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Bowden's Own Mega Snow and Blow Cannon Pack $72 + Shipping / Pickup @ Repco


Great value for the Snow Blow Cannon plus 1L of Mega Snow Job. Prior deal for this was $79 a week ago which was already good value.

* Snow Blow Cannon - Quality made and more advanced design, specially created for mega foaming action. The Snow Blow Cannon is a top-quality unit, built tough to suit Aussie conditions.
* Mega Snow Job 1L - A more heavy-duty snow foam, ideal after a weekend of bush bashing the 4x4's or dirt bikes, as well as boats, jet skis, vans and trucks
* Includes 2 adapters for the popular Karcher and Stihl/Gerni pressure washers.

Lots of additional brass pressure washer adapters available for this cannon too for $8 each (save 20%).

To find out which adapter will fit your pressure washer, see here:

I have a Hitachi (compatible with Ozito, Ryobi, Lavor, Briggs & Stratton…) so got the Lavor adapter.

Enjoy folks!

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  • How much foaming solution do you use per wash? My wash and wax bottle lasted me like 5 years with just a cupful of solution per bucket/wash

    • IIRC 30-50ml per wash

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        It's 100ml into 900ml water if you use the recommended amount. That should do a large car easily or a small car twice.

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    I think I remember saying that pairing this with a super cheap pressure washer like is a great car washer - I assume these will pair together, but not sure if an additional nozzle/adaptor is needed..?

    • Yes, If you are going to use Ryobi / Bosch then you need an adapter that usually costs $10 from Repco / Supercheap.

  • Wow these are heaps good at foaming. I have the the karcher that came with my k5 and I thought that was good.. but these just blow it out of the water. Recommended!

  • Generic cheapies on eBay do the same thing. Pair with Meguiars Gold Class.

    • This is a prewash though isn't it? I thought it was to prevent swirls, then followed by something like Meguiar's gold class applied by hand

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        A lot of people like to use Megs Gold Class because it foams reasonably well rather than a dedicated snow foam. Either way it's a prewash though this new mega snow is supposedly a stronger cleaner not recommended for maintenance washes but rather heavier cleaning jobs like dirty trucks and 4WDs.

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          dedicated snow foams aren't great cleaners, they are just there to make good looking foam.

          The Mega Snow Job was designed to make their snow foam a better cleaner, but it is not ph neutral. Its a light base which is better for removing organic matter (bugs and that) from your paint and the main reason its a stronger cleaner. But because its not ph neutral it has potential to not be great for the car if used a lot.

          That's why Gold Class is always recommended, its ph neutral and offers a good balance of decent foam and decent cleaning power. While not the absolute best at either its a great all rounder.

    • Got a link you recommend or compare to?

  • How good is Mega Snow compare to other heavy weights like Adams mega foam or Carpro Lift?

  • Is the mega snow too strong for regular cleaning? This pack is a lot cheaper than buying the one with the regular snow foam which is also out of stock close to me.

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      My plan is to dilute it half strength when my car isn't dirty. Should last longer too!

      • Ah I see, that should work. But this is a pre wash only or can be used as total clean?

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          Generally its a pre-wash. For a total spotless clean you'll still need to agitate the pre-wash suds with a sponge before rinsing off.

          • @GaAs: Thanks for the info!

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    I have no idea what this really is and what I could possibly use it for but I want one now!

    • It's specifically for cocaine/drugs.
      I want one as well, let's do some together. This stuff's great when you want to blow a little snow.

  • Got one the other week for $79.

    The manual states a 10:1 mix so 100ml of snow foam per litre mix. I've washed a 4x4 3 times from one bottle and the leftovers can store for up to a month.

    Really happy with the quality of the Canon and the foam itself, does a good job of soaping up and can get away with just this and a high pressure hit after if the cars not super dirty.

    Worth it for this price no doubt.

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      It's not actually decent value @ $79.
      Just grab a generic cannon from Ebay/Aliexpress. (They're identical to Bowden's, or any other "brand named" snow cannon"

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        Will probably be here by q2 22 if you order now too.

        Factor in the liquid, it's not that bad a deal.

