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Faber-Castell Dust-Free Eraser White 2 Pack 50% off $1.75 + Delivery ($0 with Prime/ $39+) @ Amazon AU


Thx to Camel x3 once again.

50% off = to lowest historical price.

Now available on backorder (1-2 mth delivery)

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.
This is part of Boxing Day Sales for 2021

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  • +1

    Epic deal .. got one

    • +1

      2 for the price of 1 even.. :)

  • +7

    Great for quickly rubbing one out

    • These might be more comfy though

      • +1

        Interesting. I find it works much better if you take the wrapper off…

  • +3

    Can I use this to erase myself?

    • +6

      Not really. It’s best left to a professional

    • As long as you don't leave a trace…

  • +2

    Thank you. Need some erasers for next year’s school booklist.

    • +5

      I am constantly amazed how quickly rubbers are destroyed and lost by students, as well as their ability to lose all their pencils and ruler and scissors within months. They spend the rest of the year borrowing off people near them. I gave one student 12 pencils near the end of the year and she had none within a day. I thought when I cleaned my room out at the end of the year I would find some sort of magical elephant pencil graveyard. But alas, it was just a mirage, like all their stationery.

      On topic, these are excellent erasers.

      • +1

        Indeed, what do kids do with all their erasers and pencils? Last school year, my son’s booklist asked for 36 pencils and six erasers but he kept needing to bring extra pencils and erasers to school because he was always running out!

  • +4

    Thank you just ordered, the Amazon box even worths more than the rubbers. Lol (as usual they ship oversized box….so annoying)

    • +3

      You buy these just so can have a cheap box to reuse.

  • Coles and Big W also have these for the same price now.

  • I don't know why I bought one, I never use a pencil.

    btw, used to call these "rubber" at school and was told off by one of the teachers.

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