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Cygnett Smart WiFi Plug $13.95 (Normally $34.95) + Shipping / Pickup @ Big W


Was looking for a smart Wi-Fi plug for a coffee machine I just bought so I could time it to turn on in the mornings. Went to Big W at TTP in Adelaide, none on shelf but asked staff and there were a few out back. Everywhere but Brickworks available according to website in SA.

Was cheaper than their home brand Wi-Fi plug (EKO) which was $15. Absolute PITA to sync, but got there eventually. Suggest following https://support.cygnett.com/hc/en-us/articles/360046658534-A... as I have an mesh router so it was being real funny as the devices only connect via 2.4 GHz. Eventually got there though.

This is part of Boxing Day Sales for 2021

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    Home assistant possible?

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    Did this device need to contact China in order to register?
    I found the recent Aldi wireless cameras (https://www.aldi.com.au/en/special-buys/special-buys-wed-24-...) would not let me register them to my wifi unless I removed the geo-block to China.
    Needless to say, I returned them.

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      Most of these use Tuya, so if you happen to be a Home Assistant user, you can go Tuya Local to integrate and then block internet access to the device.

      Otherwise - yes it is a pain and I don’t like my devices calling home.

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        Unless you are certain it is Tuya based AND can be firmware flashed to use fully local network setup, it is best not to give people false hope:


        Also, there are some cons chasing ones which can be flashed to stop connecting to cloud. There are risks to break the switch if the firmware flash gone bad, and even if it works, it will make Google Home and Alexa Support much harder.

        • Or you end up with devices like my TP-Link kasa board/plugs where the manufacturer decided nahhhhh not gonna let people flash them anymore so they are stuck phoning home forever.

        • First time hearing Home Assistant. Very exciting project. Thanks. Are there any other similar projects?

    • No … the only site they connect to (according to my gateway records) is 'us-disp.coolkit.cc'.

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    Can I recommend the ikea plug as an alternative. I bought these last year around Christmas when they were on sale… they didn’t last the year.

    • Did they full on break?

      • They kept on resetting themselves or becoming unresponsive. Couldn’t rely on them to work which isn’t good if it’s something you depend on…

    • I have two of them and haven’t had any issues

    • IKEA plug has no energy monitoring

    • but with ikea you need to buy the gateway as well?

    • Link to ikea plug?

    • These are generally the cheapest for the Apple ecosystem - Android and Alexa ones are available for less at times.

  • What’s the power handling of these? Doesn’t say in the blurb for this one, nor the Eko.

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      Eko is 2400w

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    These cygnett ones are a pain to setup
    Avoid if you can, the App is horrible
    Once setup though, so far ok

  • eko works perfectly fine with me? syncing was seemlessly as well.
    And is google assits
    And monitor energy lol
    And $12

    Eko for me just for price!

    • Does the ecko have an on off switch onboard?

    • How accurate is the energy monitor of the Eko? Does the manual give specifications of the accuracy?
      I bought this Cygnett a while back from Big W, and the Power, Voltage, Current readings are way off (more than 5% deviation).
      For example Voltage showed 225V when another power monitor and a multi-meter both showed 240V.
      Contacted Cygnett support and they told me to have it exchanged, but Big W had no stock so got a refund.
      The Cygnett manual doesn't have any specification of the accuracy, unlike a power monitor I bought from another store (e.g. in the manual it states voltage accuracy +/- 1%), which makes me think the Cygnett power monitor is generally inaccurate.

      • Does it have an switch on the plug?

        • The Cygnett has a button for pairing that can be used as a soft power switch, but no traditional on/off switch

  • does any one know if this support Apple homekit?

    • They do

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      Wouldn't recommend.. they unlink from the cygnet app then become unresponsive through homekit.. Philips smart plug all the way!

      If you dont mind doing the occasional (couple times a year) re-pair then it will be fine.

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        Try updating the firmware through the Cygnett app (painful) - ever since I’ve done this, mine have been almost flawless. Before they were playing up several times a week.

        • Will do cheers! One plug sits in my roof space connected to a exhaust fan and needless to say when it drops off its suchhh a pain!

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      This is better value for homekit users (4x power points and 2x USB)

      I don't use the cygnett app, so I can't comment on that. I added it through the apple home and it's been working perfectly
      Power points are individually selectable in the home app, USB ports are constantly powered

    • Yes they work really well with HomeKit. I bought one in May for my coffee machine and it hasn’t missed a beat. Super easy to set up, just scan the QR code - and that’s it (not as easy to set up on Android of course, but nothing is!) it will then go straight into HomeKit and you’re in business.

  • Do these block use of the adjacent wall outlet? They look THICC.

    • The prongs to plug into your wall outlet are offset, so it looks like they would not block the adjacent if they were plugged into the right-hand side of a double outlet. Have a look at the third pic.

      • Ahh, yes I see what you mean. Thanks for pointing that out!

      • You will have plug on the right side of your power socket. If plugged to the left, you can't plug anything in on the right socket.

    • I was going to say the same. It looks fat enough to cover the plugs left and right in a plug board. That's an "avoid" for me

      BTW sorry for the downvote, I meant to upvote but fat fingered it and now it looks like i can't undo it

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    Has anyone been able to set one of these adapters up with their Breville Barista Express coffee machines? I can't work out how I would do it, as even if I schedule the powerpoint to come on at a certain time, the machine still requires a manual push button to turn on, doesn't it?

    • Keep the coffee machine button on and use the power button on the plug or from your app.

      • Doesn't work with this model, I've tried that. The power button only operates when the machine has power, and it doesn't remember its power state when switched off/on via the WiFi adapter at the wall. Thanks anyway though.

    • I’m shocked at these coffee machine requirements. I’ve got a Delonghi Automatic and I’ve got it set to turn on at 8:45am each morning. It even remembers the time and the current time after a power outage.

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      Switchbot bot

  • Does this have coil whine like the shitty tplink ones?

    • No. I have 2 power plugs and 2 power strips, and they are quiet.

      One thing you need to note is that all these devices will make an audible click (reasonable volume) sound to let you know the power has turn on/off. Good for you to have an audio confirmation when you control through the app or through automation.

      • Is this an audible click or the actual switch opening?

        • It is an audible click … it is not an actual switch click. What happens is that when you run an automation involving 2 or more power on/off on the same power strip, you hear one distinct click, and not multiple clicks taking place.

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    The Eko one with energy monitor is also $12 with free delivery from big w eBay.

    I use it to charge my electric car believe it or not. Was using the deta connect one from Bunnings, but this one has slightly more accurate energy monitoring. The two are almost indistinguishable, but the button is on the opposite side. Both work with Tuya app (and related), and a skinny enough to not hog the whole power point. Can recommend!

    • Can you please confirm that the Eko has the button on the plug to switch it on or off without a phone?

    • The Eko one for $12 is practically the same device. Wouldn't be surprised if they're the same on the inside.

  • It has been this price for quite a long time thanks to the price tracking websites.

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    Went out and picked one up, when setting up wouldn't connect to wifi since it only connects to 2.4ghz band. Modem only shoots out one ssid and funnels you to whatever band has the best connectivity, so will have to mess around with it tomorrow.

    • Yea I had that problem too, check the link in the description which allows you to kinda manually connect to the right ssid

    • Switch on "Compatible Pairing Mode" in the Cygnett app when you're pairing and it should work.

      • From what I've found online, this is feature is only on Android devices?

  • Can this be used to save power?

  • Just returned mine of these from a previous deal. Horrible setup process flat out didnt work on my android phone.

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