      • They're identical to Bowden's, or any other "brand named" snow cannon"

        They're actually not. My first cannon was a generic and while it worked very well, the brass cracked after about a year. In contrast my Bowdens one is at least 3 years old now. Additionally the tall narrow bottles tip over much easier than the wide short ones.

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      when you said one bottle can wash your 4x4 3 times, do you mean the 1L mixed solution?

      • Yeah mate 3 washes from the one mix, 4x4 is a big cruiser so could wash a small car way more. I'm quite generous with it too 😂

        • thanks mate. is this Bowden's cannon gun 1L? i couldnt find the vol from the description. the foam bottle is 1L i think.

        • I don't have the MEGA snow job, just the regular green Snow Job and one bottle mix barely does my Ranger dual cab.
          I think it's probably also the Gernie pressure washer I have, that's not really that's great.

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    A reminder that you can get a foam cannon of comparable quality (brass fittings) for as little as $25 delivered for a range of different makes from aliexpress:

    You also don't need 'foam' specific car wash in a foam cannon. That's what the foam cannon is for.

    I bought a 6L pack of Chemtech CT18 for $30 a couple years ago and its still going strong. It does a great job foaming up and clinging. I can even get away with it as a touchless wash and only hand wash every 3-4th wash.

    Edit: @Maz78 beat me to it!

    • if the cannon is not so important, can we use the cannon that generally comes with the pressure washer?

      • The cannon is important, more specifically the design of them.

        The one that came with my high-end Gerni was very average compared to my aliexpress one like the above. There was no adjustment for spray pattern or amount of foaming and the overall foam was very poor. $25 well spent; the ones that comes with the pressure washer is about $1 worth of plastic for show only.

  • Anyone know what adaptor to get for a Worx pressure washer? it's not listed on the website.

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      Suggest taking your lance down to the store and checking which adapter it matches

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    I love a good car wash and detail but i don't find foam washes useful. The only benefit i've found is that its good for a sort of 'pre soak' to hose off initial dirt. But you can do the same just spraying the car down, waiting a few minutes, then pressure w ash everything off with just water. 90% of the soap you've sprayed on your car is wasted just sitting on top of a layer of other foam/bubbles.

    Pretty much like soaking dirty dishes in water vs soapy water.

    • Majority of time I spend is rinsing before even washing the car with separate micro clothes in 2 buckets for clean and dirty washing water.

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    Note the adapters are likely not stocked at repco. My local told me they no longer keep them in store because they were getting stolen so they have to order in. I ended up picking up the adapters at Autobahn, they kept stock behind the counter.

    • They definitely are stocked at repco. I did an online order and picked them up no hassle.

      • Might just be my local then. Virginia QLD

  • I like bowdens products but their snow cannon I don't rate… my bottle broke just below the thread after only 6 months

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      they've got a free to repair service if the cannon breaks/isn't working properly, mine hasn't skipped a beat in 3 years though..

  • This is good value.
    I paid $69.99 for the Bowdens snow cannon on its own.
    Plus $39.99 for the 2 litre green standard Snow job.

  • What are the recommendations for washing a caravan that has been on the road for the past 3 months?

    Is it better to use a snow product or something else?

    The van has a lot of bugs, dirt and grime on the surfaces including the sealant. Thanks in advance

    • CT 18. Truck wash. Use it in a pump sprayer and let it soak it.
      I've always washed my old 4wds after beach or bush or mud, I wash my enduro bike with it too.
      Have it in a garden style pump sprayer from Bunnings, use the dilution as the instructions, can't remember what mine is, (20:1 maybe?) Says on the label anyway.
      Spray the bike or car down, then wash it as normal.
      Sure it says something about, to let it dry, but I just keep spraying it round till my 2 litre bottle is empty, then get myself sorted with all the washing bits and pieces and hose out etc.
      Then wash it as normal.
      It's PH neutral. And won't damage paint.
      Gets the bugs off the front of car, the mud off the bike and ute, and is a great pre wash.
      I sometimes take it with me to the car wash, spray the car down in the bay, then use the broom and pressure washer there to wash the car.
      I'd use it the same if I had a caravan.

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