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[Pre Order] $24 Signature 24-Pack Doughnuts: Click & Collect Pre Orders Only @ Krispy Kreme


$24 Signature Pack - 1 Day Only - Click and Collect Pre-Orders only. Price discounted in cart. Not available on Same-Day Pick up, or Delivery Orders.

Orders closed 22.12.2021 (NSW, VIC, WA) —- Orders Closed 23.12.2021 in WA —- Deliveries Closed 24.12.2021 in NSW

Krispymas Dozen, and Krispymas Double Dozen available to order until 25th December 2021. Final production date 26th December 2021

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  • Shows up as $31.95?

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      $24 @ checkout

  • +40

    Signature 24-Pack Doughnuts

    Last time I got these, they were not signed.

    • +1

      It's meant to be self-signed.

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        Oh… thanks…

      • each one signed by someone finger

        • Are you sure it's a finger?

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    too far

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        Did you miss the part where they had to shut about half of their Aussie stores due to over-expansion.

        • +4

          Don't doubt the future CEO of Krispy Kreme. popsiee knows what their are talking about.

        • +2

          The only over expansion is my waist line

      • +36

        Most CEO's would know the difference between "there" and "their".

        • +1

          and some CEO’s would know the difference between “there”, “their” and “they’re “ talking about.

    • +11

      You have to be kidding. Where else would you get glazed donuts for under $1?

      • +6

        In their dreams

        • +4

          Sweet dreams it is..

          • @orangetrain: I just woke up from a power nap, in it I walked past a bakery that had donuts but didnt buy one cos they wernt on special even though it was end of the day. (profanity) I cant even dream about donuts properly

      • $3 for a 6 pack glazed at my woolies

  • Thanks OP, got some for the family.

      • This is like the only funny thing you've posted and it's being downvoted I don't understand.

        • +1

          A lot of OzBargainers are very much against Families.

  • +3

    Get fat around Christmas.

    • Kris(py) Kringle.

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    for some reason, I can get it for $24 at checkout + an expensive $12 delivery

    • +1

      It says click and collect.

    • +6

      The post literally says click and collect pre orders only.

      • -6

        im just referring to the contradictory statement, "Not available on Same-Day Pick up, or Delivery Orders" but you can get it delivered

        • "im just referring to the contradictory statement"
          not for $24 though?

    • Get around fat for Christmas

  • +2

    In WA, if I order today, I am only allowed to pick up on Friday…

    • Same here in Sydney

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      In WA, if I order today, I am only allowed to pick up on Friday…

      Is that yet another Mark McGowan law ???

      • No, it's Mao McGowan

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    This will make you fatter faster.

  • xmas dessert sorted, thanks OP!

    • +3

      As if these will last three days. Just sitting around, all in your face, being delicious..

      • +2

        well, i think i can trust the employees not to eat them all before i pick up on the 25th :)

      • +1

        Yes, they are being deliberately, maliciously, delicious at you.

  • Never ordered pickup from them before - anyone know if they give you a specific time to collect?
    Their window is 10am - 8pm but I would need to pickup at midday for a work event…

    • +2

      From experience, if it's the date you selected, it'll be ready as long as you're inside that timeframe.

  • Price is showing up as 32 bucks for me.

    • It updates to $24 when you go to checkout.

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    Are these ones cheaper because they have holes in them?

  • Thanks op, ordered one.

  • Thanks op, ordered for family xmas treat!

  • THanks guys. Just ordered 1 for the family before x-mas..

  • Got me some thanks OP

  • Yum thanks!

  • Thanks OP

  • Thanks OP! It's a Christmas Miracle.

  • I am drooling, but 24 is a lot.

  • I got over excited and ordered 48.

  • How long do they last? If I pick them up on 24, will they be ok till boxing Day?

    • +1

      Yeah. They should be fine

    • I've found the dough part gets drier and tougher after a couple of days.

      • +1

        Put them in the freezer.

        You can thank me in Finnish later.

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    nom nom nom 🥰🥰🥰

  • Price showing $31.95 at checkout when you enter payment

  • Word on the street is there's $12 Krispy Kreme (Australia) 12-packs at your local 7-Eleven.

    *Only available on the 22.12.21 while stocks last.

  • Orders closed 22.12.2021 (NSW, VIC, WA)

    does that mean no discount for pickup in Sydney on the 24th?

    • page hadnt reloaded - says expired now sorry

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