What Is Favorite Undies Brand for Men

I am new in men's undies world. And want to ask what is ozbargain favs undies for men?


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    Wow the mind explodes with questions. Why?

    Are you a retired commando
    Has your mother stopped buying for you
    Did you have a sex change
    Did you just get around to washing the ones you have been wearing all this time
    Or have you just found a boyfriend/husband (ie you are female)

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      Well it's definitely not the last one. There are no girls on the internet.

      • Actually in my Neighborhood girls don't even exist because I've been single for 40 years. 40 of sobriety.

    • Not the OP, but interested in the answer. I lost a bunch of weight last year. The boxers I used to wear are expensive and marketed to bigger people. I now wear medium/large pants instead of 4 or 5 xl and don’t want to keep paying a premium for comfortable design for larger body shapes.

      • Mate just create your own post with what YOU need. The OPs post doesnt give any info on what criteria he wants his undies to meet. So it could be he/she wants exactly what you dont want, we have no idea…

        as for Ozbargain's favourite - look at the posts below, how can you tell which is favourite with so many brands styles being touted.

        Like what is ozbargains favourite cat food suitable for human consumption.

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      used to be good, now shit. Only good thing about them are their designs

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        Huh? Mine still last ages. Till holes in them. I will wear them as long as the holes don’t let stuff escape

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          Holes for extra breathablity to keep your equipment cooler ?

          • @boomramada:

            Holes for extra breathablity to keep your equipment cooler ?

            👏 Yes excellent point. Never thought of it quite like that.

            That’s why I also like wear boxers in summer to allow plenty of air flow. To let the boys hang free and chill out

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          Same here. I buy a bunch of Bonds Guyfronts when they're on sale at ~$5 each. They last years, going through the washing machine and (heat-pump) dryer.

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            @kranix: Yep just got my Christmas bundle. Every couple of years as needed and when a sale is on. I dislike the blue ones for whatever reason but black and grey from the tri-pack are great.

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        Bonds socks are possibly the worst wearing/quality Ive had, every single pair in the last few years have holes in them within a month or so, of maybe once a week use each pair.
        Won't buy undies either anymore

        • I find they have a big range in quality. I love their sports socks with the extra padding, they've lasted years. Their more dress style ones were very thin and have holes quickly.

          Same with the undies, the cheapest one is terrible, but the more expensive ones have better quality fabrics.

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            @johndoh89: I've never considered that you can wear a sock as undies

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      Uniqlo Airism

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        The airism ones make me feel sweaty down there. I prefer their normal fabric ones.

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          Agreed - can't wrap the nuts in plastic

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            @Powlie85: Your outerwear may be the culprit. In my experience, Airism is very breathable.

            • @Scrooge McDuck: Yeah - I have a few airism tshoets actually - not too bad. Underwear for me the guyfronts from bonds at half pric from colesworth

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        I'm with you here. Best undies I've ever bought. I'm a sweaty fella, but these never get sweaty - they stay nice and cool while feeling super silky.

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          And they dry super quickly which is also handy if you have to do a last minute undies load.

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      They are still good but dont last that long.

    • Chafe city for me, never buy Bonds anymore cos they just constantly ride up.

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    Step One
    slaps knees
    Get some!

    • glares intensely

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      I support this message. Changed to Step One a few years ago - love them. They are a bit pricey, but they last forever.

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        Seconded, been wearing Step Ones for a few years and have never gone back. Threw out all the old bonds pairs I used to wear. Best bet is to wait for one of their big sales (EOFY, black Friday etc) and buy in bulk for around $11 a pair. In the meantime they do give you first pair guarantee where you can get your money back if you don't like them.

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        Step ones are great, I’ve got 7 pairs at the moment. Very comfortable, can be a little hot in summer if it’s muggy, but I prefer that to chafing, which isn’t a thing for me anymore!!! 🙏

        Mine last about 1.5 years before the material gets too stretchy to hold my boys up.

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          If your “boys” are that heavy maybe you should let them out to play once in while

      • Are these the same sans text? Can you order small quantities?

        • Alibaba is B2B hence only the bigger volume and minimum quantities.

          AliExpress is the consumer level.

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      Agree with Step One. Very comfortable, only problem is quality could be better as they don't last well.

