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Sonos Sub (Gen3) Black / White $879 Delivered / VIC C&C @ Premium Sound


Great price for the Sonos Sub (Gen3) in either black or white.

Bought one on a previous deal and it makes a big difference, highly recommended if you are considering one.

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    Any benefits in a 2 Sub setup?

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      need more info, but if it's a typical home theatre in the living room, probably not

    • This should give you an idea if it’s worth it for you:

      In general, if your room is large enough for it then it probably does have some benefits.

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    Will this anger a town house neighbor (common wall with)?

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    • Undoubtedly

    • Apartment possibly, townhouse unlikely but depends on the build. Have had mates in townhouses that complain about noise from neighbours tv but it's rare.

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      100% yes

      This grunts through the common townhouse wall we have and even at low volumes it’s audible.

      Ps. The common wall is brick.

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    Any ARC deals ?

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    $764.15 with 15% off with Unidays discount through Sonos

    I was able to pricematch this with my local TGGs (YMMV) and used discounted gift cards to bring it down a further 5% to $725.94

    • Can one get Unidays code without an edu email?

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        Let me know if you need a code, I can help you with that. Just PM me.

        • Thanks heaps :) Just waiting for approval from the other half. Will PM you if approved ;)

        • hi mate. would i be able to get a unidays code? thanks heaps

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      Hey mate so you showed 15% off code to good guys and they were happy to do a price match? Usually they don’t price match discount codes but listed prices? Can you post receipt? Thanks

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      How did you get that price from Sonos? When I apply the code it removes $200 discount and the price goes up from $899 to $934

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        It applied the discount off the normal full price for me, instead of the current offer price + 15% off that

  • Also available directly from Sonos for $899, minus Cash Rewards 3.5% cash back, net cost ~$870.

  • Yes can you post receipt plz

  • Can any help me with a uniday discount code?

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    Don't bother with unidays. It is 15 off the rrp

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