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Asus Zenfone 8 5G 128GB (Obsidian Black) $749 (Save $250) + $5.99 Delivery ($0 C&C/ in-Store) @ JB Hi-Fi


5.9" compact, pocket size design for ultimate portability and effortless one-hand operation
5nm Qualcomm® SDM888 5G Mobile Platform with 8GB RAM
120Hz Samsung AMOLED display for ultra-smooth image scrolling and blur-free videos

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  • Android version on this phone?

    • Android 11, ZenUI 8, according to GSMArena. Was only released earlier this year.

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    just FYI these have an unresolved issues with spontaneously dying. Google "ZenFone 8 ramdump". a shame because there's few good compact options.

    • And there's fewer high end options with a headphone jack too.

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        Asus Rog Phone 5 and the Sony Xperia 1 III are the current favorites among audiophile wired headphone users with their ESS Sabre DACs. This is a tier down in terms of wired audio quality. Still a great phone though and has LDAC.

  • SOT?

  • Is it dual sim?

    • Yes it has Dual Sim

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    Yes Dual Sim.

    Paid $999 on the first week of launch in JB HiFi

    I have been using this phone for just over 5 months & till date I got 5 or 6 updates.

    No VoLTE or VoWiFi in AU

    Single Hand Operation is what I got this for plus very fast in operation for anything you want to use

    Some times battery drain happen but it depends on what I was using.

    Overall it's a great phone.

    On screen finger print scanner is a bit temperamental and pocket dial is a problem so I disabled it for unlock & only use face ID that works well & reduced the unlock issue

    I use Coles Mobile Pre Paid so no 5G but tested it with Telstra 5G works great.

    Any more questions please feel free to PM me

  • worth upgrading from Samsung s10e? I find it quite laggy eg. loading google pay takes like 5 seconds, feels like an eternity when I'm at the checkout

    Not sure if a faster processor will help or if Android just generally laggy

    • I'm in the same boat, not so much lag, but battery not lasting a day and USB port died so only wireless charging now…

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        It's hard finding a good upgrade for my s10e as well. I've got a dead USB port as well so I decided I'll get a new port off eBay and install it myself. The guides on iFixit look pretty detailed and straightforward.

        • Do you know if the battery is easily replaceable? I don't have any soldering skills or specialist tools :(

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            @dajackal: The only special tools I have are the really tiny screwdrivers. Other than that I use old credit cards to cut through adhesive. I recommend reading the guide first and seeing if you're comfortable with following the instructions. I'm ok with this process because I've tinkered with things like this in the past but it can be a bit daunting if you've never done it before.

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            @dajackal: There are some $55 non-glittery battery charging cases on eBay (that also don't advertise some ridiculous impossible battery capacity). Example: this using AFTERPAY10. It's also part of the PLUSTJA sale. Should provide 1.5 charges and it's worth the cost to extend the life of the phone, without the hassle of disassembling and reducing the water resistance.

            I've contacted this seller hoping they restock the S10e version.

            As for your speed issues, try downloading the Google 'Files' app and use the app cache clear option in the Clean menu. Do it every few days and it'll feel more rapid. I presume you've already tried the Device care optimisation in Settings. Some apps that hang up your phone might require a reinstall.

            • @Techie4066: thanks appreciate the reply.

              can you recommend a replacement for the Samsung Finder app? I find it takes forever to search for the app that I want

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                @dajackal: I think Samsung Finder is it. Unless you want a separate app or launcher, which is just a PITA.

                Try diving into its settings and see if there's some indexing options related to storing more results, or unchecking what apps/files are searched.

                Searching might be limited by Power saving mode too, who knows. Everything should speed up with a Junk cleanout in the Google Files app. You could also organise your apps better by using folders, or changing the home screen type to a Drawer/All apps on home - just a thought.

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      I've had the same issue but put it down to the app itself. No similar issues with other apps.

      You can try 'locking' the app. In the task manege view, click the app icon at above the app window and select 'Lock this app'. This is meant to keep the app loaded in memory.

      I've have mixed results with this. Sometimes it appears to help, others no.

      The app won't be loaded after a reboot until you do it manually so perhaps that has impacted effectiveness.

      • Thanks will give it a go!

        Will hang onto the Samsung s10e for a bit longer then ;)

        Everything still working fine, just the battery life doesn't last a whole day anymore.

  • Any thoughts on how the Black Shark 4 compares? I know a much larger phone but for a "gaming" phone

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