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3 Bottles of NAC (N-Acetyl L-Cysteine) $57 + $16 Shipping @ Naturesmeds NZ


NAC (N-Acetyl L-Cysteine) is a type of amino acid important for a variety of health reasons — including replenishing the most powerful antioxidant in your body, glutathione. NAC can also help with respiratory conditions, fertility, body detoxification, and brain health.

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    Stop. Ignoring. The. Title. Guidelines.

    It's so goddamn simple, yet every associated person seems incapable of reading. Here's a link in case you missed it (conveniently located underneath the title entry box you used to post this deal, highlighted in red).

  • are they reputable brand? supplement is all about what is actually in there…

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    Vague spurious claims about health benefits.

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      Then don't take it and move on.

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        You do you…

        I’ll try and flag dubious claims to the ozb community when I see them

        Here’s a link that folks may find useful


        Basically if you need it, your doctor will recommend it

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          "Basically if you need it, your doctor will recommend it"

          Yeh, right. ;)

          • @gimmeabreak: Yeah doctors, what do they know, with all their degrees and fancy book learning… amirite??

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              @parsimonious one: Personal experience over decades and watching people die or have their lives fall apart as a result of arrogance and/or incompetence.

              Live long enough and you will experience it in every "profession" and occupation.

              A doctor is still human and prone to human failings that impact others.

              Relying solely on a "professional" without educating yourself from multiple sources is foolish.

              You are making a bug assumption that every one has a good doctor.

              And nice work trying to position yourself on the "look at the conspiracy theorist" BS

            • @parsimonious one: Come on share your thoughts Dr P.

              Don't delete them.

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              @parsimonious one: It's a fact available to anyone 400,000 people are killed each year in the USA due to doctor errors. I cite the USA number because it's the only one I remember off the top of my head.

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                @skysurfer: P might unfortunately learn the hard way like we always have to.

                My Dentist with over 30 years experience won't hire graduates from the main University here because she considers them poorly trained and a risk to her business.

                My Doctor will not work for a corporate medical centre because of the poor outcomes he continually sees from them and the effect on morale it has had on his colleagues that do.

                My Physio will not work for a "branded" chain of Physios because they are incentivised to keep you coming back for another visit.

                But I still see a Dentist, Doctor and Physio, just not the other ones that people like P trust without any more thought.

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                  @gimmeabreak: Awww snap…

                  Quick get me to the hospital, I just got burned

                  Although I’m sure you can recommend me some herbal ointment instead 😂

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              @parsimonious one: So, … why did the TGA ban qualified Australia registered doctors from prescribing Ivermectin (other than by specialists for on label use)?

              Edit: Fun Fact - the TGA 'approved' Pfizer anti-viral tablet uses the same pharmo dynamic method of action against Sars-Cov-2 as Ivermectin (an amlayse inhibitor)

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                the TGA 'approved' Pfizer anti-viral tablet uses the same pharmo dynamic method of action against Sars-Cov-2 as Ivermectin (an amlayse inhibitor)

                Not only that, but Ivermectin is superior according to this article - but in this day and age, sharing anything which goes against the narrative being fed to us means being branded a conspiracy theorist.

                • @pyr0maniac: Calling things a “narrative “ sounds like social media shared misinformation. But you do you, just don’t OD on ivermectin

                  • +2

                    @Vombatidae: aren’t you sharing your “information” on social media?

                    Where are these Ivermectin overdoses?

                    In Japan?

                    In the US?

                    In tropical Africa?

                    Send me some non social media information on those areas that prescribe Ivermectin extensively in the human population for either parasitic or covid control.

                    • +3


                      But you do you, just don’t OD on ivermectin

                      Don't need to. Just recovered from Omicron in under 3 days using a simple combination of all the fat-soluble vitamins as well as Vitamin C, Zinc and Echinacea :)

                      • @pyr0maniac: Or your body just recovered from the low viral load.

                        • +3

                          @serpserpserp: Yes 100% correct. Can't say which it was for sure as I wasn't going to take chances .

                          Could also be that those fat-soluble vitamins I was taking beforehand as a prophylactic caused the viral load to be low to begin with.

                  • @Vombatidae: The headline you will probably get is ODs TRIPLED!!!

                    Then hidden away will be the other valuable information that prescriptions were up 24 fold to cause that 3x increase.

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    For anyone who is interested and doesn't want to have to click through. It's 60caps at 600mg each.

    Same comment I made when someone else was trying to flog at a high price: iHerb has the same amount for $10.50 or 100caps for $12.52 depending on the brand..

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      Although iherb is mostly out of stock, i think i read that the FDA is banning it… (probably due to it actually benefiting ppl)

      But yes, its usually found cheaper elsewhere and ive always bought the 1000mg ones from iherb..

      Not sure about this brand.

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        It must work then if FDA are banning it then.

    • Interesting, isn't it a total of 108g for a total of $73 making this even cheaper albeit different brand?

    • Can we still import from iHerb to Australia?

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    Looks like you keep changing domains: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/user/208583/nodes


    • +1

      Thanks for pointing that out. He/she is doing the same thing over at Cheapies

    • All store domains now share the same posting limits as they have just been grouped on Cheapies and Ozb.

