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Amazon AU 12% Cashback on All Categories (Capped at $25 per Member, 11am-1pm AEDT 24/12) @ Cashrewards


Hi everyone, and a Merry Christmas to you all. A hot 2-hour deal for our members with 12% cashback on every Amazon AU category, capped in total at $25 per member. Please read the terms & tips below carefully as it will save a lot of questions. Valid from 11:00am 24/12/21 to 1:00pm 24/12/21 (AEDT). Don't forget to sign up to Amazon Prime for a free 30-day trial. Thanks for your support as always. Please stay safe, and enjoy :)

  • Ensure your Amazon cart is empty before clicking from Cashrewards, as items added prior to clicking will not earn cashback. Items must only be added to cart after clicking from Cashrewards.
  • During the 2 hour promotional period, 12% cashback for Amazon Australia is capped at $25 in total per member account, irrespective of the number of transactions made. Valid 11:00am to 1:00pm 24/12/21 (AEDT).
  • Purchases paid with gift cards are eligible for cashback.
  • Purchases paid with any Amazon promotional credit as partial or full payment are ineligible for cashback.
  • Cashback is ineligible on purchase of vouchers, gift cards, kindle unlimited, audible, mobile apps, recurring subscribe & save items (first order only is eligible), Amazon Prime subscriptions & renewals. Cashback is also ineligible on use of any codes entered manually in Amazon's 'Promotion Code' field.
  • Pre-orders are eligible for cashback only if the item is scheduled to be shipped within 60 days of purchase.
  • Purchases from Amazon US/UK are eligible for cashback provided the transaction is made via Amazon AU.
  • You must return and click through from Cashrewards to Amazon every time you make a new transaction/purchase. Click and subsequent purchase must be completed inside the 2-hour window. Amazon tracking typically takes 1-3 days to report into accounts (Amazon tracking is not instant).
  • For tracking success, ensure you disable 3rd party plugins (AdBlock, uBlock, Pi-hole, Honey, etc) and VPNs, close any additional browser tabs, and don't click away to other sites looking for codes etc after clicking from Cashrewards as tracking will be lost (3x Camels is a tracking killer). Use our iOS/Android mobile app for great tracking results.

Don't forget to refer-a-friend for $10 each - tip: add your code to OzB’s randomiser. Make sure you're subscribed to our newsletter so you don't miss out on all the hot deals coming up this month. Use our Help Centre & Contact form here for any questions or issues.

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  • +3

    What a great Christmas Eve gift. Thanks TA!

  • +6

    Good on you Mr. TA and Team CR.
    Merry Xmas :)

    • +162

      Thank you HHH-888 and others that have commented through the post. Rather than respond to individual comments of thanks, I want to personally wish all of you and your loved ones the happiest, healthiest, and safest of festive seasons. It's been a tough couple of years for us all and we should be thankful we at least have this awesome forum to help keep us sane and engaged, as well as save a few dollars lol. See you in 2022 for a bigger and better year! TA.

      • +2

        Thank you, Lord tight arse.

      • TA!!! 👌

      • -1

        i think you've done a great job this year, however it's a terrible year for CR share holders.

      • +1

        Thanks TA for all the deals and help through any tracking issues in 2021. Keep it loose with deals and tight with great support in 2022 :D

  • +1


  • +7

    Thanks TA, Merry Christmas to you and the team!

    Thank you for all you've done for OzB this year, looking forward to what you guys bring next year :)

  • Ben Law, you seen this deal?

  • +4

    Cashback is ineligible on… recurring subscribe & save items (first order only is eligible)

    For avoidance of doubt, you can stack this cashback with the subscribe and save discount to buy an item but subsequent deliveries of the item won't receive cashback?

    • +9

      Spot on. Only the first order of any S&S transaction is eligible for cashback.

      • And that first purchase can have quantity > 1 ?

        • +1

          Makes no difference. It's all about the first order (irrespective of quantities). Subsequent orders are ineligible.

          • @tightarse: How about subscribing the same item of a previously cancelled subscription? Does that count as first order?

          • @tightarse: @tightarse …what @iori57 said… what if I cancel an existing S&S and resubscribe?

      • I was thrilled to see this and went on to make a S&S purchase within that period but still hasn't tracked. How long do they take?

  • -2

    Its a bit confusing, can I buy Amazon gift card?

    • +4


      Cashback is ineligible on purchase of vouchers, gift cards, kindle unlimited, audible, mobile apps, recurring subscribe & save items (first order only is eligible), Amazon Prime subscriptions & renewals. Cashback is also ineligible on use of any codes entered manually in Amazon's 'Promotion Code' field.

      • -2

        Ok thank you. But in brackets, it says first order is eligible?

        • +2

          That applies to the preceding statement about Subscribe & Save. Nothing to do with gift cards :)

        • +1

          First order of a subscribe & save for a particular item (in other words initiating the subscription for that item).

        • +1

          For 'subscribe and save' items only.

          Edit: looks like I'm too slow writing comments

    • +1

      But you can buy a discounted Amazon gift card somewhere and use it with this cashback

    • +2

      Cashback available on all categories^

      ^ Except the categories it is not available on


  • TA, just to confirm, any purchases partially made with gift cards and CC will still be eligible, right? Looking forward to buying $250 item, not enough GC balance, might pay partially with CC.

    • +1

      Yep, good to go. But please note that if you apply any Amazon Promotional Credit to the purchase, cashback will be ineligible.

      • +1

        What are Amazon promotional credit?

        • +1

          I think its when there's a discount check box when adding to cart for a lower rate so then your receipt shows the difference as a Amazon Promotional Credit

        • I think stuff like like the Black Friday $100 credit for buying an Oculus Quest, the recent $5 bonus credit for buying a gift card etc.

