL when applying. I received my phone 3 days after the order

    • delete the cache and delete app then try again did same to me

  • Only shows $350 trade-in bonus in the checkout page for me :(

    • +1

      It's back to $500 bonus for me now. I ordered the bespoke version with bonus Samsung Care+, which I believe is a must for this phone.

  • Not sure why this happened, wasn't looking to exploit the deal, but:
    Was checking out with a Z Flip3, it had applied a $350 Trade In Bonus
    Went back and instead selected an S21 Ultra, for some reason, it stacked both a $500 bonus and a $350 bonus - both were shown in the checkout.
    Total price paid after both bonuses and my $194 trade in was $354

    Your trade in discount plus your $300
    trade in bonus has been applied. Bonus
    $300 offer ends 10 January 2022
    Promotion applied to your order
    Your trade in discount plus your $500
    trade in bonus has been applied. Bonus
    $500 offer ends 20 December 2021
    Promotion applied to your order

    • Wow… Epic

    • not 350 and 500 but 300 and 500.
      yeah look at the s21 thread, some got the same without need to follow your way (checking out flip first)

    • Bonus
      $300 offer ends 10 January 2022
      Promotion applied to your order
      Your trade in discount plus your $500
      trade in bonus has been applied. Bonus
      $500 offer ends 20 December 2021

      Total trade in bonus $800,
      would the order be cancel?

    • I think you might be the reason why the system is broke as of now LOL

  • +1

    Getting the app to validate a device seems to be a challenge…

  • 'Sorry, due to an error, trade-in service is unavailable at the moment'

    Is it just me or?

    • Nah, I think we're all having this issue.

      • So nobody has been successful in getting the device for $499? Has there been any successful ones?

        • Plenty. Even a bit less than 499 are possible. Read this whole thread you'll find who

  • on the webpage it says my device is worth $20 (pixel 3xl) then install the app, it says your device ineligible anyone else have this issue?

    • Everyone, all we can do is wait and see if it starts working again before the promo ends.

  • -3

    No fold no Deal

  • anyone else having troubles logging the trade in code? the app experience is terrible

  • Anyone here ordered the specials edition and received it since precious deal ? 4 to 6 weeks seem quite long but with bonus care, look like a good deal that you can swap a new phone twice as well. Any thoughts?

    • +1

      its not new, its refurbished… and if they don't have one its a 'like for like' replacement

      • +1

        Even better if they dont have as you mY end up with up/better model

        • +1

          oh they will have plenty of refurbished flips alright, these things don't last

    • +1

      Not sure if this will be the same. I ordered special edition during preoder (August 18). On August 25, I received an email explain that it will took 6 weeks after launch day because it "special made just for you".
      Received the device at Sept 13 (less than 3 week since the email / launch day, less than 4 weeks since preorder)

      • Thanks. Just ordered mine. Really hard to decide which color so I go for blue/blue and black frame. Hopefully will receive it sooner. Cheers.

  • +1

    I get to the last step and at payment receive a message of "Sorry your transaction cannot be processed at this time". It then consumes my Trade Up code as well as my sanity. Chat support useless and Ausiron email unresponsive :(.

    • try with paypal, worked for me

  • -1

    It seems that if you play with the code, i.e. SA03D***, there are quite a number of combinations available to use.

    Surely this is too obvious?

    • Surely samsung can block your phone or something from using someone else's code?

  • Does anyone that purchased one of these phones have a referral code they can please PM me ?

    Sounds like they can be generated according to this https://www.samsung.com/au/referral-program/

  • can you combine this with $50 and $100 voucher?

    • +1

      it doesn't stack with the $50 voucher. Just ordered mine anyway though the deal would expired tonight

      • What about the $100 one?

        • +1

          Not sure about the $100 but I did tried the $50 one with no luck. It said (Voucher doesn't reflect this order. Code only applies in certain item/condition.) Missed out on last deal so though I will get it this time

  • any workarounds for the tradein issue not working?
    Sorry, due to an error, trade-in service is unavailable at the moment

  • They are offering $470 trade-in for my S21, which is more than I paid after coupons etc.

    So I guess if anyone wanted, they could swap their dull S21 for a whacky Z flip 3 at a cost of only $30. Mostly the same specs.
    I'll pass though.

  • Looks like they are all sold out?

    • Try Bespoke?

  • Can I trade in a Motorola startac?

  • +1

    bought one. I was able to stack the $50 voucher by adding $20 charging adaptor.

  • I’ve got an iPhone 13 pro max. It’s the best phone ive ever used no 🧢.

    But I bought the bespoke flip 3 at this price. Love the flip and Samsung care included it’ll be great to give it a try.

    • +1

      What is that blue thing? It's not a bull and it's not a poo.


        • "It's the best phone I've ever used no dolphin" makes no sense to me. Oh, and I zoomed it, and it looks more like a cap than a cetacean.

  • any work around to "Sorry, due to an error, trade-in service is unavailable at the moment" ??
    My trade in code was accepted before dinner but now its not anymore… have reinstalled app and gotten a new code and still not working.
    what the hell.