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    If you're taking a paracetamol OD, it's seems counter-intuitive to buy this at the same time 🤯

    • +1

      Not sure why you were negged.

      Paracetamol OD is probably the one real medical use of N-AC

      • Not sure why you were negged

        Didn't neg, but probably because of the part about being counterintuitive to neutralise a suicide attempt?

      • Renal protection for high contrast load. Although no evidence and out of practice. Might be better off filling the container up with water and drinking that.

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    Should be banned im glad the ozbargain team has found you out again.

    • +1

      Why does it need to be banned?

      • -1

        Because half-researched, unproven, or off-label use of drugs is dangerous? There is a reason the doctors and authorities take a while to approve things that aren't fully tested because if they aren't careful, we end up with another 'Thalidomide' mess happening again. Other than approved uses, where it presents a clear benefit (e.g. stopping death due to an overdose), the long term risk vs reward is unproven.

        Why anyone would trust some random companies selling something to you at a profit, over the medical industry as a whole is…beyond me. If 'big pharma' could make a safe buck off you by marketing it…trust me - they would!

        • +8

          "Because half-researched, unproven, or off-label use of drugs is dangerous?"

          NAC has been used extensively for 60 years for a multitude of uses.

          "if they aren't careful, we end up with another Thalidomide-gate happening"

          oh come on - that is ridiculous - equating it with Thalidomide.

          • @gimmeabreak: Haha ok so a bit of a hyperbole, but it's a case people can relate to. NAC has been use for the treatment of specific conditions, for sure. If you need it for these cases, doctors will advise as required. As a general 'dietary supplement' - I think that's newer?

            But either way it's a minor reward, for minor/unknown risk. And you're spending money on it.

            • +2

              @incipient: Respect for your response, but again why does NAC in particular need to be banned?

              With warnings - fine, and it does specifically with regards to blood thinning.

              But why banned? (I know it wasn't you that stated that so I am just asking anyone)

              Why ban it? Because that is what is going to happen.

              The FDA curtailing its distribution is only on a technical point that it was first used as a drug 60 years ago then later as a supplement but still for decades as that.

          • @gimmeabreak: I can't see NAC leading to any adverse events, as you guys have agreed to here.

            But it is a good point that even OTC medication and supplements can have serious adverse events. I've seen one or two cases where a young, healthy person has drawn a very short straw by taking a new supplement that has led to irreversible liver failure and a need for transplantation. I remember one case being associated with St. John Wort, and have always been a bit wary with that with patients.

            I personally wouldn't take anything without a clearly researched benefit, because as they say with everything in medicine, there are always risks to way up (however small).

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    Downvoted because of misleading statements about health benefits. The supplement market in general makes many such wild claims that don't apply to the average person, and are largely marketing pills to make expensive urine.

    If you adjust it to say "have a diagnosed deficiency" I will remove the vote.

    • +3

      Shhhh gimmeabreak will neg you and tell you to move on for that kind of talk

  • Begging mostly because there is zero details on the quantity or size anywhere. How stupid.

  • +5

    Why can't people have the option of making their own decisions on whether they'd like to take something or not..

    • +1

      I mean, it's for sale so it looks like they do.

  • -3

    People paying for a glutathione precursor, now I've seen it all…

    • +2

      yeh just a glutathione precursor.

    • +4

      are you just going to suggest we eat 100kg broccoli a day?

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    For what it's worth I'm asthmatic and I take NAC any time I have a chest infection. It 100% helps me get over it by helping me clear the gunk in my lungs every time.

    It's also great to take before drinking to help with hangovers…. seriously.

    The OP's is overpriced though, wait for it to come back in stock at iherb and buy it at $25 for 180 caps.

    • +2

      No you should see a doctor!

      This is a naturally occurring substance with little proof of its effectiveness other than as a Glutathione pre-cursor.

      You could die!!!!

      Oh that's right this is exactly what FDA approved MucoMyst is and has been used for over the last 60 years. Literally spraying diluted PH balanced NAC directly into your lungs.

      So get MucoMyst from a doctor though to be sure - oh that's right you can't in Australia can you. Because it is a nasty chemical that can be misused.

      And the irony of it also being used for Paracetamol OD - the most abused OTC medication there is.

      • +4

        Yea, this stuff helps alot of people including me. Really poor form that the FDA in the USA has banned it after pressure from alot of pharmaceutical companies who whinged that it should be a controlled drug so therefore ban it without prescription. The prices of it in the aftermarket have triples in alot of cases.

        • That's conspiracy theory talk.

          Bulk Nutrients often have the powder in stock - just not now.

          They also have it in their Liver Support Complex, which is in stock but a more expensive way of getting exposure to it.

      • Ventolin is used to make skinny people bigger so they can sell their bodies easier in a lot of 3rd world countries.

        Let the man have his NAC.

    • This!

  • Is this purchasable in Australia? As in, will they let it in? Thanks in advance. Will definitely grab atleast a set if I can.

    • Hi yes of course, they are allowed to ship it there, we have lots of Australian Customers who already ordered.

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