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eufy Video Doorbell 2K (Battery) with Homebase2 $241 @ Bunnings


Just surprised no one has Posted this yet….but hopefully it's a good deal…need help before I pull the trigger on it… whether it's worth it…and better than other smart door bells

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  • What is Regular price in title

    • JB hifi - $349

      Not homekit compatible

  • $250 delivered amazon prime

    Seems like the Bunnings deal is pretty good

    • does amazon price match?

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        I rang Jeff Bezos, he said no

        • Did you use a satellite phone and speak in your Elon accent ?

  • Maybe there's a new model coming out

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      Maybe… maybe not.

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        There is always a new model coming out.

        • Not if it gets discontinued…

    • Nah, just "bargain" price. Picked mine up from SCA for $234.30 back in June. It's a good jigger and does everything I need :)

      • There is supposed to be one with a downwards facing parcel camera in the works/coming out.

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    Hi OP, you can use ozb history to get an idea on whether something is a good price and what previous comments have been:


  • I have one. It works well. The homebase is pretty useless of you only have the doorbell.

    • Well it is a chime and also stores your videos remotely from the doorbell itself in case it's stolen… :p

      • can we expand the memory on base?

        • Nope.

          You won't need to though if the doorbell is your only device

      • also stores your videos remotely from the doorbell itself in case it's stolen…

        Until the door bell is reset and the videos are wiped.

  • haha, love your name OP :)

  • +1

    PB with OW and got it for $229 delivered. thx OP

  • One of the options price match with super and use giftcard (normally get 5%~10%) and cash back (not sure any conditions)

  • I have it

    But I have to say something

    Don't buy it if you using Google product like hub or hub max, because Google only supports his own doorbell to view it on hub

    You can view it though Amazon product like echo 8 or whatever with screen

    I leaned it after I installed eufy doorbell

    • You're half right. Google enabled the API for doorbells this year and eufy haven't yet enhanced their product accordingly.

      It is a bit misleading to see google home stamped on the product and then to find it it doesn't alert your home hub

      • SO inconsistent… "Hey Google, show me the doorbell". Shows it anytime between 10 and 45 second later.

        Echo 5 is just as inconsistent.

        • +2

          That's if it doesn't instead respond with "according to Wikipedia, a doorbell is…"

          • @nardz: Never had that one. Hope you haven't put a jinx on me now…. 😂

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    I have one. Generally pretty happy with it. Wired it up in my place of my old dumb doorbell and it has enough power to not need any in battery charging as well as operating the existing doorbell chime.

    Only caveat is that the Google home integration is pretty poxy. Hub doesn't ring, basically you can ask it to show you footage and it's delayed by about 20 seconds.

    Also the human/motion detection can be a bit flaky. Tried to set the action zones but seems to get ignored quite often.

  • 2k…..soo this is the 20yr old version ? :P

  • So gutted, bought my one @ $275 from the good guys last week.
    I called them to honour their 120% price guarantee to which they said they don’t consider Bunnings as competitor hence won’t honour price beat guarantee….. guys please be mindful of this truck of the bad guys and spread the word about the bad guys misleading price guarantee.
    Has anyone faced same with the bad guys and what was the outcome.
    I am thinking of taking it to Choice magazine and name and shame the bad guys.

    • +3

      You'd do better going to fair trading 👍

    • The T&C's do clearly explain that it only applies at nominated competitors.

      5.1 Concierge 30 Day Price Guarantee
      Concierge 30 day price guarantee claims can only be made in respect
      of prices advertised on The Good Guys website or on the websites of 11
      nominated competitors (Appliances Online, Big W, Bing Lee, David Jones,
      Harvey Norman, JB HiFi, Joyce Mayne, Myer, Retravision, Target, and

      • Yeah, I came to know later on but I feel there should be something mentioned next to Eiffel Tower size advt. the bad guys do in each and every store of theirs.

        • Price guarantees always have conditions and it's best to understand what those are when purchasing.

          The good news is now Bing Lee have reduced this also. Selling for $232.


          Before submitting a claim against that better do a check online on all of the nominated competitors in case any others even lower

  • The battery is good ? 6 months is realistic?

    • +1

      The battery life is the most disappointing part of this doorbell, but it all depends on where the doorbell is placed. I've got mine facing my street that has about 40 cars an hour pass by, and due to it filtering out motion events that don't contain faces, the battery life ends up being two weeks - even when I use the angle bracket to angle it slightly away from the street. Definitely wire it up if you can - I can't because I'm renting, but I'm looking into solar panels or a wired adapter to fix it.

  • It looks like the doorbell/camera sits in a plastic case so it can be easily removed and stolen

  • I scored this for $100 on clearance at Bunnings Lake Haven yesterday. Might be worth checking other stores when they reopen.

  • I decided to setup my video doorbell today, however for some reason when you press the doorbell button the homebase doesn't ring, only the doorbell button itself and my mobile.

    Has anyone else experienced this issue? From looking online it appears it was a common problem that was fixed via updating the firmware for the doorbell. I've updated the firmware for both the doorbell and the homebase and still no luck.

    • In the doorbell settings -> indoor chime, did you select "use homebase as chime?"

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