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Arctic MX-4 (2019) Thermal Compound Paste 4g + Tool $6 + Del ($0 with Prime/ $39 Spend) @ Harris Technology via Amazon


Thermal Conductivity 8.5 W/(mK)
No Electrically Conductive
Easy to apply

Lowest price for Arctic MX-4 4g

Also available via other sellers:
SenBa-AU $6

Without tool:
Harris Tech $6.24

8g without tool:
Harris Tech $13.74

4g thermal paste can be able to get 4-6+ applications. Depends on how you apply the paste

Dec 27th: Price increased by 14 cents to $6.14
Jan 1st: Price decreased to $6 again (sold by Techno Greek AU)

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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    still have a full pack from that deal

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    Why this has better rating than MX-5?

    • I think MX5 is thicker paste?

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        Would use this over MX5. I've just used this on my new builds. Easy to spread, seemed to perform well for the price based on reviews (otherwise move up to thermal-grizzly for additional performance at additional cost).

        From what I had seen from some reviews the performance of MX5 is worse, plus it turns to a concrete that will make it hard to remove (to reapply) without damaging components. Worth reading up on. MX5 seems to be a failure from arctic, similar scale to high-end 11th gen Intel. Just push it to market anyway, someone will buy it.

        • Good info++

        • Thanks for sharing.

    • Just used some MX-5. Really thick, gluggy and stringy. First bit that came out was a clearish liquid.

      Went back to my trusty Noctura H1

      • Ah good to know thanks.

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    Depending on a couple of variables the amount of paste you should use is 200mg - 350mg per CPU, more than that and you're wasting paste.

    So, more like 10+ uses when used efficiently.

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          Thanks. Learnt something new today.

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          I think arctic silver 2 or 3 was conductive, but that might have just been misinformation from back in the day.
          Not a problem now though, AS5 is fine and i'm sure any tubes of 2 or 3 are rock hard and unusable by now.

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      Yep, and too much is just going to inhibit heat transfer. Metal to metal is best, the paste is just to fill the tiny gaps and imperfections in the surfaces so the thinnest layer you can apply the better.

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        Gamer Nexus and Linus both did a test to determine if amount of thermal paste affects the CPU temperature of a PC.

        Both showed that the amount of thermal paste, assuming that it isn't too little, didn't have any significant effect on thermals.

        Hence, why I didn't mention it.

        • Good to know. I guess in reality the pressure applied from heatsink is probably going even out most applications (unlike the old days as a tech where I'd see PC's come in with a 2mm layer of thermal grease)

          Blob in the middle and let the heatsink do the rest is the method I usually use these days.

          • @bamzero: Blob in the middle method has been ditched by me a while back, I found that using this method will generally spread the paste as a big circle, which means theres no paste over the 4 corner of the CPU.

            I then changed to the 9 smaller dot method, and that will give 100% coverage.

            Though the performance difference is not very noticeable on mid-low end product, but can shave a few degrees off if you have a i9 tier heat generator.

    • I have a generic syringe/tube purchased in Feb 2019. It was listed as 3g. I've done 4x TIM applications since then and the tube still feels pretty full. My usual application is mung bean sized, and every time I've had to remove a cooler down the track, the TIM has always made it all the way to the edges.

      Anything that's squirted out between the heatsink and the heatspreader is just wasted gunk that I'll have to clean up after down the line.

  • https://www.amazon.com.au/dp/B07LDK4F5R?smid=ANISKM2DCJT3D&t...

    45g for 50, better value if you plan to use all 45g lol

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      Can do it for the local neighbourhood.

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        You're a true hero

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      Use some on the other side of the CPU too

    • I wonder how much of the stuff we would need to fully reverse global warming?

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    ah crap, i thought this was lube for stabs. any idea where i could get some, been tough trying to find some, preferably with the syringe like this one.

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      for Mechanical keyboards? My understanding is that you can just use ordinary dielectric grease. Supercheap Auto will have those.

    • You don't really need a syringe type one, the Permatex dielectric grease works well and you can get it anywhere, eg. Supercheap Auto or online.

      One tube will last you many stabs (lubed 4-5 sets of stabs, still heaps more).

    • +1

      Depends on which part of the stabs you are lubing. I usually lube stab housings with krytox 205g0 (dailyclack or switchkeys) or loob-3g (customkbd). For the stab wires, I would use permatex, but pretty sure they are OOS in Australia right now (got my info from mech keyboard discords).

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        Isn't permatex basically silicone grease? Anyways, silicone grease is useful thing to have for a lot of places so there would be many places you can get them from (i.e. Supercheap Auto like CrispyChrispy mentioned).

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    Note when buying, the $6 is from a 3rd party, so prob better to pay the extra 24c to get the original

    • is there a difference in the product?

      • I remember seeing an amazon review for using the 3rd party and it caused issues when applied (related to conductivity or something).

  • Nice one, I just ran out of paste the other day.

  • Would this be any drastically different/superior to the noctua thermal paste that comes with the nh-d15s CPU cooler fan I bought recently?

  • $12 now

    • Still $6 via senba

      • +1

        Yeah just noticed that. I guess the original link was also $6 but has gone up?

  • 12

    • See Above comment. Just got for $6 from senba

  • Saw picture and thought this was for booster jab

  • Does thermal paste or this stuff have a use by date? Or does it keep forever if you pack it way and dig it out in 5 years?

    • Just buy it as needed, Ozbargainers have a lot of cpus it seems.

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        GPUs too, especially if mining and need to periodically repaste.

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      I brought a tube of Arctic Silver 5 more than 10 years ago and it still works fine.

  • Careful with fake ones.

  • Its $7.20 with Tool and i still got one. Man I love Amazon prime.

  • Has anyone gotten their mx4? Checked if it's really or fake yet?

    Mine looks real.

    • Did you check with the QR code?

  • they are back in stock

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