    • Yeah mine kept erroring out whilst trying to check out. Removed everything to try again and now getting this issue…

    • its the site. I'm trying to buy just before midnight and its down also lol

  • Sold out - or should I say "Traded out"? See you all again in a couple of weeks.

  • Anyone else not receive a confirmation email? Looks like it went through fine and I can see the order on my account but never received the email confirmation.

  • Trade in reduced to $350

  • +1

    Tried to get Bespoke model yesterday but kept giving trade error. Hopefully they do the deal again for boxing day

  • Does anyone know if we are charged the trade-in value to our card we entered from the Samsung shop or the Asurion trade up app?

    • +2

      Asurion trade up app

  • Delivered today zflip 3.

    Can anyone confirm that this model is dual sim too?
    I can see 2 IMEI number on the box and there is a setting for eSim aswell.


    • it definitely is. 1 physical sim another esim

  • Any recommendations on flip 3 cases guys?

  • Anyone who has received their phone and starting using it already - may I request feedback on battery life? Most reviews say it's baaad but I would prefer real world user feedback please.

    • It’s like iPhone 12 mini. Average. Fine for calls and web browsing. Not great for gaming. If you work or near a charger once a day you’ll be fine with heavy use.
      Light use all day no problems. I got it for the form and fun. Get something else if you want to lunch out 3D gaming etc. good also for music.

    • Battery life is not great .. but I prefer a thin and light phone with wireless charging so the battery is perfect for me .. if you want a thick and heavy phone with a big battery, then look elsewhere.

  • For those that received their flip3, notice a slight indent on the top left area of screen? Noticeable when screen is off and light is reflecting

    • Nope. U talking about the screen protector?

      • Not sure if it's screen protector, but it's like a large slight indent, the screen isn't perfect anyway due to not being like traditional glass screen phones, like its slightly ripple all over and is the reason why I'm thinking it's probably not worth even sending it back, as some people seem to have same issue with replacement

        • Oh. That's a bummer. It might be the imperfections of this model. You could try n send it back and see if u get a lottery unit 😅

          • @Tohnio: Ye, I'm going to check some display models around also, as I don't want to be left phoneless

  • Anyone been charged with non return admin fee of $60 yet?

    I got an email saying I may be charged an admin fee of $60 (plus the device trade up price) if I don’t send the device within 7 days

    • +1

      I questioned about what if I can't send back my device and was told no admin fee, just the trade value (no impact to bonus credit either).

      I also screenshot the possible fees and charges and it just said the trade credit value, no mention of admin fee

      • That’s good to hear. Now can just do wait and watch until they deduct money from my card 😊

      • I have been deducted $60 admin fee. Although they only mentioned trade credit before, still no luck.

    • wonder what would happen if send back one with broken screen? would they still charge the admin fee?

  • I still haven't received any email from Asurion about returning my device.

  • How long does it take to have the phone delivered usually?

    • Usually overnight between capital cities

      • Thanks, ordered on 29th delivered on 7th, blame it on holidays

        • ahhhhhhhh I ordered the bespoke version (28/12) so its gonna be a few weeks before it arrives

  • I got an email yesterday stating the trade-in amount ($50) + the non-return fee ($60) = total of $110 will be deducted if I don't return the device in the next 48 hours.

    Looks like Samsung/Asurion have finally caught up, and will start charging people all fees.

  • I got charged trade in value only for 2 phones which I did not send in. I was not charged the admin fee in both cases.

  • FYI
    I just got charged the extra $60 non return fee for not sending in my trade in. Looks like they're actually following through on this "possibility" now.

    Be warned.

    Was still worth it, fantastic deal for a great phone. Cost me $524 in the end, including an extra usb-c cable.

    • Yes, this was the case for me too. Paid $60 extra than what I hoped, but still a good deal regardless.

  • yay got an email today saying my bespoke is getting shipped!!

    • arrived today even tho they said itd take around 5-6 weeks bc it was the bespoke version (est 9/02/22) and i ordered on the 28/12/21 :D !!!

      • Congrats but i stll dont know why people buy bespoke i mean just put a case?

        • honestly did it to get "cheaper" samsung care, wouldve gotten phantom black otherwise haha

          • +1

            @yeetus: got my bespoke on the same day as you! did you get any email from Asurion to send through the trade-in phone? i haven't received any email yet

            • @Magicmagic: oh yay!!! No, I haven't gotten an email yet :/ but I also don't want them to charge me the admin fee and what not so I don't know wether to email them or not. How about you?

              • @yeetus: No Asurion email so far. Keep us updated what happens if you email them. I'm going to stay quiet as I don't think they will charge the trade-in and admin fee since I have no return postage email.

                • +1

                  @Magicmagic: I think I'm gonna stay quiet too since they can't say or charge anything since we didn't get a postage email yet :D but yes I'll also keep you updated if they do end up sending a return postage email.

  • FYI I was charged the $60 admin fee as well.
    Looks like they've caught on

    • +1

      Did they give notice first like on xxx we will charge xxx to your card ending xxx ?
      I need to change the credit card as the old one may have been cancelled

  • Anyone knows if there are similar deals like this in the coming weeks?

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