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      Sparx are way better. I've spent the last few months trying Step One, Sparx and Knobby.

      In this order: Sparx > Knobby > Step One.

      I live in a very hot climate and their breathability is very important to me as well. Step One are the least breathable, and the Sparx have the kanga pouch which feels like great cupping.

      And then there are the ol' reliable Bonds which are cheap and available everywhere.

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      True Ozbargainer

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    I got these for a present years ago. Now my only go to's
    on special atm on Amazon.
    Pricey but …ohhh oooo so comfy.

    Sorry for chungus link :/


    • Agreed. Only where these get en from Costco

    • Calvin Klein have a 40% sitewide (some exclusions) sale on at the moment.
      Some things are even more off.
      And, if you join their VIP club, you get an extra 10% off (of the amount remaining, not 40 + 10 %)
      So you could just buy directly.

      And here is the deal as no one had submitted it yet: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/675491

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    Tradie work for me.

    They produce an XS rear and XXL front to keep the little fella comfortable all day long (I wear them back to front)

    • Lol

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      You win the "laugh out loud" award today, kudos :D

    • Got me in the first half

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      I looked at Aussie Bum in the past, and they were just too low, they looked so uncomfortable.

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        They also have pouches to make things look bigger.

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          Don't need that… When I started going through puberty I noticed my junk bulged out when wearing jeans, or any tight fitting clothing. As such I became very very conscious of it (and my hips which I thought were large - they weren't and now that I look at my body they are normal) and would prefer to wear loose baggy clothes, which would be shorts lol. A guy at school would frequently comment to me how big my bulge was. One time at a party after a couple of drinks he even asked me how many inches was it. Though do note that he was a bit of a weird guy lol……..

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            @Wystri Warrick: Are you going to tell us how big or keep everyone guessing?

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              @timthetoolman: Um…. Ok I've never actually held a ruler to it to measure it as I have OCD, but from a estimation it's about 6inch, so it's roughly in the average Australian ballpark….. Ok the mods will be deleting this convo soon as it's inappropriate…..

              The guy at school who would comment on my bulge was when I was wearing jeans.

              Honestly though society and culture is messed up….

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                @Wystri Warrick: Erect or flaccid? If erect that's slightly above average. If flaccid that's quite a bit above average.

                But estimations are a very inaccurate way of talking about this. I demand you undertake bone pressed measurements in accordance with the instructions on the CalcSD penis size comparison website! We must have answers!

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      Same! Although the cheapskate in me wears Alpha briefs/jocks from kmart 😂

  • The invisible one..

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    for the young and hip UNIQLO

  • Recently changed the husband to Tradie trunks. Still get Mitch Dowd classic boxers. Steer clear of Bonds and Rio

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    Kenji fast dry are the best.

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    Used to only wear Bonds but don't like them anymore.
    Got some of the Knobby ones for $1 on Black Friday and they're excellent…not a fan of the loud prints but in terms of comfort, they're top notch. Only downside is the length, I got the trunk version and they nearly poke out the bottom of some of my shorts (and I don't wear short shorts). The long ones would probably go to my knees.

    Have considered Step One after trying these as I think they'll be similar but better of designs and possibly shorter?

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    Kmart Alpha mid trunks. Love em.

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      I'm surprised I had to scroll this far to see these mentioned!

      It seems to me they come off the same production line as Step One, for a fraction of the price. Awesome jocks.

      • 100%.

        I used to wear Jockey long leg trunks before them, wore through the mesh in 1-2 months, and they were about $35 each. Brother put me on to Alpha, cost $8 each and have lasted years each.

    • The only issue is that the elastic band stretches out after about a year or two, I had the same issue with Calvin Klein undies before, but not with the cheapest "Uomo Short Briefs" I bought of ebay 5 years ago for a few $ a pair (cheapest ever and lasted the longest, but don't help with chafing sadly)

      • Yeah they can, I've had some last longer, but at the price point it doesn't bother me.

      • Yearly replacement would be a good idea anyway.

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      Mate big fan of these. The Bamboo blend ones are really good too. Keeps your junk nice and cool.

    • Theyre pretty good but I wish they didn't say Alpha on them FFS.

