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[PS4] Moving Out $7.73 (was $30.95) @ PlayStation Store


Moving Out is a ridiculous physics-based moving simulator that brings new meaning to 'couch co-op'!

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  • Can someone confirm this is worth it? I am considering waiting a bit longer in case it comes out as a PS Plus game.

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      I thought it was okay, but I found just moving objects to different places wasn't as much fun as cooking in Overcooked

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        I find Overcooked is stressful which is why I feel moving objects to different places could be more fun hahaha

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          I found it more enjoyable and easier than over cooked.
          Additionally the young kids were able to understand this game much better and play too

        • I hate Overcooked with a passion, so much stressful compared to Moving Out. Definitely recommend Moving Out over Overcooked!

    • 7 bucks would be the equivalent of the price of a schooner nowadays…😅

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        So true mate!

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        I'd love me a $7 schooner in Melbourne.

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      In coop its fun but as a single player game it's a bit dull. Takes longer to beat the levels and there isn't much drive to keep completing the levels. The story is pretty forgettable and the humour doesn't really land a lot of the time. I'd say no-brainer if you have someone to play couch coop with, otherwise I'd skip it (even at this price).

    • Fifteen minutes of fun max, but I didn't like Overcooked either.

      Death Squared and Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime are much better couch co-ops IMO.

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    Just game trivia, this game was co-developed by an aussie developer SMG Studio alongside DevM Games (Swedish)

    • Oh that's great! Even for the fact of supporting aussie developers I might just buy it. Same reason I bought Stranded Deep as they are Brisbane devs.

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        noice! i've played this game, its not bad but just dont play it alone :(
        i know the steam ver. is couch co-op and DOES NOT support Multiplayer (unless remote play) so just bear that in mind.

        • Noted. As I don't play couch co-op very often (mainly solo or multiplater) I might give it a miss.

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    Is this local co-op only? Is there online matchmaking?

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    Excellent $4.64 cheaper than last time.

  • For those playing with kids, be aware that there's a pretty significant difficulty spike once you get past the "warehouse" levels.

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    Also you become a certified F.A.R.T (Furniture Arrangement Relocation Technician)!
    Perfect for eight year olds.

  • I had fun playing this on Switch at a friend’s place. Can’t imagine playing it solo though, definitely one for co-op.

    Just noticed it’s $8.98 on Steam so might get it there.

  • thanks op, got it for the kids to play during holidays

  • I thought you were selling your PS4 for $7.73 because you were moving out. What a bargain that would be! hehe

  • I thought the demo was quite good ot be honest, it seemed like fun. I couldn't get the missus into it unlike overcooked tho :(

    Same with catastronauts which also seemed good to me.

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