      • Thank you Boss.
        Not sure what is Amazon Promotional Credit, don't think I have any available :)

  • We have no option not to pay by promo credit

    • +1

      There is a checkbox you can untick if you expand the payment methods section while checking out.

    • On the desktop, "change payment" allows you to untick the box.

    • +1

      You can un-select that as a payment option.

      So if you have say $100 in gift card, and $5 in promo credit, there will be two checkboxes at payment. You must un-select promo credit.

      [ X ] Use gift card
      [ ] Use promo credit

      • Thanks must be new last time I asked their agent they said working on it.

      • This must be new. As i asked amazon like two weeks ago, they told me that it wasn't an option. It was annoying as the promotional credit is automatically applied. You can't deactivate it and choose to apply it to another order. In recent cashreward, i ended up placing an order for random stuff that i do not urgently need to burn that promotional credit before placing my big purchase on second order to be eligible for the cashreward.

        • +1

          It’s always been an option

        • Untick via "Change Payment". The interface is different on desktop and mobile(more intuitive).

  • +1

    Merry Christmas, TA

    • +18

      Thank you so much. As I've said previously, I'd love to upvote all the kind comments of thanks etc, but reps can unfortunately no longer vote in comments :(

  • +1

    Not behd

  • +2

    Can someone help uncle with the maths please - what's the max amount we can spend before max Cashback of $25?

    • +26


      Username does not checkout. Uncle Roger would never need to ask about maths

    • $208.33

    • +1


      • Unless some items with no GST.

        • Local 3rd party sellers/fulfilled by Amazon AU don't seem to attract GST

          • @wekimekigugudan: I'm guessing the way cashback is calculated it will assume GST is there regardless the seller is GST registered or not, thus cashback will be based on 10/11 of the order value. Let me know if I'm wrong. Merry Christmas everyone!

    • Aiiiyaaa…

  • +4

    As payments by gift card are accepted, if you have a Mastercard, don't forget to grab your 3 months of Prime or $15 gift card…


    • Oh nice! I thought this was promo credit! Here I come with a purchase tomorrow!

  • Awesome!

  • An awesome Christmas Eve bonus.

  • I want to buy something listed in amazon.com.au but sold and shipped by Amazon UK. Does it qualify?

    • Yes. As long as purchasing through Amazon.com au, you're safe.

      • -2

        I'd like to ask AMZ UK why their postage is always rip off vs US rates .

        • +1

          Because shipping from the UK is costlier.

  • +2

    Thanks TA, great deal especially since payment with GC allowed
    Merry Christmas to you

  • Read the info, nope is the answer for GC.

    • +2

      GC allowed this time -> Purchases paid with gift cards are eligible for cashback.

  • Awesome. Thanks for keeping it tight TA!

  • +1

    Thanks for the early Xmas present CR team!

  • Thanks mate

  • +3

    The real question is what to buy?

    • +2

      Murphy's Law is that you will think of something at 1:01pm 24/12/21 (AEDT). He He!!

  • +1

    One day too late. You want Santa to deliver on Christmas Eve.

    • That's why they are doing this promo

  • Are new items bought from 3rd party sellers valid for this?

  • Thanks

  • Ordered the last bunch of things for delivery in-time for Christmas, this would have been great a day ago. Great offer anyway.

  • Thank you TA.

    Just the incentive to buy an item I've been watching.

  • TA, Merry Christmas you, the CR team and your families.

  • @tightarse, using the fund in my existing amazon gift card balance is eligible and not considered promotional credit right?

    • +1

      Yep, all good. They are two completely separate things.

  • I deleted my account months ago now want to make a new one but it says account registered to an inactive account. I want to make a NEW account. I never really used my old account so deleted it.

  • +1

    Is free shipping (non Prime) considered promo credit? When I add to cart, it says Free Shipping - (minus symbol) $5.99.

  • Cheers, now I just need to wake up on time

  • I haven't found anything close to a decent price on Amazon lately. Everything is a good 20 - 100% more than elsewhere.

    Hopefully something pops up.

    • Everything video game related tend to have the best prices. Outside of that I don't find a lot on Amazon AU. Maybe toilet paper.

      There are some decent prices on Amazon US/UK through AU items though.

      • Ah ok. Yeah, not a gamer. Got prime and a $50 giftcard for 3 months. Bought nothing.
        IR thermometer was $11 on eBay / $26 on Amazon, EV adapter $80 vs $159 …etc etc. Need a 50% discount just to get on par. Nice work Bezos.

  • Any suggestions for $50 gift?

  • There is an automatic prime saving of $10 for order over $39 on my account, i can't seem to unchecked that but this would just void this cashback offer right?

    • +1

      Please read this thread re turning off promo credits. Thanks.

      • Great, found it! Changing to desktop view on mobile works. :)

  • Thanks TA

  • Fantastic timing TA! I was just about to put an order in on Amazon, so will wait until tomorrow. Hope you, @minita and the rest of the CR team have a safe and happy Christmas and New Year.

  • @tightarse Is the $130 coupon/saving on this item classified as Promotional Credit?
    Thanks in advance!

    • Same question - following

    • +2

      Hi, and apologies for the delay - I needed to reach out to our contact to get clarity. This is considered a partial Amazon Promotional credit, so unfortunately the answer is no to cashback. Sorry :(

      • Thanks for confirming!

        • No worries at all :)

  • +2

    Do items on Amazon Marketplace (not sold by Amazon, not shipped by Amazon) count?

    • Would like to know this as well.

  • great

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