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HEYMIX Single Monitor Arm 32'' 2-9kg - Black $33.99 Delivered | White 2 for $76.48 ($38.24 Each) @ HEYMIX Amazon AU


From Amazon "The HEYMIX Aluminum single monitor stand fits most screens 13" to 32" in size and 1.5kg to 9kg in weight with quick Release joint installation with VESA plate 75x75mm or 100x100mm mounting holes. 2-Ways mounts to the back of your desk (10mm - 80mm ) via a heavy-duty C-clamp or optional grommet mount (10mm -60mm)."

I bought one of these in a recent deal for around $40. They are really solid, delivery was within days so it's AU stock, and I've had no issues. I reached out to the seller for a deal as I needed more, they were super responsive and now I have 3.

Based on previous oZbargain deals, it looks like this is a historical low for Boxing Day.

See similar recent deal at $39.19

Description bulled from previous deal
* Compatibility: The HEYMIX single monitor mount fits most screens 13"(33cm) to 32"(81cm) in size and 1.5kg to 9kg in weight with VESA 75x75mm or 100x100mm mounting holes. (While in our Manual we suggest best experience to use screen 27''within 6.5kgs as recommened.)
* Full Articulation: The HEYMIX VESA monitor mount offers -45°/90°tilt, ±90° swivel, 360° rotation. Monitor can be placed in portrait or landscape shape.
* Gas Spring System: The single monitor stand built with gas springs, providing a smooth adjustment motion that perfectly balances the weight of the monitor.
* Cable Management: RemCable Management: Removable cable clamps keep the table top organized, providing a neat table top and stylish appearance for the most comfortable working environment.ovable cable clamps keep the table top organized, providing a neat table top and stylish appearance for the most comfortable working environment.
* Easy Install: Mounts to the back of your desk (10mm to 85mm thick) via a heavy-duty C-clamp or optional grommet mount.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.
This is part of Boxing Day Sales for 2021

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  • White 2 for $84.98 ($38.24 Each)

    Title should be updated to $76.48 with that 10% discount for two items (38.241 each - we save 0.2 cents!)
    Buy 2, save 10% . | Save 10% each on HEYMIX Gas Spring Monitor Arm offered by HEYMIX when you purchase 2 or more.

    Assuming 2 refers to quantity rather than a random model number.

    • Yeah, don't know how i missed that, clearly if it's $38,24 each it's going to be less than $80 for the two. Cheers for the heads up.

  • The NB F80 is also on sale for $33. Which one is better?


    • I can't comment on the NB, but I liked the look of the White HEYMIX the best out of what I could see at this pricepoint. I only originally bought one to check how solid it was and after getting it, i then got another two. That said you can only really see the base and the bottom of the arm most of the time if the desk is against a wall. But the base on the NB looks chunky and partly plastic to me, with a tacky logo, IMO.

      • So you have some of this brand? I assume you would deff recommend it then? how easy is the line up when you have two of them (i know sometimes they never line up 'easy' if you have two due to some of the arm lentgths)

        I have a corner desk to was always worried about desk mounts

      • Wrong. I have the f80 and f100 from North Bayou and the bases are metal on both models.

  • can this handle the 34" MSI Curved

    • If it has a VESA mount and is under 9KG that should answer your question

      • n00b follow up - when they reference screen size (ie. 32 inch) is that more because they’d expect sizes greater than 32” to be more than 9kg?

        Feel they’d almost be better dropping the size and just labelling weight capacity. But I guess how many people know the weight of their screen. Lol.

        • The Bigger the screen has an issue with the centre of grav and the pull on the arm which is mounted to the desk, (Bigger ones you will see have a bigger lip which wraps around the desk)

          But weight is the major player, its more for warranty and liability purpose, aka if it does have an issue and its out of the size scale, they cant be blamed,

          But most newer screens are super light so its commonly not an issue,

          • @brent3000: Cool. Makes sense.

            My 34” ultrawide is only 6kg, will give it a go. If it doesn’t work for this, I’ll find another use for it.


  • +1

    how is it #1 bestseller but only 3 ratings? also does this come with arm to monitor fixing screws?

    • Yes, comes with 2 x 4 screws to fix the arm to the monitor, along with washers. On the instructions it says the difference between the screws are M4x10 and M5x10. I guess some monitors have difference sizes?

      In total it comes with 11 screws (the 2x4 lots for the arm to monitor, and then 3 others for the clamp), 4 washers, two allen/screw driver keys, a cushion type sticker pad to go between the clamp and the desk, and the clamps and arm itself.

      Re #1, I guess some people are buying it?

  • Does anyone actually know the quality of these. The price points seems sceptical and would fail a lot quicker than others.

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