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40% off Arrow Blend - 1kg Coffee Beans $35 Express Delivered @ Kai Coffee


I just received an email from Kai Coffee Roasting Co. advertising their 'end of year sale', offering 40% off their arrow blend coffee.

They also have 500G bags for $26 express delivered.

I personally enjoy their coffee and am running low on the last bag I purchased from them, so thought it was worthy of sharing.


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  • Haven't tried but would love to hear from those who have tried the Inglewood Blends?

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      Better. I've gotten Inglewood twice now, the Roosevelt is great, but the spam and delays from Inglewood make me hesitant to recommend them.

      Kai I ordered on the 21st, arrived the 23rd Dec lol, no spam yet.

      Cracked the 5-0, probs better. Keen to try and Arrow and Ethiopian blends too but I gifted the Arrow.

      Paid $101 for the following:
      1x Arrow Blend - 1kg / Whole Bean for $50.00 each
      1x 5-0 Blend - 1kg / Whole Bean for $50.00 each
      1x Ethiopia Guji Gigesa - 500g / Whole Bean for $30.00 each
      1x Ethiopia Hambela - 500g / Whole Bean for $30.00 each

      • Are you going to consume that much in a month?

        • If you have the freezer space you can vacuum seal and freeze for longevity. Thaw overnight before use.

        • As I said, gifted the Arrow (and an Ethiopian). So I only got 1.5kg for a month. We normally go through 250g/10days, that's tripled over Christmas with the folks staying.

  • The prices went up before the latest 40% deal.
    I suppose beans are getting more expensive globally?

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    Thanks Op, just about to run out of beans. Ordered one. Cheers

  • Which ground for barista express? Quite new at this. Is it whole bean?

    • Whole Bean, put em' in the grinder at the top.

      Whole beans stay fresher longer (less surface area). Usually you want to consume them within a month (else freeze).

      • Cheers ta!

  • Thanks op. Bought 1kg. Didn't try stacking with a subscription, someone might like to try that and confirms whether it works?

  • 500g, Pour Over Grind, $30 + $5 for delivery.

    It says $26 in the OP, not getting that option.

    • You need to use "Arrow" promo code during checkout, this will chop 40% off the $30 price, but increase delivery to $8, so $26 total.

      • $50, becomes $30 with the code Arrow, then $35 with delivery, for 500g

        EDIT: I had to switch 500g to 1KG, and then switch it back 500g for it to work.

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    how does this compare to Airjo? anybody? anybody?

    • Which Airjo blend are you referring to?

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        Can you compare it to sumatra ?

      • How about Enterprise?

  • Legend, this timing is perfect. Hopefully they're roasting and despatching this week, my supplies are low!

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    You have failed this coffee!

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    Are these miles better than the Vittoria beans at woolworths? Just picked up my breville dual boiler today. Just bought a 1kg bag from woolworths today lol.

    • The beans would definitely be fresher, taste is subjective though.

    • Yes miles better, difference is how long since they have been roasted. The Vittoria beans might have been roasted 12+ months ago vs a few weeks for these

    • +2

      Miles better, offensive to BDB greatness not to use fresh beans.

    • Miles better. These guys are my local roasters, I recommend the Ethiopian blend, mavericks, and 5-0 blend as my go to choices from them

    • Thanks all I'll get fresh beans after I get through these

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      Vittoria is garbage. (Sorry Vittoria lovers).

    • Which grinder are you using?

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        Smart grinder pro

    • Can I ask where did you pick up the dual boiler from and how much it was?

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      Woolies Vitoria are terrible imo, they are always half price and tons in stock for a reason. If you’re shopping in Woolies lookout for their home brand macro organic beans and Lavazza many times has offers esp with single origin (Amazon, Africa etc) those are really good value and excellent quality / taste

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        Thanks i'll avoid them in the future once I get through this bag. Even on the smallest grind setting, I've found it a little watery on the BDB

        Will plan in advance to get some fresh beans online for the next batch.

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        The Harris beans are ok at Woolies if you're after a budget bean

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    Do you need the bow blend to use this?

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    Grabbed 2kg, thanks.

    • Pretty good arrival time being just after Christmas and all, from order it took 4 days.

  • For those that want mcdonalds version of these:


    But to be honest I like Arrow Blend for distinct taste vs chip chip and you can get a free can of coke about $10 s&s

  • Ordered. Thanks OP.

  • I just got a bag of airjo, are these better?

    • Yes.

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    Last time I purchased this deal had 2 weeks old roast date, longest ever on all the coffee deals to date.

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      Mate you want to wait until a week or two after roast for espresso. Invalid neg.

      • Not an invalid neg at all…Espresso roasts age quicker than filter roasts. Peak flavour is about 1-2 week's past roast, so by the time the beans were received they were degrading. If they're going to age the beans, I want them to be up front about it. Otherwise the expectation is freshly roasted, especially if they're being shipped.

    • Did you email them? I did and they sent a fresh new bag for free.

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      First world problems

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    I recently purchased from these and got 2 extra bags free plus 40% off!

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    Purchased 5 single origins and the oldest bag was roasted 4 days before shipping. One day express from QLD to VIC. Haven't tried yet but so far so good!

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    Someone going to give us a review?

  • Perfect timing, Thanks.

    I like to try different roasters. My previous batch was from Lime Blue Coffee. Colombia Single Origin. I was satisfied so I'll give them a quick plug.

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      @burns13 I've purchased 4kg in total on two occasions also the single origin. It's very good beans. I'll be buying more next sale they have.

  • For people who have barista express - what grind size settings do you guys have for the arrow bean?

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    Still waiting on my beans ordered 27/12, auspost stuffing me around. Unless the beans are excellent, will probably stick to airjo with free express postage

    • I don't see how postage is Kai Coffee's issue. I ordered mine on the 27th and they were shipped on the 30th and I received them on the 31th. However I do live in Brisbane and Kai Coffee is located about 1.5 hours away. There is always postage delays in December through to early January. I don't get the Airjo hype, the Sumatra blend was just okay. I have also gotten the Enterprise blend and found them a bit dry. Lime Blue Coffee have the best beans out of all three. I would rate Kai Coffee beans higher than Airjo beans.

      • Of course it's not their fault, but as someone from Perth I'd prefer my beans to be delivered to me within a day or 2, as opposed to sizzling away at Australia Post for a few weeks before getting here. Just saying that free express postage with something like coffee beans is definitely handy, especially if you're stingy and wouldn't normally pay for it.

        Coincidentally my beans actually arrived today, but I have yet to try them. First thing I noticed though is that the bag is not resealable, which is a shame.

        • If you didn't get express it's kinda Ausposts issue, be surprised if it reached Perth in 2 days from QLD. Auspost are pretty dam useless these days. In general tho express really hasn't been express post for about 2 years now. The only companies that live up to the express title now are DHL, FedEx.

          I agree on the bag not being resealable. It's a pain if you don't have a storage container something like an Airscape. Due to all the bean sales over the past few months I picked one up, whilst pricey it is worth it in the end as it keeps the beans fresh for quite some time.

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