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    100% no question it's the 6" ExOfficio boxer brief.


    I bought 2 pairs of these 10 years ago for a 6 week trip around Europe and they are amazing.

    Originally advertised as travel undies that don't stink, breath well, wick and quick dry after a hand wash in the sink (all true). Often sold in adventure stores. But they are so comfy I bought more and only wear these now.

    They make other styles, and women's, but I like the 6" boxer brief as it eliminates any chafing between the thighs.

    • i had about 4 pairs of exofficio that lasted at least 7 years, the elastic finally gave way but they were still in great nick! I get hot nuts abd these were very breathable. l like the tradie bamboo ones now, but perhaps I should stick with what I know?!

      • I bought 3 pairs of briefs for a backpacking trip and they were amazing. After about 4 years the elastic went in them, but the material is still A+. My partner bought me some Alpha ones this christmas so I'll see how they hold up.

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      Lol it's funny seeing the exact same comment being upvoted above 🤣

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    The men in my life wear FCUK. Seems to work for them.

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    UniQlo Airism

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    Under armour

  • Step One

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      Get out

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    Your new to mens undies?? Did you just have the operation to have a tap attached?

  • Depends on time of year and activities. When the weathers hot my boys need air… one thing - they have to be fish themed….

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    Target Maxx microfiber for me. Cheap enough at $6 each and super comfy. Used to be a bonds person but they're shit now. Aussie Bum I've tried, but too exxy compared to Maxx cheapies for the same experience IMO


    • Keep an eye out when they run clearances. I've managed to get many pairs for $1-2 ea

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    The cheap ones from Big Dubayou, that way I know what day it is

    • Hate the ones with days on them - will grab the first one that is in the drawer, then later will be bending over and showing 'Sunday', on a 'Tuesday', it's not a great look 🙃

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    Under Armour Boxerjocks!

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      UA 6" boxerjocks are my go to.

      I squat, so most undies tend to ride up and I get chafing, but these stay in place and no chafing.

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      With you on this, used to get the bonds fitted boxers but switched to Under Armour a few years back.

      Comfortable, breathable and they last for ages.

      My wife works at Rebel and they get a decent discount so they are not too expensive for me but even if you grab them during a sale they are still good value.

  • Has anyone come across a 100% cotton variety(trunks or boxers) including the waist elastic strap enclosed in cotton fabric? Bonds used to do something similar in the past but as many have stated above their quality has gone downhill and the way they specify the fabric type is also quite confusing . Pretty much everything seem to be made out of Cotton/Elastine and I have no idea WTF this means.

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      The Elastane is a generic name for Lycra which is a trade name. It's what gives the fabric the stretch when mixed with Cotton.

    • I remember the ones you're talking about, but now they are going the exposed elastic with branding route for all the things I've seen.

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    I fell for the Step One thing for a couple years. Uncomfortable, still rides and not appealing to look at.
    Opted for Bonds X-Temp. Couldn’t be happier.

  • mundo unico

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    Mine were Bonds trunks but now it’s Under Armour trunks which are longer and don’t ride up like the Bonds do. Still wear Bonds but won’t replace them when they die.

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    Daily: Uniqlo Supima cotton low rise. Can usually get ~two years of weekly wear [rotation of five/six pairs] out of them.

    Summer: Uniqlo AIRism low rise

    Sport: Under Armour 3" trunks or Uniqlo AIRism mesh

    Other: Mitch Down bamboo cotton

    • You dont find that the Airism makes you feel sweaty? Something about the material makes me sweat. The regular cotton ones are my go-to. Weird as the Airism costs more.

      • No not for me. More often than not wear them with shorts though so perhaps more airflow vs longer pants keeps sweat away. No issue with jogger/summer pants as yet either.
        Yeah same they're cotton ones cover all bases
        Yes I find it odd the Airism costs more also. Yet imo par for the course with Uniqlo inconsistencies and oddities with their pricing

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    Maxx from kmart.

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      Lol that's a target brand mate

  • I usually wear Bonds but not happy recently with the quality….what's the procedure for changing brands? Do you just buy a few single pack ones to try them out given that you cannot return it till you're satisfied with a brand and fitting? Do you chalk it up to experience that you may get a few duds before you hit your new fav brand?

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